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Christian college fires employee for becoming pregnant & offers job to her boyfriend
Why 18 Ladies In Dresses Made Our Jaws Drop | MoveOn.Org | Democracy In Action
"The Gender Divide" Infographic by Brian McGill, NationalJournalGraphic. Sources: Bureau of Labor Statistics; Congressional Research Service 'Fortune'
You'd think $122 million would buy you a better campaign than this.
Venn Diagrams: You'd Think $122 Million Would Buy You A Better Campaign Than This
Valentines Infographics on spending
Democrats Dread Hillary's 'Blame Anyone But Me' Book Tour Calling it 'The Final Torture'
Dems Dread Hillary's 'Blame Anyone But Me' Book Tour Calling it 'The Final Torture'
George Papadopoulos on Twitter
George Papadopoulos on Twitter: "John Brennan doesn’t understand that the foreign assets he weopanized against us, that I dealt with personally, (Mifsud, Downer, Turk, Halper and more) are being exposed by the same governments he previously exploited to interfere in the 2016 election. Italy was the first dominio"
Image about girl in ℱℰℳℐℕℐЅℳ by ℰℒℐℕ on We Heart It
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had to post... Separation of Church and State! Our government was NEVER meant to impose religion on its people. Plus, the last zinger is funny. :)
Regulations are working to reduce risk posed by banks. But we need to address the central economic problem of our time: income inequality. From the hero of "The Big Short," (who was played by Steve Carrell), an argument why we shouldn't break up the big banks. (Illustration: Yehteh)
I need a large hairpin lol
Shocked? No.
#HillaryforAmerica hashtag on Twitter
Tweets about #HillaryforAmerica hashtag on Twitter
Summer 1954: Kids out of school wreak havoc on the streets of London
Summer 1954: Kids out of school wreak havoc on the streets of London
This is the Difference!
Cutting Medicare to fix the budget is like invading Iraq when you were attacked by 15 Saudis . . . how stupid are we?
Beautiful Barbie
Beautiful Barbie
Ddioscuro: Photo
Snoopy 2709 Large Tote Bag
Snoopy 2709 Large Tote Bag Manufactured with premium water-resistant PU leather. Features comfortable and sturdy carrying straps with high-quality stitching for
Pasta with Spicy Sausage & Rapini
Pasta with Spicy Sausage | This pasta dish features spicy Italian sausage and rapini, also known as broccoli rabe.
NO female lawmaker was there and look what happens.
Body Positivity!
Imgur Post - Imgur
Senseless Pix of Random Stuff
Barbie on the moon
What Would Happen If Male Nurses Were Paid $848 Less Per Week? | MoveOn.Org | Democracy In Action
What Would Happen If Male Nurses Were Paid $848 Less Per Week? They would make the same amount as women for doing the same job.

Mandy61867872 May 19 shared via Twitter
What about this? I don't understand about this College issue. The college never heard of her or had a protection program.

mead2020org 16 hours ago shared via Twitter
The ability of Progressives&Progessive Media to ignore the ONLY 2020 PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE pushing for , $25/hr. Min., $5K UBI, free college, when Earth is literally on fire is a symptom of insanity best described at

RealAlexRubi May 24 shared via Twitter
Also what that guy said about how Zucotti Park would have been nuked. Imagine college kids being allowed to take over a university and turn the pool into a laboratory for Molotov cocktails? I remember the protest at JFK when the travel ban started. HKers occupied the airport

banquet_beggars May 23 shared via Twitter
Why you mad? We’re not the ones who told you all you had to do was smoke weed and make calls, then smoke more weed and sends some texts, then smoke more weed and knock on some doors, and all the debt you ran up during six years failing community college would be forgiven.

master_deli May 19 shared via Twitter
Spoken like the Trumper you are. In reality, Reade has a record of lying. Consider her false claims regarding college.

USA_Populist May 21
And the 3 degrees he got in college, and his marching in the Civil Rights movement, finishing at the top of his graduating class, the speeches he did not repeatedly plagiarize or any of the other pathological lying that he has not done.

SRiceEC May 21
What I mean if that was not clear is what you described actually happend to the Dems, right? So what did the “progressives” do about it? Did your political heroes end the electoral college or even call for it seriously and I didn’t notice?

ReginaL2020 May 22
No the people chose Clinton, the electoral college chose Trump.

PrinceNorodom May 21
Yes abortion rights would be safer under a more democractoc system that doesn't let the minority of voters decide abortion rights, but that would be also the case if we abolished the electoral college.

PrinceNorodom May 21
I think that's exactly the problem. We need to democractize America, starting by disempowering conservative white voters by abolishing the electoral college

PrinceNorodom May 21
If both Gore and Hillary had lost the popular vote but won the electoral college there would probably have been an armed insurrection. So yes I don't think conservative white voters are eager to give up their political power.

thedonofyreka May 21
Lol what? This is has to be the worst tweet I’ve ever read in my life. I mean wow. Are you sure you actually graduated from college because this reeks of a high school mentality.

SRiceEC May 21
Agree electoral college is a crime, but why is it in place? Did the current voters you are thinking of put it there? Or was it the same type of ppl from all political parties that put it there 2 preserve power? You are “blaming” other voters but who is in power? Not 95% of voters

taxidirty May 21
I’d think for the expert witness role in DV cases she’d have received specific training, whether or not she had a college degree. I know that in the 80s & 90s YWCAs trained for DV & rape crisis center advocates but it’d take more than their training to become an expert witness.

jankybrain May 25
Here’s my question , , , , , : You want Medicare for All, GND, free college tuition? Great. We all do. Do you honestly think 4 more years of Trump will help reach that goal?

Clown so what so you call someone who uses Biden’s name for discounts and then skips town when rent is due? or scams a horse charity? or forges a college degree?

bambinofawn May 22
Biden literally lied about his entire career. He lied about his place in civil rights, he lied about his college credentials and position in his class, he lied about his scholarship, he lied about working as a professor after he was VP. You pick Tara apart for less

nlewis1111 May 22
... abruptly demoted from supervising the interns, didn't find the Larry King tape, didn't find the neighbor, the police report from the ex-husband, the Antioch college info, etc... Should they get a free pass? ...

How long before Ryan Grim & Katie Halper report that Biden is storing Tara’s college transcripts at the University of Delaware?

mead2020org 15 hours ago
Only one presidential candidate has authored 900 college-level science classes for Wadsworth/Thomson Learning, the largest publisher of educational material on Earth, as well as training systems for NASA astronauts flying space shuttles. Yet Braindead Biden is still in? Insane.

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