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KlasfeldReports 4 Sep 2018 shared via Twitter
"All but two of these records were created or received by Secretary Ross, Earl Comstock, Wendy Teramoto, or Karen Dunn Kelley, the four senior Department of Commerce (“Commerce”) officials most heavily involved in the decision to add the citizenship question."

enrich_usa 11 Jun 2019 shared via Twitter
ENRICH your SelectUSA Summit: Great ENRICH table - the Honorable Karen Dunn Kelley, Deputy Secretary, US Department of Commerce

ND_MSM 9 Apr 2018 shared via Twitter
Join us at Mendoza this Thursday for Karen Dunn Kelley's (U.S. Department of Commerce) lecture on "Reflections on Leadership" 🍀

NIST Feb 10 shared via Twitter
NIST was honored to host Department of Commerce Deputy Secretary Karen Dunn Kelley at NIST Boulder today for a tour.

LPHoworth 1 Oct 2019 shared via Twitter
Luncheon remarks today by Deputy Secretary Karen Dunn Kelley, USA Department of Commerce at the Discover Global Markets Conference, Powering & Building The Middle East & Africa.

Sunlight_Bot 5 Nov 2019
Trump Administration appointee Karen Dunn Kelley has served as Under Secretary for Economic Affairs of the Department of Commerce since Aug. 21, 2017 (data from ProPublica's Trump Town dataset)

Attended Delta only meeting with the US Department of Commerce Deputy Secretary Karen Dunn Kelley. We shared who Delta is, and how Delta has  prepared our chapters and members for the Census;  and activities and future plans we have designed for the important upcoming Census2020

sihlengubane 12 Nov 2019
Ambassador Lana J Marks (Amb to South Africa) & Karen Dunn Kelley (Deputy Secretary of Commerce) - US Department of Commerce

tridenttech 30 Jul 2019
Karen Dunn Kelley, Deputy Secretary of U.S. Department of Commerce, spoke at the Charleston Regional Youth Apprenticeships Signing Day program July 30.

USMBDA 29 May 2018
Karen Dunn Kelley, Under Secretary for Economic Affairs , delivered the keynote speech at the . “It’s a signature event,” she said. “It’s a critically important event for MBDA … and the Department of Commerce.”

ND_MSM 9 Apr 2018
Join us at Mendoza this Thursday for Karen Dunn Kelley's (U.S. Department of Commerce) lecture on "Reflections on Leadership" 🍀

fox7austin 24 Jun 2015
Karen Daley says "Sgt. Kelley leave behind a police department of 25 members. His quick wit left us with smiles on our faces."

AmyALaPorte 23 Jun 2015
My latest report on the "terror family" I've been following. Dad of boy shown holding severed head killed

FaZeBloo 23 Jun 2015
this is the best day of my life

scottEweinberg 23 Jun 2015
Kinda surpised there hasn't been a movie called Curious George vs. George of the Jungle.

haleshannon 23 Jun 2015
If you are LGBTQI+, under 21, and have a story to share, submit by 8/1 to the new edition of The Full Spectrum, .

AdventurelandLI 23 Jun 2015
Thanks for listing us as 1 of the reasons there's no place better than on !

SportsNetLA 23 Jun 2015
Video of Vinny singing the National Anthem >>>>

GottaLaff 23 Jun 2015
His poll numbers at all time LOW--BREAKING: in final stages of prep 4 his pres bid, w formal announcement p… v

slashfilm 23 Jun 2015
Lots of angry subtweeting going on today.

NEXTpittsburgh 23 Jun 2015
Since 2006, Mitch Swain has worked as CEO of the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council—the voice of

murdras 23 Jun 2015
can't think of one off the top of my head but this article is v good

nealrogers 23 Jun 2015
If you haven’t read ’s detailed breakdown of the new Venge ViAS, well…you probably should

BryanVoltaggio 23 Jun 2015
Celebrate the Release of HOME By Chef Bryan Voltaggio for special 2 night dinners

MegoMuseum 23 Jun 2015

MariyaAlexander 23 Jun 2015
Popular proverb: When life gives you Don Lemon, make fun of Don Lemon, for he is such a fucking assclown

MichaelKitces 23 Jun 2015
This would be huge. RT Price of solar to drop below that of carbon-based fuels by 2017 - w/o subsidies:

KatrinaNation 23 Jun 2015
Sweet victory-- Took years of movement activism to get here/ New Momentum on Paid Leave via

MediaTechBobby 23 Jun 2015
Congratulations Design of the Year! Fascinating Tech via

brightnewvensa 23 Jun 2015
Generous joys of comes from, being , over theGood fortune of others💛😊💛

maiap17 23 Jun 2015
I can assure that when your child makes a mistake the last thing they want to hear is you making a joke out of it.

alexislamy_ 23 Jun 2015
How awesome would it be to go on a road trip with a bunch of friends through the states during summer

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