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Katie Hall (Cosette) and Gareth Gates (Marius) #theatre #lesmis #musicals www.lesmis.com
Katie Hall (Cosette) #theatre #lesmis #musicals www.lesmis.com
Les Miserables epilogue. LOVE Katie Hall and Gareth Gates and the rest of the 25th Anniversary touring cast!
Katie Hall (Cosette) and Gareth Gates (Marius) - Photos from the London rehearsals, taken by the production's very own Madame Thénardier - Lynne Wilmot #theatre #lesmis #musicals www.lesmis.com
les misérables confessions.
in my opinion, katie hall and alfie boe are the most adorable people to have played valjean and cosette together.
Katie Hall - Gethsemane (Westend Fest)
Katie Hall singing Gethsemane from Jesus Christ Super Star. Most people are 50/50 about Katie's voice, but I think she's phenomenal and is (vocally) one of my favorite Cosettes
The Phantom of the Opera
Final Lair, UK Tour
Les Mis 25th Anniversary Sneak Peek - Part Two: "The Interviews"
John Owen-Jones (Jean Valjean), Ashley Artus (Thenardier), Katie Hall (Cosette) and Lynne Wilmot (Madame Thenardier) reveal their never-before-seen opinions on the New 25th Anniversary Production of Les Miserables; now playing at The Barbican until 3rd October in London, UK.
Nick Jonas cheered on by older brothers Kevin and Joe as he makes his West End debut in Les Miserables
Les Mis. Saw with Tess in London. Nick Jonas in the play sealed the choice :)
Katie Hall as Cosette in Les Mis 25 I want to be cosette... Do you guys think I can pull it off?
les misérables confessions.
It's not that I can't *stand* her, but i normally am just neutral. But Katie Hall is adorable and just how I picture Cosette to be.
Katie Hall (Cosette) and Earl Carpenter (Javert) - Photos from the London rehearsals, taken by the production's very own Madame Thénardier - Lynne Wilmot #theatre #lesmis #musicals www.lesmis.com
Javert, Valjean, Cosette. Played by Norm Lewis, Alfie Boe, and Katie Hall.
katie hall- this girl has the most beautiful soprano voice and she is by far my favorite Cosette.
Katie Hall as Cosette. I love her. She's like a cute little hamster.
Katie Hall as Cosette<3
Katie Hall, has played Cosette in Les Miserables
Les Mis: The Streets of Paris
Nick Jonas, Samantha Barks, Katie Hall, Les Misérables - 25th Anniversary In Concert
Katie Hall as Christine :) an amazing #Cosette in Les Miserables 25th Anniversary! #PointOfNoReturn
Katie Hall as Cosette and Nick Jonas as Marius
John Owen Jones and Katie Hall in Les Miserables as Jean Valjean and Cosette
#MisFanArt - Sketch of Katie Hall as Cosette from the 25th Anniversary Concert. By Kristine Padagdag from the Philippines. #MisFanArt #LesMis #Theatre #Musicals www.lesmis.com
Les Misérables 25th Anniversary Tour - "A Heart Full of Love"
Les Misérables 25th Anniversary Tour - "A Heart Full of Love"
HD A Heart Full Of Love Les Miserables Samantha Barks, Nick Jonas, Katie Hall
HD A Heart Full Of Love Les Miserables Samantha Barks, Nick Jonas, Katie Hall

just_sammie 28 Dec 2012 shared via Twitter
I lovee Katie Hall as Cosette

fatwsbucky 8 Jul 2017 shared via Twitter
Katie Hall as Cosette is my fav. Please remember she was sick the night before

the_wastedworld Jan 3 shared via Twitter
and it’s such a shame because the rest of the cast are incredible?! Katie Hall as Cosette, Ramin and Hadley...Alfie! Lea! Samantha! And then....nick jonas

megan_harris13 16 Sep 2012 shared via Twitter
Katie Hall as Cosette <3 So perfect!!

JeunMariano 5 Apr 2013 shared via Twitter
Katie Hall- best Cosette.

gilbertblvthe Mar 30
shut up about exr i’m thinking about katie hall cosette now

india_marshall_ 24 May 2014
Seyfried's Cosette. But Katie Hall's Cosette in the 25th anniversary was phenomenal!

taygabz 9 Jul 2013
Not feeling Katie Hall's Cosette.

claudiatrexa Apr 18
ang galing ni katie hall from cosette she got to be fantine instead of the usual eponine to fantine

hotwheels915 19 Feb 2015
Hadley as Javert, Ramin as JVJ, Sam Barks or CHF as Eponine, Andy Mientus or Rob as Marius, Katie Hall as Cosette

LexiiMWalker 8 Jul 2013
I can only see Katie Hall as Cosette.I can't see her as anything else. love her..But not as anyone else..Just cosette.

oohshpcy 18 Oct 2012

umbrellaes 28 Mar 2018
fuckin bless the people who decided they needed to make a new album of the 2010 les miserables london cast because now I get to listen to my faves john owen jones (as valjean), earl carpenter (as javert), and katie hall (as cosette) in hq sound

soelsq 19 Jan 2019
jvj: killian donnelly fantine: rachelle ann go cosette: katie hall eponine: eva noblezada marius: toby miles enjolras: hyoie o’grady grantaire: raymond walsh

piranhacrab 5 Jan 2016
katie hall's cosette makes me feel alive

AtTheMusicals 3 Oct 2010
Katie Hall as Cosette and Nick Jonas as Marius http://twitpic.com/2uhqpx

RoxPerezzz 2 Nov 2012
Katie Hall (Cosette)'s last note!! UGGHH <333333

_sneganno 22 Mar 2016
I texted my friend about Katie Hall as Cosette and she was like I don't like her I'm an Eponine girl I was like,,,,,,, why pick one

frankielizabet 28 Aug 2012
I'm sorry but I hate Katie Hall as Cosette

dreams_thatglow 21 Dec 2014
"Katie Hall makes Cosette almost likeable (almost)" LISTEN HERE COSETTE IS A PRECIOUS ANGEL YOU STOP THAT RIGHT NOW

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