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4thSnake 24 Jan 2019 shared via Twitter
DMC5 gives Patty's age (proving that the anime is canon, take that, loser commenters who claimed otherwise), so that might bring 2 and 5 closer to 4 than I originally theorised. I'm guessing 5 is a lot closer to 2 than is typical for a DMC game, or Nero would be around 40 now.

ziarenete13x 2 Aug 2019 shared via Twitter
Yeah, as aggressively 90s action cool as the DMC gang are? Def GenX. They don't have the same flavors that the cool Boomers have But even before the timeline re-switcheroo, Patty and Nero were pretty close in age, so they should be in their 20s by now. Millenial-GenX solidarity!

ThatDevilHunter 10 Mar 2019 shared via Twitter
|| We've had many in the past, but none seem to stay for long. What we need, though, is a DMC 5 Patty - proudly boasting he 18 years of age and eternally nagging Dante for missing her birthday party.

Meli_Cakes 24 Dec 2018 shared via Twitter
But now knowing Patty's age in DMC5 helps make it clearer. They said DMC5 is set several years after DMC4. Between DMC4 and 5 there's DMC2. And from the DMC anime which is post DMC1 to DMC5, we know it's been between 5 and 8 years, I'm leaning on 8, so that makes it much clear

Meli_Cakes 13 Dec 2018 shared via Twitter
So, I have to ask myself. Patty is confirmed to have turned 18 în DMC5? This once again completely changes the DMC character age time-line, I think. Cause that means DMC5 does not take place like that many years after the DMC anime. And the DMC anime happens soon after DMC1.

DMCSubreddit 13 Dec 2018
The schedule for tomorrows stream. LOOK AT IT, BEST LINE UP IN DMC HISTORY LETS DO THIS

BuzzFeedQuiz 13 Dec 2018
Rank These Christmas Foods And We'll Guess Your Age

DarkHorseComics 13 Dec 2018
Need more Dragon Age? In Dragon Age: The Calling, a novel from lead writer , the Grey Wardens return after 200 years of exile: This deluxe hardcover includes art from , Andres Ponce, German Ponce, Alvaro Sarraseca.

JordanUhl 13 Dec 2018
when I first went veg in like 09 every veg burger had the consistency of a mcdouble patty now we have the impossible burger. It is amazing. We live in a society.

ReutersBiz 13 Dec 2018
One-quarter of American workers between the ages of 62 and 64 could face serious financial problems if Social Security changes the retirement age, says columnist Mark Miller

NBCLatino 13 Dec 2018
Before passing away at age 95 last month, Stan Lee said publicly that “those stories have room for everyone regardless of their race, gender, religion or the color of their skin."

djMachete 13 Dec 2018
・・・ Only 2 weeks away!!! Dec 27th 👉🏼 3x DMC World Champion returns to play a rare 2-hour DNB set. Capacity is limited, so buy discounted presale now to…

OgbeniDipo 13 Dec 2018
Last RT. Candidates must be below 27 years. “Dipo leave us alone we are enjoying the strike.” One day your eyes will open. I hope not too late. I hope you won’t have to forge birth certificate to reduce your age so you can get a job.

umichARTS 13 Dec 2018
With heavy hearts, we bid farewell to Penny W. Stamps, a alumna, fierce advocate for the arts, community leader, philanthropist, design professional and former teacher who died today at the age of 74:

ippotsk 13 Dec 2018
J-Rocks, a social-cultural phenomenon. They were just Gen Y Indonesian weebs/L'arc freaks, but they were also superb musicians, formed a great local rock band, and colored the lives of millions of youths nationwide, in a language and style that transcends age and backgrounds.

theRealAlMcC 13 Dec 2018
At a young age, planning to give my daughter up for adoption and being brave enough to change my mind. A decision that reminds me daily that if I can do that, I am brave and capable enough to do anything I choose. (Insert anxiety for sharing personal stuff online here)

wafaie_fawzi 13 Dec 2018
37% of Tanzanian girls marry before their 18th birthday. won a landmark ruling in 2016 to raise the age of child marriage for girls in Tanzania from 14 to 18, now awarded 2018 UN Human Rights Prize. Hongera sana!

rolandsmartin 13 Dec 2018
, age 21 with shopping in a Walgreens in Hollywood the evening when he was shot dead by a security guard. The original claim was that he was shoplifting,. but he wasn't. - ...

GurjitAFC 13 Dec 2018
Saka on making his full debut: "Its a dream come true, ever since I joined the club at the age of 8 I always dreamed of playing at the Emirates so for all the coaches & the fans to support me tonight was really good"

Sasky 13 Dec 2018
Watching someone try to enforce a “no photography” rule in the digital age is hysterical.

KylieSlack 13 Dec 2018
I was cutting this old mans hair today and he said, “you know what life’s about, making memories... cause when you’re my age you’ll just sit in a chair and think about em all, everything you did and didn’t do” and that hit really hard.

meenatishaq1 13 Dec 2018
I am closer to 30 than 20! Help someone guess the age 🙄🙄🙄

fox8news 13 Dec 2018
Lakewood councilman proposing legislation to raise minimum smoke age to 21

bookbeaut 13 Dec 2018
Easter Sunday service at church, age 13. Was made to wear a “cow” costume while dancing down the church aisle in 3 separate services. Costume ended up being a full furry suit that looked like a brown bear, just without the head. All the kids in youth group called me ChewBecca.

steph_mcca 13 Dec 2018
when i was 8 i accidentally used my mom’s "age rewind" lotion and then freaked out and prayed to santa that i wouldn’t turn into a baby sorry just had to get that out

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