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Alice In Chains - Man in the Box (Official Video)
I was a huge fan of Celebrity Rehab, possibly my favourite tv show of all time. I think Dr. Drew is amazing. When Mike Starr was on it, I was like, "who's that?" My ex said, "what?? Alice in Chains?? You don't know them? Layne Staley's only the best singer who ever lived! Bitch, are you retarded?" Ok, he didn't say the last part, but the look he gave me certainly did. He introduced me to their music after that, and I was hooked. #embarassing
Crazy Town- Butterfly
Layne Staley at the Central Tavern in Seattle, 1989 📷Paul Hernandez
Alice In Chains - Would? (Official Video)
I love this pic!!!
Knocking On Heaven's Door - Eric Clapton -- "Mama, put my guns in the ground / I can't shoot them anymore..."
Layne Staley
Layne Staley in the hotel lobby- Hollywood Rock Festival, Brasil 1993
chris cornell
Layne Thomas Staley
Layne Staley
Under the Influence/Years of Decay era
Layne Staley: “Facelift” World Premier party at Seattle Aquarium: July 31,1990 📷Darrell Westmoreland
Pearl Jam - Even Flow (Video)
Pearl Jam - Even Flow (Official Video) - YouTube..jsou dobří..Americká rocková skupina založená v Seattlu v roce 1990,..
Sara Evans - I Could Not Ask For More
Sara Evans - I Could Not Ask For More
Godsmack - I Stand Alone (Official Music Video)
Godsmack - I Stand Alone this song will always bring my youngest to mind, he still makes sure I hear it if he does :)
Scare Your Neighbors With These DIY Halloween Decorations
Scare Your Neighbors With These DIY Halloween Decorations
Foo Fighters & Favorite Talent of All Genres of Entertainment.
Track the years via Layne's hairstyles.
Layne,Only the greatest voice,haunting,dark,beautiful.Soul wearing flesh.
Layne boy.
Soundgarden - Black Hole Sun
Soundgarden - Black Hole Sun / THE ENIGMA ( that which is beyond mysterious ) OF VIRTUAL FAME.
Music taste funny
Jerry Cantrell

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Mad TV - VH1 Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew: via

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Celebrity Rehab with Dr.Drew is doing more Harm then Good: via

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Uploaded New Video: Dr. Drew Says No More ' Celebrity Rehab": via

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I uploaded a video Dr.Drew Celebrity Rehab

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Part 2- Dr. Drew puppet celebrity rehab via

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I've favourited a YouTube video -- Mad TV - VH1 Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew http://youtu.be/9yIAlWNcgNY?a

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Possible Met Gala themes if I was in charge: • 2002 • Greek Diner • Dr. Drew’s Celebrity RehabYouTube Comment Section • An ode to Ourselves • Bluenotes Denim section

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I liked a video Heidi Fleiss on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew | Where Are They Now | Oprah Winfrey

Fiona__Maclean 18 Sep 2016
I liked a video Dr Drew - Celebrity Rehab, Dealing with Deaths, Nancy Grace, etc -

PaparazziXPosed 21 Aug 2013
Rachel Uchitel outside of CNN talks about Dr Drew and Celebrity Rehab: via

PaparazziXPosed 21 Aug 2013
Jennifer Gimenez star of Celebrity Rehab With Dr Drew on Dancing With The Stars All Stars: via

freshwillwill 7 May 2013
Dr drew has had enough of celebrity rehab - YouTube: Dr drew has had enough of celebrity rehab. ... Carobmoth ...

freshwillwill 5 May 2013
Dr. Drew's Celebrity Rehab Canceled! - YouTube: VH1 has decided not to continue Dr. Drew's Celeb Rehab for ano...

beesprimetime 28 Apr 2013
Heidi Fleiss on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew: "I Was Just Horrified" - ...: via

HawaiiRecovery 26 Dec 2012
Celebrity Rehab's Dr. Drew talks addiction: via

freshwillwill 15 Oct 2012
Celebrity Rehab With Dr Drew S06E02 - Part 1/3 - YouTube: C...

RonsLegacy 6 Jul 2012
I am a recovering Fandom What is this Larry Dr. Drew Celebrity Rehab ( )

pastor2celebs 21 Feb 2012
Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew: Drugs worse than Cancer?: via

freshwillwill 5 Feb 2012
Dr.Drew Celebrity Rehab - YouTube: Dr.Drew Celebrity Rehab. MrJudasPink. Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe. Loadi...

TheRutgersBoy 26 Jan 2012
Jennifer Gimenez (Celebrity Rehab with Dr.Drew) StarCam Interview: via

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