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Lena Duchannes (Alice Englert) is about to instantly grant the Christmas wish of her boyfriend Ethan Wate (Alden Ehrenreich) in "Beautiful Creatures." -- Beautiful Creatures: Blu-ray + DVD + UltraViolet Review
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I felt my legs buckle. Just as I lost consciousness, I felt the wind, a surge of power that literally ripped my arm out of Ridley’s hand, as she was sucked out of the room, toward the front door. I collapsed to the floor, as I heard Lena’s voice, or thought I did. “Get the hell away from my boyfriend, witch"
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berlinaleshorts 4 May 2018 shared via Twitter

Booooooom 17 Apr 2019 shared via Twitter
Director Alice Englert's “The Boyfriend Game” was one of our picks for Best Short Film this past year. We’ve since had a chance to catch up with Englert to discuss more about her work and how this particular project came about >

Checkadvance1 25 Apr 2018 shared via Twitter
The Boyfriend Game by Alice Englert

danisgoulet 1 Sep 2015 shared via Twitter

kitchenrocknrol 25 Apr 2018 shared via Twitter
Great shared! Let your ! The Boyfriend Game by Alice Englert

fcvq 3 May 2018
: The Boyfriend Game de Alice Englert. Like? Retweet!

cigarts 8 Oct 2019
I would die for fetus Thomasin McKenzie The Boyfriend Game (2015) Dir. Alice Englert

MukiibiAndrea 4 Jun 2018
Alice Englert dating life and Boyfriend. Also, Check her Net worth and Movies Career. - CELEBLIVEUPDATE

stkildafilmfest 27 May 2017
And the Best Achievement in Screenplay Award goes to Alice Englert for The Boyfriend Game!

EnglertBrasil 6 Feb 2016
Alice Englert fala sobre The Boyfriend Game e sobre dirigir seu novo curta em nova entrevista:

insidefilm 3 Feb 2016

aliceenglertnet 1 Sep 2015
Alice Englert News: Trailer for Alice's Short Film 'The Boyfriend Game' -

stuartmckenzie1 26 Aug 2015
Short film The Boyfriend Game by Alice Englert, starring Thomasin McKenzie, selected in competition Toronto Film Fest

aliceenglertnet 7 Nov 2014
Alice Englert’s The Boyfriend Game | Creative Partnerships via

bethbdavisxo 21 Sep 2013
For my birthday, I would like to look like Alice Englert and have a boyfriend that looks like Alden Ehrenreich thanks

aliceenglertnet 29 Aug 2013
Alice Englert Post: 'In Fear' FrightFest Screening -

FrightFest 25 Aug 2013
In Fear Q&A with director Jeremy Lovering and cast Alice Englert & Allen Leech with

Premscene 26 Aug 2013
In Fear - Premiere Interviews Jeremy Lovering, Alice Englert and Allen Leech

muhdakmalsam 23 Aug 2013
sweet alice englert

strangerswiftsx 26 Aug 2013
alice englert photoshoot

KeelynP 7 Aug 2013
Alice Englert: she's so pretty!!!:)

roch_ux 6 Aug 2013
Tweet favorited by Alice Englert :D

missletoad 27 Jul 2013
Photo: (via ‘Ginger & Rosa’ (2012): Stills - Alice Englert Photo (32604081) - Fanpop fanclubs)

helen_mimiSGN 6 Jul 2013
Photo: suicideblonde: Alice Englert and Elle Fanning in Ginger & Rosa Alice Englert and Elle Fanning in...

LIGHTorDARK 27 Jun 2013
Doesn't seem like anybody wants to an official movie companion signed by Alice Englert and Alden Ehrenreich. Really? You don't want one?

loohyenpark_55 27 Aug 2013
I liked a video Beautiful Creatures Trailer #2 (2012) Emmy Rossum, Alice Englert Movie HD

24FPSUK 25 Aug 2013
In Fear: Alice Englert continues to be a promising talent, but this is extremely mundane stuff

LIGHTorDARK 3 Jul 2013
A novel, signed by Alice Englert and Alden Ehrenreich, it's just sitting here, waiting to be won by someone...

Jan_Gilbert 25 Aug 2013
Alice Englert & on (out 8 Nov) , Downton, New Worlds & The Imitation Game,

CatDogPerson 6 Sep 2013
I favorited a video In Fear Official Trailer HD (2013) Alice Englert

johannadevs 25 Aug 2013
Bloody hell, Jeremy Lovering, that was freaking terrifying. Genius suspenseful filmmaking. Plus Alice Englert: wow.

The_Ent_Factor 22 Jul 2013
: GINGER & ROSA Starring Elle Fanning and Alice Englert

Bruunochestte 4 Aug 2013
Alice Englert - Needle And Thread no

joereid 30 Aug 2013
BTW, has Alex Angert met Alice Englert and Ansel Elgort? I'm now obsessed with this happening.

bethorne 17 Aug 2013
How am I supposed to tell the difference between Ansel Elgort and Alden Ehrenreich and Alice Englert?

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