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the_wax 7 Dec 2018 shared via Twitter
ну, ещё раз. Salary != total income. Там может быть 150 базовой (зарплата) и стоков на 200К в год. Тотал инкам в полляма+ - это редкость. Такой доход получает условный top 1% - distinguished engineer/google fellow. Может быть, senior staff, но тут я не уверен.

Khanoisseur 18 Jul 2015 shared via Twitter
Former Google engineer tweets how she was denied bonuses for exposing salary inequality

isislovecruft 11 Apr 2017 shared via Twitter
lol I wouldn't worry about it. Google engineer's average salary is $163k the NSA is $68k

refertoAnuj 17 Oct 2013 shared via Twitter
, , and don't pay the highest engineer salary "

Energize_Group 23 Jul 2015 shared via Twitter
Software engineer fell foul of after 'salary sharing' to drive equitable pay

Zack_Fried 18 Oct 2017
I call horse shit. The base salary for a software engineer even at Google is less than a quarter of that.

SAI 17 Jul 2015
Engineer says Google managers denied her bonuses when she tried to expose salary inequality

Glassdoor 14 May 2014
Learn how a engineer used to negotiate his salary

DarkMattersProj 19 Jul 2015

skostal 23 Oct 2016
This engineer shared her salary info with Google co-workers, and a mini pay-equity revolution was born.

EsteeKay2 17 Feb 2018
Oh yeah! Probably he can also get a $100-120K/ year salary that an average engineer gets as a newbie? Did he apply to ? They are all hiring American to 😂😂😂🤣

Techmeme 21 Jul 2015

paulosaelias 8 Apr 2017
@GTP_updates Fabiana… Does she have a lower salary than her fellow men? 😱

hyperlogMina 26 Nov 2014
At Google, men in senior software engineer role report salary of $160,000.That’s $25,104 more than what women earn for the same job

jkohlmann 29 Oct 2018
Hi, did I get this close to right? Monthly Payment Rate to Andy Rubin = $90 mil / 36 mo => $2,500,000/mo Approx Monthly Salary Rate of Google Engineer = $150,000 / 12 mo => $12,500/mo Monthly Payment Rate to Andy Rubin / Monthly Salary Rate of Google Engineer => 200

BTSxARMYCareers 27 Sep 2018
SALARY NEGOTIATION TIP: Know what salary you deserve BEFORE going in for the interview! Google is your friend. Search “(Title) salary (City, State)”. Ex: “iOS Engineer salary NY, NY” Most often, people underestimate their worth! 🙃 Favorite Social Artist

IndiaTodayTech 10 Jul 2018
Meet the 22-year-old Mumbai engineer who will be paid Rs 1.2 crore salary by Google, writes

IndiaTodayTech 9 Jul 2018
Google hires 22-year Mumbai engineer for AI research role in New York, will pay him salary of Rs 1.2 crore

cloud_opinion 5 Feb 2018
Apparently a million dollar salary for an engineer at Google is very common. I know who is picking up the drinks tab next time I go drinking with Googlers.

cloud_opinion 5 Feb 2018
Google paid an engineer $120 million dollars. This data point is provided for you to help you with your salary negotiations with your boss. You are welcome.

ReneBuest 1 Dec 2017
Top 10 Highest Paying Companies, by Average Salary for an Engineer: Uber: $314,746 WalmartLabs: $265,698 Netflix: $264,799 Facebook: $257,846 Salesforce: $248,281 Google: $236,388 Coupang: $234,348 Twitter: $230,639 Splunk: $227,202 Apple: $227,094

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