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Dr. Drew Pinsky defended Vice President Mike Pence from criticism he has faced following his appointment to lead the U.S. response to the coronavirus outbreak.
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Ex-College Prez: Jezebel Just Got 'Overheated' Over Sexual Assault Comments
A former George Washington University president drew criticism Wednesday for doling out tired advice to college women: drink less in order to avoid sexual assault. "Without making the victims responsible for what happens, one of the groups that have to be trained not to drink in excess are women. They need to be in a position to punch the guys in the nose if they misbehave," Dr. Stephen Joel Trachtenberg said on The Diane Rehm Show during a discussion on fraternities and ...
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Study Confirms That Bitches, As Suspected, Ain’t Shit But Hoes and Tricks .i uu: lº Hoes Bitches Tricks When Dr. Dre proposed in his seminal theoretical work, “The Chronic”, the idea that bitches ain’t shit but hoes and tricks drew criticism from a number of his contemporaries. Of course, this wasn’t necessarily a new i... #drdre #celebrities #study #confirms #that #bitches #as #suspected #aint #shit #but #hoes #tricks #when #dr #dre #proposed #seminal #theoretical #the #chronic #idea #pic
Trump Mocks Al Franken for Resigning From Senate After Misconduct Claims
Two days after President Donald Trump drew criticism from lawmakers in his own party for making fun of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford at a rally, he went after former Minnesota lawmaker Al Franken for resigning from the Senate after he was accused of sexual misconduct.
Debate 5 Jesus: Man, Myth or Messiah
A debate on the question "Jesus: Man, Myth or Messiah?"was sponsored by the Apologetics Research Society (ARS) as part of the International Christian Evidences Conference. Houston Baptist University was the venue for this cordial but spirited debate. . Douglas Jacoby argued in the affirmative. The Historical Jesus and the Christ of Faith are one and the same. Self-styled "Christian atheist" Robert Price claimed that the New Testament picture of Jesus is legendary, paralleled by myths in other an
12 Really Effective Women Preachers You Should Know About | RELEVANT Magazine
Baylor University published a list of America's 'Most Effective Preachers.' The list of 12 prominent sermonizers drew criticism for only featuring one woman: Dr. Barbara Brown-Taylor. As we previously reported:
Stone Mountain, Georgia: its history, monument, controversy, and commemorative stamp The Stone Mountain stamp drew quite a bit of criticism in Congress and in letters to newspapers and the Post Office Department. An American Federation of Teachers local in Philadelphia was irritated that a stamp could be issued for Confederate leaders while there was none for Dr. Martin Luther King. A letter-to-the-editor writer, obviously an unreconstructed Northerner, wanted to know if a Benedict Arnold ...
Dr. Oz, other TV docs face criticism for coronavirus cracks
Dr. Oz, other TV docs face criticism for coronavirus cracks - AOL News
For Dr. Deborah Birx, Urging Calm Has Come With Heavy Criticism - The New York Times
The Doctor
Unlicensed psychologist Dr. Phil denounces coronavirus measures
Dr. Phil publicly denounces mandated coronavirus measures
Unmoved by generations of baby experts advocating "hands-off" parenting, her book extolled a child-rearing philosophy that placed responsibility for a child's health and happiness solely on parents. Denmark also believed strongly that a woman should not leave home to join the workforce, a stance that drew criticism from the media as well as others in the medical community. She suggested that children placed in day care would grow to have little self-discipline or confidence in others.
Doctor From Fox News Segment Now In Isolation For Suspected Coronavirus | HuffPost
White House nixed Holocaust statement naming Jews
White House nixed Holocaust statement naming Jews - POLITICO he White House’s own statement drew widespread criticism for overlooking the Jews' suffering, and was cheered by neo-Nazi website the Daily Stormer.
o Drew Barker organized a Speaking of Books event held in the MSPAL Piano Room featuring Dr. Esther Kim Lee (School of Theatre, Dance, & Performance Studies) discussing her book The Theatre of David Henry Hwang and Hwang’s play M. Butterfly, which will be revived on Broadway this fall and directed by Julie Taymor.
Robert M. Price holds a PhD in systematic theology from Drew University (1981) and a PhD in New Testament from Drew (1993). He is the author of over a dozen books besides Evolving out of Eden, as well as two translations of the New Testament.1
3 Simple Butt Toning Moves (Drew Barrymore Does Them!)
Drew Does Bar Method!! 3 Simple Butt Toning Moves (Drew Barrymore Does Them!): Flash: Self.com
Well, damn. Cornel West on Ta-Nehisi Coates
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Water Lilies Evening Effect by Claude Monet Oil Painting Gold Frame 32 x 25 Painting

JohnHime 17 Feb 2016 shared via Twitter

NewsThisSecond 19 Feb 2013 shared via Twitter
McCready's death renews questions for Dr. Drew: NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — The criticism of Dr. Drew Pinsky spread ...

susanehopkins1 7 Dec 2013 shared via Twitter
It's one thing to give constructive criticism to learn from, Don't need 2 b nasty.

CHSommers 31 Oct 2019 shared via Twitter
I don’t think Scott is suggesting we need to be all fuzzy &non-critical with one another. Smart, tough criticism is essential to intellectual growth. Let’s replace with

PsychRabble 31 Oct 2019 shared via Twitter
I can't do it. I mean, bag ? Yes! Fully on board. But there is so much BS in psych science that still Reigns Supreme that I just can't get on board ONLY saying warm cuddlies. Paul Meehl, on the value of destructive criticism:

joaquinlife Apr 27
Thanks so much for covering this, Elex. I don't understand why Dr Drew criticizes the policy on the beaches to agree on the criticism of Skid Row. It's not one or the other, strict social distancing for both are important to reduce risk. "Probably safe" isn't helpful nor science.

spoonmoonjune 3 Jun 2015
How would these Christians feel if their criticism of Caitlyn Jenner led her to take her own life? Would they feel vindicated?

Jlcash_n Apr 1
More just a smart-ass knee-jerk reaction/statement to the tweet, not a real criticism ... good cause, donated 🙏🏾

TuckerGoodrich 6 Apr 2019
That's speculation, not a criticism.

AmyLVL 17 May 2018
I wish Jenelle would not block people & accept constructive criticism. These "old people" trying to take your kids see something and understand innocent children need protection. You are still a young person. Get help, leave David before it is too late.

TheSoundOfEco 25 Mar 2019
Conservatives seem like the most sensitive these days. Any criticism or calling out of what they’re saying, is perceived as an attack on free speech. No one’s gone to jail for something they said, so there’s no “assault” on free speech, just right wingers who can’t take a retort.

SusanJaked 27 May 2019
Agreed. I think she had a serious problem with drugs when she was younger. It affected her brain mechanisms. She has no coping skills . No listening skills she does not take any criticism . Repeats bad habits .has not learned from previous mistakes. My opinion only.

Nora_McManus 6 Aug 2014
I heard the split stemmed from a falling out LRH had over criticism he'd had by ppl in the JAMA.

d_a_keldsen Apr 4
No. He does not have the right; criticism is fair use.

Well said Samuel Not copyright. It's fair use as it was criticism so suck it Dr Drew. If someone dies because of your misinformation 'Dr' I hope you get sued for wrongful death.

I think this is the link you were looking for. Mindfulness practice can help with addictions as well. Mindfulness practice is based loosely on Zen Buddhism and it has the addict focus on the craving itself without any judgment or any criticism, Dr. Drew.

NPR Mar 27
Dr. Deborah Birx drew sharp criticism on Thursday for attempting to assure Americans that large portions of the public won't get infected quickly. An epidemiologist who worked on modeling the virus called her characterization "rosy" and even "deceptive."

LaFranzP Feb 13
Bu..B..But Drew - Did you jump up and down and rail about how this isn't a HOUSING problem per your constant criticism of for years? Oh, I get it - Kathy is a political friendly and the good dr Carson was in the house.

LaFranzP 21 Feb 2017
Plz stop conflating editorial journalism with opinion editorial!Your hair on 🔥 criticism on "media" is dangerous!

LLoceff Apr 23
Fair. It bugs me, tho, that he doesn't include FOX in his criticism, that he was promoting chloroquine, that he ridicules climate change, that he diagnosed Clinton & O'Rourke, but not President Trump. Dr. Drew has done great good, so that's why I am caught up in the dissonance.

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