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1950s Housewife to Women's Activist: Betty Friedan
"1950s Housewife to Women's Activist: Betty Friedan" Published May 19, 2010 "a project entered into the 2009-2010 National History Fair. This years theme was innovations in history. This project was entered into the State fair [&] it won various projects prior to that event. This project received 1st place at both the local and regional fair"
“Aging is not ‘lost youth,’ but a new stage of opportunity and strength. It’s a different stage of life, and if you are going to pretend it’s youth, you are going to miss it. You are going to miss the surprises, the possibilities, and the evolution that we are just beginning to know about because there are no role models, no guideposts, and no signs.”~ Betty Friedan
Betty Friedan
Betty Friedan - Women's Rights Activist, Journalist -
Biography of Betty Friedan, Feminist, Writer, Activist
Betty Friedan, Key Second Wave Feminist
Biography of Betty Friedan, Feminist, Writer, Activist
Betty Friedan, Key Second Wave Feminist
120 Women Who Changed Our World
Betty Friedan 1921 - 2006 
FEMINIST AUTHOR Her 1963 best seller, The Feminine Mystique — parts of which first appeared in GH — chronicled the unspoken unhappiness of women forced into restrictive roles, and helped change ideas about what women are capable of and entitled to. She cofounded the National Organization for Women (NOW) and the National Women's Political Caucus.
Rachel Carson, Betty Friedan, and Gloria Steinem
Rachel Carson, Betty Friedan, and Gloria Steinem by Reading Through History
Betty Freidan, The Feminine Mystique
Betty Friedan at ERA march in Washington, DC
Betty Friedan
The Disruptors
The Disruptors: 50 People Who Changed the World by Alan Axelrod “Biography lovers may find this a great start in understanding the long-term impacts that individuals can have on culture, society, and history and be interested in seeking further information about Axelrod's fascinating subjects. —Booklist Meet 50 women and men who broke the rules . . . and changed the world. What does Charles Darwin have in common with Johannes Gutenberg—or with Jackson Pollock, Martin Luther, Betty Friedan, Ste
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Offers brief biographies of pioneering feminists Susan B. Anthony, Margaret Sanger, and Betty Friedan, presenting information on their roles in establishing key rights for women in the United States.
Inspirational Women
Betty Friedan
A disgruntled and unhappy housewife, Betty Friedan took to writing to express her displeasure about the status of women at the time, and thus, The Feminist Mystique was born. Her work to improve the lives of women didn’t stop there. Friedan was the first President of NOW, the National Organization for Women, and went on to publish six more books. She was also an avid supporter of the failed Equal Rights Amendment.%0AGetty Images -
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When Stephanie Staal first read The Feminine Mystique in college, she found it “a mildly interesting relic from another era.” But more than a decade later, as a married stay-at-home mom in the suburbs, Staal rediscovered Betty Friedan’s classic work—and was surprised how much she identified with the laments and misgivings of 1950s housewives. She set out on a quest: to reenroll at Barnard and re-read the great books she had first encountered as an undergrad.
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After conducting a survey of her classmates at a 15-yr reunion, Betty Friedan found that most of them were dissatisfied suburban housewives. After 5 more years of research across the country, her findings turned into The Feminine Mystique, a book regarded as one of the most influential nonfiction books of the twentieth century as it helped ignite the women’s movement of the 1960’s and ‘70’s, transforming American society and culture.
Florynce Flo Kennedy - (Gender and American Culture) by Sherie M Randolph (Paperback)
Florynce Flo Kennedy - (Gender and American Culture) by Sherie M Randolph (Paperback)
Never a Lovely So Real - by Colin Asher (Hardcover)

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Wasn't The Feminine Mystique Written by Betty Friedan? 1963 I did not see a mention of her name Porquoi? While we're at it The Second Sex by Simone de Beauvoir Written 1946-49 Reflections of a Dutiful Daughter & The Biography by Deirdre Bair Sincerest regards, Slim.

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Dan Horowitz's biography of Betty Friedan is highly worthwhile reading:

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By exposing truths in “The Feminine Mystique,” Betty Friedan sparked the modern women’s movement and became one of the most influential figures of the 20th century. This is History | Herstory, as told by . Shout out to and .

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Biography of Betty Friedan

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Betty Friedan, Norman Mailer among new biographies added to the American National Biography Online via

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problem that has no name Assignment #2 Biography, Betty Friedan Excerpts from Friedan’s, The Feminine Mystique...

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Biography - FB - Betty Friedan - Modern Women's Rights Activist -

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Betty Friedan - Biography - Women's Rights Activist, Journalist |

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50 yrs ago today: Shirley Chisholm, Betty Friedan and others hold the first National Organization of Women conference.

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Betty Friedan: The Personal Is Political (Longman American Biography Series) -

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This day in history : Betty Friedan: Biography of the Day

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Every time I read my Betty Friedan biography my eyes get wide and I can't seem to read fast enough. So fascinating!

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Betty Friedan - A Short Biography for Kids: A short biography of Betty Friedan, often called the mother of the m...

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Betty Friedan: Fighter for Women's Rights (Contemporary Woman Series): A biography of the author of "The feminin...

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