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How To Keep Dyed Red Hair Actually Red
It's one of the fastest-fading colors you can dye your hair. Here's how to keep your (fake) redheadedness going strong FOREVER AND EVER.
Pink and Aqua Snowflake Topped Cupcakes for a Winter Wonderland Birthday Party
Pink and Aqua Snowflake Topped Cupcakes for a Winter Wonderland party!
imagine being the lucky girl to wake up next to that every morning. I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE
Amanda Britto
Quem é Ruby Rose?! <3 Orange is the New Bacl
.¸¸.•*¨*•♡pinterest: @lillygoodale♡•*¨*•.¸¸.
These mini stars in stripes rock! From left to right: Stella McDermott (Tori Spelling), Suri Cruise (Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes), and Bluebell Halliwell (Geri Halliwell)
aes: shadow world
What The World Was Like The Year The Lewinsky Scandal Broke
Katie Cassidy As Melinda Halliwell
charmed | Tumblr | via Tumblr on We Heart It
My Idol ♡
Emily Browning Fans
(Beldre) Emily Browning
Scotland word search puzzle
How to Wear Dark Lipstick that Lasts and Looks Great
How It's Done: The Vampy Burgundy Lip Every Star is Wearing Right Now
Gryffindor House Harry Potter pencils • bookish gift pencil set • Gryffindor accessories • Harry Potter gift under 15 • book lover gift
Multifandom Blog
Multifandom Blog
Lucy Hale
Teacher T-Shirts - CafePress
I'm wondering if we could get a bulk discount with all of my teacher friends who need this shirt...
Hell Of Metal
Hell Of Metal Angela Gossow & Cristina Scabbia
Little charmed things
Hello there, wiccan. On this blog I'll post Charmed-related pictures. It'll involve anything from...

OT7Army4ever Feb 19 shared via Twitter

AdrianHalliwell May 26 shared via Twitter
The vitriol you post Katie you are part of the problem !!!!!

SallyEl07323065 May 11 shared via Twitter
Grace has had a good day today! Times tables, spellings and handwriting practise. Followed by 1st maths lesson and then the 1st Horrid Henry task. Then she's just read the Katie Morag book beautifully and brainstormed her special occasions. Off for a walk now 😁

jemmadearden 23 hours ago shared via Twitter
I just can’t bear the thought of late twenties 🥺 I’m too young to be this old

smanalo27 Feb 21 shared via Twitter

katieshambles May 22
I just snort laughed and got cereal in my nose, thanks Darren

livcabot_ May 24
Quote this with four fictional characters that shaped your personality I will start Lorelai Gilmore, Olivia Benson, Prue Halliwell and Arizona Robbins 💞

jemmadearden May 22
Hahahaha I love it so much it hurts

I know I need my hair cut

Rod..this is Katie Hopkins you’re talking about....we all know what she’s like and learnt to take no notice of her..

jemmadearden Apr 25
It’s like Take Me Out The Goss all over again :(

katie_khan May 8
The absolute worst. Worse, even, than the year I bought red hair mousse and fashioned Geri Halliwell’s stripes in my hair

jemmadearden May 22
Maybe it’s a grower

lsterad 19 Nov 2019
I dont understand why she started crying over a picture of a mid tier loose woman

Holliekp Mar 6
Ohh no whats happened?

Knew you’d love it!

lsterad 19 Nov 2019
Muppet her

katieshambles May 22

Burger King are about to see their first profit in years 😂😂😂🍔👑

jemmadearden May 12
The best news I could ever wake up to

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