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Dr. Drew "Gravely Concerned" About Hillary Clinton's Health
BREAKING: Web Page of Dr. Drew Interview on Hillary Clinton Health Concerns Taken Down By KABC
Contact Dr. Drew Pinsky | drdrew.com | Official Website
Looking for Dr. Drew contact info? Email Dr. Drew Pinsky via this page on his official website.
The Clinton Crime Family Strikes Back! Dr Drew - A Victim or a Patsy?
Dr. Drew continues to sound alarm on L.A.’s sanitation breakdown: ‘Medieval…No city on Earth tolerates this’
Debate 5 Jesus: Man, Myth or Messiah
A debate on the question "Jesus: Man, Myth or Messiah?"was sponsored by the Apologetics Research Society (ARS) as part of the International Christian Evidences Conference. Houston Baptist University was the venue for this cordial but spirited debate. . Douglas Jacoby argued in the affirmative. The Historical Jesus and the Christ of Faith are one and the same. Self-styled "Christian atheist" Robert Price claimed that the New Testament picture of Jesus is legendary, paralleled by myths in other an
Dr. Drew Praises Dr. Fauci, Notes One Thing He Finds Troubling
Dr. Drew Praises Dr. Fauci, Notes One Thing He Finds Troubling
Jim Florentine joins for a podcast about his one man show, falling in love with troubled women, and the Crank Yankers days. Plus, Vinnie Tortorich returns for a round of Fit or Bulls***. (Looking for something to listen to, this one is pretty great. Jim and Vinnie!)
Dr. Drew Questioned Hillary’s Health…and Lost His Job
Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil, and Dr. Drew: Fox News keeps inviting TV doctors on air who say crazy things
Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil, and Dr. Drew: Fox News keeps inviting TV doctors on air who say crazy things - CNN
Watch Activist Tell Shouting Dr. Drew About Planned Parenthood's Cover-Ups
The organization has not always reported sex abuse of minors.
Alan Keyes rightly calls Obama a radical communist
▶ Alan Keyes rightly calls Obama a radical communist - YouTube
“In order to be able to think, you have to risk being offensive.” Jordan B. Peterson #quotes #offensive #sjw #jbp #sao
My Little Book I had a Dream....Thank you Reverand Martin Luther
Dr. Drew Henderson on Instagram: “Are you or your child constipated or having bowel troubles? Why not see a chiropractor for a more conservative approach first? #drdrew…”
Are you or your child constipated or having bowel troubles? Why not see a chiropractor for a more conservative approach first? #drdrew #chiropractic #health
MYTH: 'Conservatives are racists' -- Glenn Beck debunks this popular progressive narrative
MYTH: 'Conservatives are racists' -- Glenn Beck debunks this popular progressive narrative - TheBlaze
Austria in the '30s: Mirror to America - WND
The Truth About Fake News
The Ultimate "Fake News" List » Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
Congratulations President Nasheed of the Maldives, from 2008-2012, who received Dr. Sylvia Earle Award at Blue Ocean Film Festival. President Nasheed's film, the Island President, documents his activism in climate change, which drew world wide attention to sea level rise. President Nasheed is pictured with Dr. Earle while receiving a copy of Dr. Earle's book Blue Hope.

TupeloHoney80 8 Aug 2017 shared via Twitter
, please read/listen to more than just conservative news sources for climate change information.

Heritage 1 Oct 2015 shared via Twitter
Watch conservative activist tell shouting ’s history of covering up child sex abuse

LiberalDemIda Feb 10 shared via Twitter
. is a CONSERVATIVE. Of course he's lying. Ok?

JessicaHuseman Mar 16 shared via Twitter
Dr. Drew is not an infection disease expert. He is - at best - an expert in drug rehabilitation but is really a reality TV star. Conservative media is elevating an entirely irrelevant voice to get its jabs in at the media and downplaying an actual health crisis.

MarkCNC64 15 Dec 2019 shared via Twitter
I'd love some of the conservative past SNL cast members to come on the show. yes even . Also waiting for you and reunion!

InfidelOutlaw 6 Oct 2018
Think about what you just said, and imagine how upset you would be if a conservative said the same about liberal children dying. You should be ashamed.

SWilderTaylor 29 Jun 2016
You are an idiot linking to dangerous small minded conservative anti-gay organizations.

1040joyce 2 Feb 2018
I watch and read a lot of news both conservative and liberal. Don’t see having an affection 4 Putin. Heard him hoping to maybe work w/him against others. But even that is rare

ScottC20012 May 3
Say this doesn't happen when people are outed as conservative … or as was said at the Veterans in Entertainment event last August "this is a company town, they are not conservative...."

kevin_fieger 24 May 2019
Nothing serious, was using him as a conservative Avenatti. Saying, “what if Dr. Gorka was a liar, I would condemn him instantly, even though he’s a friend.

basicallyesme 31 May 2017
how do I tell my superlib parents that im more conservative now than how they raised me? They're visiting in a month

LaFranzP 8 Aug 2017
A Brief History of Conservative Pundits Hatin' on Beyoncé via - This is waaay old!

MJBodary 21 Sep 2015
Have you EVER EVER put a conservative on your panel? Leftist bullies! Maybe you Lefties will be happy when USA is no more!

WhiskeyMD247365 24 Oct 2013
@Sandysnaidauf U miss a conservative on panel? LOL

Jsimm316 6 Oct 2018
Did you really just say hope for America if Conservative children die?? Yeah...and we are the problem...SMH

RobertD47398786 1 Feb 2019
Will the disease know the difference between a liberal leftist dem and a conservative rep ? That would be very helpful 😎

Woah ! Big fan of Dr. Drew After Dark, pleasantly surprised to see you on conservative Twitter.

Moxiesmg 22 Sep 2013
conservative Crystal wright most controversial tie between mrs ali and Crystal wright. Special mr john award for

TJCWasHere 16 Aug 2017
A conservative or did Adam influence on you seep into your political beliefs as well.

JJAlwaysON 18 Mar 2016
Marco Rubio calls Cruz the "only conservative left in the race." Political analyst @erniewhitemedia shares his own insight with .

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