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AtlantaFed 12 Jun 2012 shared via Twitter
video w/ Invesco's Karen Dunn Kelley gives insider's look at risk mgmt & reform in MMF industry

AdvPerspectives 12 Aug 2011 shared via Twitter
After the Downgrade - Evaluating S&Ps decision and possible opportunities for investors by Karen Dunn Kelley of Invesco

AdvPerspectives 24 Feb 2012 shared via Twitter
The Greek Debt Crisis by Karen Dunn Kelley of Invesco: Bailout package brings answers, but more questions remain...

AdvPerspectives 23 Nov 2011 shared via Twitter
A Super Committee in Name Only by Karen Dunn Kelley of Invesco: As long as investors perceive Europe lacks a com...

cranedata 26 May 2015 shared via Twitter
Posted News: First American Exploring 60-Day Maximum Maturity, Private Funds. Link: Invesco's Karen Dunn Kelley.

houstonlivenews 4 Mar 2010
Women’s Bond Club Honors Invesco’s Karen Dunn Kelley, WomensTrust Founder, Dana Dakin - http://ow.ly/1ek2I

AlanGuerryMS 9 Aug 2012
The Greeks have voted. Invesco’s Karen Dunn Kelley examines what happens next:

ICI 14 Mar 2016
... Karen Dunn Kelley, CEO of Fixed Income and Senior Managing Director of Investments, Invesco Worldwide Fixed Income...

InvescoCanada 22 Jan 2016
From ’s Karen Dunn Kelley: Taking a high-conviction approach to

InvescoCanada 24 Jan 2016
’s Karen Dunn Kelley: “Turmoil often means that quality opportunities may be had for attractive prices”

InvescoCanada 19 Jan 2016
A disciplined philosophy and process based on beliefs matters – not benchmarks. – ’s Karen Dunn Kelley

dailypoliticaln 9 Dec 2016
Karen Dunn Kelley Sells 157,615 Shares of Invesco PLC Stock

sbalcerac 18 Jul 2018
Jak odróżnić kraj poważny od kraju niepoważnego ? Spotkanie przedstawicieli rządowych Polski i USA ds. handlu. Polskę reprezentuje politolożka i były menedżer kultury a USA reprezentuje były top menedżer firmy Invesco (30 lat kariery) Karen Dunn Kelley.

financialskepti 8 Dec 2016
Invesco PLC Insider Karen Dunn Kelley Sells $4,974,329.40 in via

pathbuilders 5 Nov 2014
Another successful closing of the iMentor program . Pictured: Karen Dunn Kelley of Invesco

TickerReport 12 Jun 2014
Invesco Director Karen Dunn Kelley Sells 27,000 Shares

InvescoCanada 28 Jun 2012
Invesco’s Karen Dunn Kelley examines post-election Greece, issues to watch and what it means for investors.

InvescoCanada 25 Jun 2012
Greece handed a slim victory to the pro-bailout party. What happens next? Get insights from Invesco’s Karen Dunn Kelley

InvescoCanada 30 Nov 2011
SMD, Investments, Karen Dunn Kelley, gives insight into asset class outlooks in light of the US super-committee.

LynwoodGroup 23 Nov 2011
Exec Watch: Invesco, a global firm, hires Gregory McGreevey as head of Fixed Income; reports to senior MD Karen Dunn Kelley.

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