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Devil May Cry
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Patty Lowell, millionaire at age 7
Luv this game almost as much as god of war
Devil May Cry 5 (mostly)
Аниме тяночки
Nero and Vergil
Devil May Cry
Devil may cry
Devil may cry
Anime Girls
DMC2 Dante and DMC5 Dante
Devil May Cry
Devil May Cry
Devil may cry
Devil may cry
Devil may cry
Devil may cry
absolutly sahvege | Undertale
absolutly sahvege
LeozETM on Twitter
Dante by LeozE09ETM

bloodiedpalace Jan 7 shared via Twitter
dante and patty lowell

CSpaDinner 19 Aug 2018 shared via Twitter
Dante is my fave(obviously) and Patty Lowell is my least fave

cumskidumpski Feb 22 shared via Twitter
The bad dmc anime just made me want a dmc5 au where V is a little more subtle abt his mission. Like his familiars masquerade as human(ish) retainers and he just hires dante to escort him a la patty lowell to get the big chungus fruit before it falls into the wrong hands or w/e.

deadsnapdragon 22 Oct 2019 shared via Twitter
minor character. big. buff. looks like a stereotypical bruiser. think his name’s frank. spies on dante bc reasons. patty lowell, 12, orphan extraordinaire in a frilly pink dress and twin tail braids. catches frank lurking around dante’s office after he leaves: imma kick his ass

bloodiedpalace 19 Mar 2019 shared via Twitter
how tf is dante in his mid 40s when patty lowell is 18. im gonna go wild thinking about this timeline stuff. hopefully its just a memory thats been fabricated into my mind of itsuno and matt walker saying that dante is that old in dmc5.... because

WaysOfNephilim 20 Sep 2018
|| I think it's kinda funny. And don't get me started on OG Dante and Patty Lowell..

Otakugirl41 8 Jan 2016
Dante's agent Morrison, who visits frequently, and Patty Lowell, a young orphan girl he saved in the first episode,

EagleTrib 2 Nov 2010
Interviews shortly with poly sci profs Dante Scala of UNH and Frank Talty of UMass Lowell on what to expect tonight at http://bit.ly/azz5YP

TorchmasterCP 4 Oct 2015
Oh shit it's true, Chrom and Lucina are in PxZ2. Yuri Lowell, Phoenix Wright, Dante, and Chrom in the same game? Yes

BostonNewsMan 1 Jan 2014
. and both have New Year's babies at 12:02. Meaning Dante @ Lowell General is still #1

jfruh 15 Jan 2013
"Only an elite group of America’s first Dante scholars— Longfellow, O.W. Holmes,l Lowell, and J. T. Fields—can solve the mystery"

Abbeys__Orchids 5 May 2010
http://ping.fm/nchh6 Italian poets, Dante and Ariosto, the English, Spenser, Scott, and Tennyson, and our own Longfellow and Lowell

2001sDante 10 Jul 2013
Dante & Patty Lowell

DMCPatty_Lowell 16 Feb 2012
@Dante_DMCinc @Nero_ExHoly *grabs both of you and heads to the shop*

Human_Dante 25 Mar 2015

AustyLaVista 8 Oct 2015
Jin Kazama, Yuri Lowell, Ulala, and Dante from the Devil May Cry series. If only this was a video game...

werewolfheir 7 Apr 2015
Just finished The Dante Club. Need to learn more about Lowell, Longfellow, Holmes and Emerson.

FennisDembo87 13 Feb 2015
LAwrence keeps the win streak alive. Did enough to get the win over Lowell tonight. Dante Neal and Julio Vicente were big

RivalsNation 9 Jan 2015
Alex Rivera and AP Wennah with 10 each and Sean Bryan with 9 points for Lowell. Dante Neal with 12 for Lawrence.

LiteraryRob 10 Nov 2014
In case you missed it: hinted that a sequel to "The Dante Club" (starring Fields, Holmes, Lowell, and Longfellow) is coming.

ArtfulSentences 17 Mar 2014
My Juvenal and Dante are as faithful as I am able or dare or can bear to be. -Robert Lowell

dobertravidson 19 Jul 2013
Through 6, SC now leading Lowell 3-2. A Dante Rosenberg RBI groundout for first run in the 4th, and Mason Katz hit a two-run HR in the 6th

USYellowPgs 14 Jul 2013
Candy Stores in Lowell, MA | Sweet Lydias, Pearls Candy and Nuts NH, Dante Confections, Mrs. Leonards Candy ...

MonsterWeeaboo 23 May 2013
Vash the Stampede, Wolfwood, Yuri Lowell, New Dante, New Vergil, Flynn Scifo, And all the power rangers....Yes they are fiction

V_DarkSlayer 7 Mar 2013
-bufa- "Como incordiar a Vergil Sparda" Un libro escrito por Dante Sparda y Lady con prologo de Patty Lowell

sPortsFan_aRJen 25 Feb 2013
After I read The Jane Austen Book Club, I now have The Dante Club. The protagonists includes H.W. Longfellow, O.W. Holmes and J.R. Lowell.

LeosSage 14 Feb 2013
A game were Dante (classic DMC), Yuri Lowell (ToV), Megaman and Kite (.Hack) are all together is real. My mind is blown like never before <3

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