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Phyllis Schlafly Debates Betty Friedan on ERA
Phyllis Schlafly and Betty Friedan debate the Equal Rights Amendment and the women's liberation movement on Good Morning America. Jan. 28, 1976
Betty Friedan Is the 'Moses' of the Women's Movement in 'Mrs. America' - Alma
Betty Friedan (1921-2006) American writer, activist and feminist. A leading figure in the American women's movement. Her 1963 book "The Feminine Mystique" sparked a second wave of feminism. She became the first President of the National Organization for Women which aimed to bring women "into the mainstream of American Society now in fully equal partnership with men".
Betty Friedan, Who Ignited Cause in 'Feminine Mystique,' Dies at 85 - New York Times
Name One: Phyllis Schlafly Challenges Betty Friedan on the Facts!
In this clip from 1964, feminist Betty Friedan explains how men have benefited from women's liberation. Friedan was a leading figure in the women's movement ...
HIST365 Week 4 Discussion Latest 2018 November – All Assignments Class
HIST365 Week 4 Discussion Latest 2018 NovemberHIST365_Week_4_Discussion_Latest_2018_November.docx (44.76 KB)HIST365Recent America 1945 to the PresentWeek 4Discussion1. Assess the impact of Civil Rights legislation.2. Do individuals have the right to break the law in orderto show dissent in their relation with the government? (Use the 1960s as a case study)3. What impact did Betty Friedan’s Femine Mystique have onthe Civil Rights movement?4. What impact did Martin Luther King’s L
THE FEMININE MYSTIQUE, by Betty Friedan. My aunt lent me this book when I was 16 and my life was never the same. It explained everything that was uncomfortable about growing up "girl" in America: the advertisements, fiction, lowered expectations,TV and film characterizations, magazine articles, treatment from male teachers, doctors, grown men and little boys. It began it as an article and it grew into sociological study that became an internat'l bestseller about "The Problem That Has No Name."
REVIEW: The Feminine Mystique(In Progress)
I read this back in my womyn's studies days in college.
The Influence Of Betty Friedan's Work On Her Life And On Th...'s+Work+On+Her+Life+And+On+Th...
Spring 2014 Schlesinger Library Newsletter - Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study
For over half a century, Radcliffe's Arthur and Elizabeth Schlesinger Library on the History of Women in America has been critical to our expanding understanding of women's history. Its priceless collections include the papers of Susan B. Anthony, Julia Child, Shirley Graham Du Bois, Amelia Earhart, Betty Friedan, Pauli Murray, Adrienne Rich, and other notable women.
A Closer Look at Gloria Steinem's Early Life and Work
Gloria Steinem and Betty Friedan
Bernard Nathanson was a former abortionist and co-founder of NARAL (NARAL Pro-Choice America). He worked with Betty Friedan
From Betty Friedan To America’s Marriage Collapse, Why Romantic Comedies Don’t Look Real
Tied Up in Knots - Andrea Tantaros - Hardcover
Fifty years after Betty Friedan unveiled The Feminine Mystique, relations between men and women in America have never been more dysfunctional. If women...
Bernard Nathanson was a former abortionist and co-founder of NARAL (NARAL Pro-Choice America). He worked with Betty Friedan
1960s Bollman Heritage Collection Jackie
Bollman Hat Company celebrated its 100th year in the 1960's. With longer hair styles and the emergence of lower car roof lines, hatlessness in America created a challenging time for hat makers. The 1960's again saw America in great turmoil and social conflict. The Civil Rights Movement quickly became a nationwide focus and the Women's Liberation Movement caught fire with the publication of Betty Friedan's The Feminine Mystique. This was also the era of rock -n- roll, the hippie counterculture,
The Honorable Alice Borodkin will be Shannon's guest tonight to discuss her book, Caught Between the Bettys (Betty Crocker & Betty Friedan). Caught Between the Bettys offers Borodkin's perspective on the female experience in America in the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s and the societal changes she witnessed as feminism gradually entered the scene. Alice Borodkin served in the Colorado House of Representatives for eight years, before being term limited in 2009. Alice is a graduate and F...
JEWISH WOMEN played a prominent role in the feminist movement in America, with figures like Polish-Jewish immigrant Ernestine Potowski Rose and Betty Friedan prime examples of such Photo By: REUTERS/WIKIMEDIA COMMONS
Listen to Tied Up in Knots Audiobook by Andrea Tantaros | Free 30-day Trial | Scribd
Fifty years after Betty Friedan unveiled The Feminine Mystique, relations between men and women in America have never been more dysfunctional. If women are more liberated than ever before, why aren't they happier? In this shocking, funny, and bluntly honest tour of today's gender discontents, Andrea Tantaros, one of Fox News' most popular and outspoken stars, exposes how the rightful feminist pursuit of equality went too far, and how the unintended pitfalls of that power trade have made wome...
This organization was created in 1966 by Betty Friedan. This goal of this was to overturn the common sexistt attitudes in America by challenging laws, suing business for discrimination, and teaching men and women about the importance of women’s equality. 81
See Cate Blanchett, Uzo Aduba, and more in character for FX series 'Mrs. America'
Tracey Ullman as Betty Friedan

seelolago May 22 shared via Twitter
Roe v Wade just passed Phyllis is sad Betty Friedan goes up to some jubilant women who start gushing over her

hollyoutbreak May 20 shared via Twitter
If you're looking for someone to play a groundbreaking American feminist, a British comedienne isn't the type that springs to mind, yet won the role of Betty Friedan.

seelolago May 22 shared via Twitter
Betty Friedan called LGBTQ people the "lavender menace"??

bethkbarnes May 20 shared via Twitter
The 1st of my cocktail series w/ is naturally dedicated to Betty Friedan, author of the seminal text of the 2nd wave of American feminism & co-founder of . The “Pink Lady” 🍸 is pretty but powerful.

Lynn_Henning May 21 shared via Twitter
Not surprised by anything Cate Blanchett is in -- it's always worthwhile if not excellent. But her work in "Mrs. America" is marvelous. Good series. The casting is a bullseye for Gloria Steinem, Betty Friedan, et al. John Slattery also his usual splendid self.

susancrawshaw May 21
I was a freshman at ISU in 1980. How is it possible I did not know about this debate?

TommyMcNam 11 hours ago
My spec script for Mrs. America: I walk up to Gloria Steinem and Betty Friedan. Betty turns to me. Betty: I bet you voted for Nixon! Me: Oh I voted for Nixon...CYNTHIA NIXON *funk music plays and we all dance*

sbreger May 22
The best part of this is Letty explaining how Betty Friedan was way worse in person than in the TV show.

rrrosavalerie May 22
so who is watching Mrs America? and who has thoughts? me and are exchanging a lot of messages about Betty Friedan at the moment and are keen to spread the love!

KaylaPerrin4 8 hours ago
Love Mrs. America! Really good my favorite is Shirley Chisholm for sure totally ahead of her time. Then I really like Brenda Feigan and Jill Ruckelus. It's a really good show it shows me how far the LBG movement has come. Betty Friedan and Phyllis Schlafy anti lesbian remakes are

poppymasselos May 23
Mrs. America Episode 4 accuracy: Fact vs. fiction in “Betty,” the Friedan vs. Schlafly debate.

jannie_b May 22
To all my young female acquaintances: watch Mrs America on FX free preview. Cate Blanchett as Phyllis Schafly. Understand the history of feminism in North America! You are here because of Gloria Steinem, Betty Friedan, Bella Abzug, and others, even if th…

AEBowenPhD May 17
Bella Abzug saying “you wrote a book ten years ago” to Betty Friedan in is some serious shade. I am here for it (though late, per usual wrt pop culture).

leila_na May 16
I've started watching Mrs. America and I've opened a door that I can't close. Phyllis Schlafly debates Betty Friedan on the Equal Rights Amendment and the women's liberation movement (1976):

roxsamer May 22
Perhaps the greatest achievement of is making Betty Friedan so darn likeable! Tracy Ullman knocks the part out of the park. Of course the series’ downplaying of the doesn’t hurt.

Anyone watching Mrs. America on Hulu should check this out, a debate between Phyllis Schlafly and Betty Friedan

DoremusJ May 17
Watching “Mrs. America” and noticing lessons progs could learn from: Betty Friedan made McGovern and other politicians feel attacked while Schlafly’s army showed up with homemade bread and jam.

carmencrows May 22
Cate Blanchett era la mirada a Rooney Mara en aquella escena de Carol, la mirada perdida de Blue Jasmine... Ahora también es la compostura en un debate frente a Betty Friedan y la cara de descompuesta al descubrir a su hijo en una boda. Los ojos de Cate son Hollywood.

‘AKA Jane Roe’: TV Review: This spring, FX’s “Mrs. America” has depicted the fiery intellectual battles among the modern feminist movement, with Gloria Steinem, Betty Friedan, Shirley Chisholm, and Bella Abzug ricocheting against one another and against…

LernerBen May 19
So Betty Friedan really DID tell Phyllis Schlafly that she was “a traitor to her sex,” an “Aunt Tom,” and a “witch” during a nationally televised debate in 1972. The fact her “I’d like to burn you at the stake!” is not a Hollywood embellishment is glorious.

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