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THV11 May 5 shared via Twitter
MISSING: The Arkansas State Police has issued a missing persons advisory for 58-year-old Karen Jean Dunn who was last seen on May 1.

mysteriousbrews Apr 7 shared via Twitter
Join the fella’s as they interview “Billy” a PI from Arkansas about Lee & Karen Dickson and Dennis Flowers. Beer of the week is Saddlebock Brewery’s Dirty Blonde.

FlashToso Apr 28 shared via Twitter
Most previous state standards failed to include math facts or the standard methods. Common Core requires both but teachers & textbooks might forget. Video "Arkansas mother, 'Karen Lamoreaux' obliterates Common Core" blamed CC for missing math facts. Should have asked!

ceceturp68 16 Feb 2019 shared via Twitter
Oklahoma is in our rear view mirror. Already missing Juliane & Karen 🥺 — feeling sad at Arkansas

GinoDMarchetti2 30 Jan 2018 shared via Twitter
If Chris or Dana did go to Russia for any reason, it may have been to investigate a possible connection Hillary Clinton had with missing Russian mail-order brides. Maybe Hillary "returned a few" but they disappeared en route. (Try Arkansas).

KPersists2017 5 Jun 2014
Karen & Denese, just in case you were missing Arkansas. Now you're not!

AdamHammondNC5 2 Nov 2011
Western Arkansas is soooo flat. And empty. On the way to Dyersburg to do a story on missing mother of Karen Smith. Live report at 4 & 5

TokyoRaider 1 Nov 2011
MF Global missing millions: Money was found missing from the books of MF Global, a discrepancy that cost the...

kytv 1 Nov 2011
Census: More people repeat 'I do' in Arkansas than in any other state

CelebsInCLT 1 Nov 2011
RT : One Tree Hill back at Karen's Cafe set in downtown Wilmington

arkansasbuzztap 1 Nov 2011
Arkansas Razorbacks (Official Site) >> Arkansas prepares for South Carolina

cassera 1 Nov 2011
So sad... Dog Saves Owner, Scott Dunn, From Fire; Dies In Blaze (VIDEO) via

TriggerStLabs 1 Nov 2011
| The Many Missing of Hillsborough County (V.2): A troubled teen discovers a secret about his mother’s...

AskMen 1 Nov 2011
Revealed: The Craziest Excuses For Missing Work

cnni 1 Nov 2011
MF Global missing millions

TonyFratto 1 Nov 2011
Missing baseball.

hatebreed 1 Nov 2011
Hey Arkansas we have a couple limited edition Michael Myers Hatebreed shirts leftover from last night. Act fast!!

US_Hotel_Travel 1 Nov 2011
Arkansas Hotels: Days Inn Little Rock -

vandybuzztap 1 Nov 2011
Vandy Mania (Scout) >> Report Card: Vanderbilt vs. Arkansas

AllstarWeekend 1 Nov 2011
If you haven't subscribed to our youtube channel, you're missing out on a bunch of weird shizzz...

BAM_FI 1 Nov 2011
Search continues for missing mom of 3, Latasha Nevitt. She was reported missing Oct. 14. Source:

JGreenSME 1 Nov 2011
Mmh, let my daughter come home 16 & pregnant, there will be a new show called 16 & missing

ARDanceNetwork 1 Nov 2011
Join University of Arkansas at Little Rock Dance Program for their UALR Fall Dance Festival on November 19th!!

CanUidentifyme 1 Nov 2011
You Don’t Know Jack !!! Or do you?

TeamFNBe 1 Nov 2011
The trouble with loneliness is, it tells us that something's missing, but it doesn't tell us what the missing part is.

CanUidentifyme 1 Nov 2011
Peace and love not war! ? ? dodger ? Who is was he? Pls View & Share

Watching KAREN CLARK SHEARD sing live really inspires me,makes me wanna grab a mic,sing with runs,riffs n hitting d high notes...lol!

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