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UI/UX Designs on Instagram: “👉 Follow @uisource - Tag us or use #uisource to be featured - Work by Xupan (dribbble) - #ui #uxdesign #webdesign #design #designer…”
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RadicalNews1 26 Jul 2012 shared via Twitter
Google Technology RoundTable: Map Reduce: Meet four of Google’s Map Reduce expert engineers, Google Fellow Sanjay...

NewRole 10 Jul 2009 shared via Twitter
Hallo! Sanjay Ghemawat, as Google Fellow of Google - Engineering is now at

douglasdrumz May 10 shared via Twitter
This is Sanjay Ghemawat GitHub. The other is mine. It looks I'm more productive than a Google Senior Fellow! (This is Twitter, people don't understand sarcasm, this is sarcasm)

froydnj Feb 27 shared via Twitter
"To become a Google Fellow, a Level 10, is to win an honor that will follow you for life... Jeff and Sanjay are Google Senior Fellows—the company’s first and only Level 11s." Somebody put a Spinal Tap reference in the Google org chart!

NIMN2019 4 Jul 2019 shared via Twitter
"Answer the question you were asked denialist". The tone and content of this response reveals two things: your fundamentally authoritarian attitude towards your fellow human beings, and your fundamental contempt for anybody you don't agree with. Name calling is infantile.Grow up.

vinumregum 20 May 2019
Google唯一のSenior Fellow、Jeff DeanとSanjay Ghemawatの仕事術めちゃ良い。レノンとマッカートニー(ロック)、ルノワールとモネ(印象派絵画)、モノーとジャコブ(遺伝子制御)と同じく、彼らもプログラマー二人組のコラボで圧倒的イノベーションを生み出す。New Yorkerらしいキラリと光る文章。

mthjwbgs 4 Dec 2018
Sanjay and I sped up Google Search by ten per cent today.” —Jeff Dean tells The New Yorker about his close working partnership with fellow programmer Sanjay Ghemawat. (By not searching thousands of conservative websites.)

sociogeeks_ 3 Dec 2018
Jeff Dean dan Sanjay Ghemawat pada mulanya bekerja di Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). Mereka kemudian pindah ke Google, Jeff tahun 1999 dan Sanjay sekitar awal 2000. Mereka kini menjadi Senior Fellow di Google, level 11 dan hanya mereka yang ada di level tersebut.

atdesai2014 10 Nov 2018

ebenstyles 1 Sep 2015
They had to invent a new post (Senior Google Fellow) just to promote Jeff (and Sanjay). :)

HumboldtHairy 11 Jun 2014
Fellow stoners and MMJ advocates, posers like Dr. Oz and Sanjay Poopta didn't know shit before, now experts. Google Todd Mikuriya. Dr.

fnthawar 23 Oct 2013
Google Fellow's Jeff Dean and Sanjay Ghemawat talk about again in this month's ; what we do

NewRole 8 Dec 2012
At Google Engineering, Sanjay Ghemawat is now Google Fellow. Org Chart @

inageshk 29 Mar 2012
Who is this Sanjay Khosla fellow man. Too many times he is on radio. bored.

Chigglesworld 3 May 2011
Google's Indian heritage: Sanjay Ghemawat, Google Fellow and Krishna Bharat, Creator of Google News. There from the early days! :D

SoftwaredevIn 6 Nov 2010
Software Developers in India: Who are some rockstar software ...: Sanjay Ghemawat, Google fellow; Vic Gundotra, ...

anishanish 7 Dec 2009
Sanjay Ghemawat & Amit Singhal Google Fellow also in engineering group

NewRole 10 Jul 2009
Hallo! Sanjay Ghemawat, as Google Fellow of Google - Engineering is now at

dominiccampbell 2 Jun 2009
Very chuffed to find out I've been chosen to be a Google Fellow at the Personal Democracy Forum in NYC at the end of June

jowyang 1 Mar 2009
I interviewed google, facebook, plaxo, ibm, six apart, rww, gigya, razorfish, flock, cisco eos, federated media, linkedin, fellow analysts

coelhotv 26 Mar 2009
Google (and maybe all fellow engineers in the world) should really pay attention to design - Experience matters! ;)

lthumann 26 Apr 2009
Dig a hole through Google Earth and see where you end up. (From a fellow GCT)

PrivacyCamp 12 Jun 2009
Congrats to (attendee) as a Google Fellow for the conference.

suratkars 6 Jun 2009
Google fellow -

indrayam 25 Mar 2009
Jeff Dean, Google Fellow, at UW

eturner303 18 Feb 2009
Great / detailed notes from Google Fellow Jeff Dean's keynote at WSDM 2009:

johnrivera 11 Apr 2009
checking out an online voice recorder called Vocaroo thanks to a fellow Google Certified Teacher who shared it out.

vaginalherpes 20 Feb 2009
In a talk at WSDM 2009, Google Fellow Jeff Dean ...

pbrantner 12 Jun 2009
Very honored and excited to be going to as a Google Fellow, especially now that I've seen the rest of the list.

monkchips 2 Jun 2009
wow. "chosen to be a Google Fellow at the Personal Democracy Forum in NYC" yay, woot, etc.

vickysita 5 Jun 2009
So what’s next in search? Interview w/Google fellow Amit Singhal Bing makes GOOG do better, faster)

omgnews 12 Jul 2008
Google Talks Ranking Factors: Google search engine ranking team Google Fellow Amit Singhal published a bl..

hownowbrowncow 30 Jun 2009
Thanks for a great conference! And thanks to PDF and Google. Honored to be a Google Fellow! Please follow !!!

JustinHerman 2 Jun 2009
Congrats! RT : Very honored & pleased to be accepted as a Google Fellow at the PDF Conference in NYC.

BrianReich 16 Jun 2009
I am honored to have been named a Google Fellow for the upcoming PDF conference and to be associated with thesefolks -

bertboerland 15 May 2008
hmm fat weet iedereen? En google fellow as well imsmr

roxana_vergara 30 Jun 2009
reco for | expert blogger/Fast Company, author/Media Rules!, Google Fellow, 'A Beautiful [Digital ] Mind'

samuelstadler 8 Jun 2009
Google Fellow Amit Singhal: Amongst other factors, Google uses click-through rates for search quality evaluation.

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