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5G rolled out in wuhan first look it up

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Thank you to all involved with the . I’m looking forward to being able to access my health information from several providers aggregated into an app of my choosing.

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Stop 5G you know where it started..Wuhan China and then Italy we do not want 5G!!!

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Stop 5G there is plenty of evidence that 5 G kills!!

Kazza0312 May 29
Having had the best birthday present delivery during lockdown for my dads 88th bday this has melted my heart ❤️

CompleteWM May 29
Another brilliant article from the Mid Sussex Times, appreciate all your support and look forward to the next phase of the build.

What an inspiring talk ⁦⁩ on diversity, equity, inclusion, leadership & teaching in our new COVID era. ⁦

KarenDunn1952 May 29
For condo owners, it's important to understand what your HOA covers and then determine what you're personally responsible for. Need help learning what your coverage options are? I can help. Send me a message.

pearlk60 May 28
Calm down📢 "KAREN" Dunn

KarenDunn1952 May 28
If you’re thinking about buying an RV, I’ve got a tip for you to keep in mind. Normal auto policies may not cover an RV’s expensive accessories. If you want to chat further, give me a call.

KarenDunn1952 May 27
You don't need to be living near a body of water; if it rains in your area, it can flood. If you don't have flood insurance, it might not be a bad idea to consider it. Give me a call and I can run a flood-zone determination test to help you figure out your risks.

Karen_Dunn May 27

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If documents critical to running your business were destroyed by a fire, having Valuable Papers and Records coverage may help cover the expense of recreating them. Let me help you understand your coverage options should the unexpected happen.

Karen_Dunn May 26
Onto this motion on notice from Sally Smith

Karen_Dunn May 26
Pope John Paul I - I was 8 and had no idea what a Pope was.

Karen_Dunn May 26
The new mayor will be Lionel Harman

Karen_Dunn May 26
Scrutiny committee chair David Barling has thanked Mr Jupp for 'going the extra mile'. He said the governors still have 'some reservations' but will be meeting with Mr Jupp tomorrow where hopefully they can be ironed out

KarenDunn1952 May 25
Memorial Day is a day for remembrance of those who have died in service to our country. In light of the last two months, I am taking this time not only appreciate our military, but our first responders and medical professionals as well. Thank you today and every day.

A Braves Country Shout Out today goes out to Karen Dunn! Thanks for your support & we hope to see you again soon at the ballpark.

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