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I Do Have a Great Deal to Say General information Television programs The Lion Guard Preceded by The Twelve Ways of Christmas Followed by Fabulous Dhahabu Source I Do Have a Great Deal to Say is a song featured in the The Lion Guard episode "The Morning Report". Lyrics Zazu: Don't tell anyone that I told you But the King once wore leaves for a mane And yes, there are times I have seen him Standing out on Pride Rock in the rain Janja: (spoken) Tell us more, bird-brain. Zazu: Okay! The King...
My aunt & I watched the MTV series to find a "new" Elle Woods for Broadway-- Then we got to go see it!! I thought it'd be a bit cheesey, but it was a GREAT performance- & it didn't hurt that we had 2nd row seats!
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Aaron Tveit ... Oh the feels <3
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Everything is different, now that I see you.
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geertvanbuul May 21 shared via Twitter
It was available this morning in the Netherlands, and settings changed to ‘private’ while I was watching 🤷‍♂️ The Facebook link seems to be (still) working:

str0kek1ng May 25 shared via Twitter
Good Morning ladies and gents.

Bhubesi_ZN May 26 shared via Twitter
It already morning 🤭

BabaBiggBoss May 21 shared via Twitter
"The thing about Lion🦁 He's not the fastest animal He's not the tallest animal He's not the smartest animal He's not the heaviest animal But he's The King👑 So What's the difference? It's The Attitude The Lion's Attitude So be a Lion" ~From Motivation Video Good Morning🐓⏰🌅

shutupstupid31 46 minutes ago shared via Twitter
Morning bois, Have y'all watched 's Lion King/Kimba video. If not, here you go:

Bhubesi_ZN May 24
No it morning now 🤭

Bhubesi_ZN May 24
👋🏾👋🏾 morning

morning gains fam!!! retweet and follow for an instant follow back ☂️☂️☂️☂️☂️☂️☂️☂️☂️☂️☂️☂️☂️☂️☂️👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑

KingToskaAD 8 hours ago
Morning, rawr!

Bhubesi_ZN May 20
I agree but after she saw the anger in the morning she should have apologised when ever someone white say move on is someone telling Jewish people to move on from the holocaust and that not happening anytime soon. She should have apologised and kept her mouth shut

BigPercyRMM May 24

LionKing489 May 23
It's a bright Saturday morning with exciting news! Today the first batch of phones manufactured in Uganda🇺🇬 being exported to Morocco will be flagged off. 🇺🇬 For those of you who see no change like and the people you mislead, Boom!!!

the morning report by i've had the morning report song from the lion king stuck in my head since this fic dropped & i'm not even mad about it.

DrJamesPayne May 24
JESUS! Fairest of 10,000 Bright and morning star Rose of Sharon Lily of the valley Rock of ages Lamb of God Lion of Judah Cornerstone Redeemer King Of Kings Waymaker Miracle Worker Holy Ghost Baptizer Soon coming King SWEETEST NAME I KNOW!

nkta828 May 24
Lion king brings back lot of childhood memories. I watched it nonstop when my dad first brought it..the new one is good too. Beauty and the beast.. I think I wasted money and time watching the 3D in cinema.. can you believe I waited 2 1/2h in a queue in a fine Sunday morning...

King_Lion225 May 26

str0kek1ng May 25
Late Nights, Early Mornings.

WhenIDecorate May 25
Catching the light this morning - my lovely foil print on my cat wall 😻 It’s called the Lion King and as small person and I are reading the C S Lewis books at the moment we think he’s Aslan too 🦁🌈🦁. Such beautiful details 🤩

Blonde_M May 24
Unexpectedly deep conversations about love, death and betrayal with the two year old this morning. In hindsight, the Lion King was not the best Sunday morning viewing.

kgeslionsPE May 25
Completed the Murph this morning doing jump pull ups instead of pull ups. Time was 39:02. Let me hear from the King’s Grant Lions after you have completed the Mini Murph.

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