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Kid_Kitt 28 Oct 2012 shared via Twitter
Buff Xerath. Dear lord.

Tacowolfy56 31 Jul 2019 shared via Twitter
why does xerath need a buff? his range is already terrifying dude 😭

DerEchteMossi Mar 18 shared via Twitter
Xerath Buff first time in forever and also a new Skin? 👀👀👀 But I take it lol, finally a new Skin to miss all my skillshots with 💪

WolfKrum 20 Jan 2017 shared via Twitter
Hey can you make ascencion like before where when you killed xerath you got the buff and the enemy team couldn't do nothing

ReadDorohedoro1 May 12 shared via Twitter
I would deepthroat anyone for a Xerath buff

SpanishKing3 Apr 15
Oof, Dark Star Xerath and Sorc buff? Anybody feeling that Dark Star Sorcerers Combo? Will that even be possible?

Lol i just wish TFT had a more stable meta. Dark stars are so strong right now. They have 3 carries (Shaco, Jhin, Xerath) on top of the strong ass buff. Even the fodder units like J4 have decent ultimates. It’s insane right now.

MidPrio Mar 16
... He just told me that you don't hate Ivern players... I can't even drive by 4 buff people anymore. BUFF XERATH AND SKARNER AND LISSANDRA. MY TIME IS NOW.

ChupaThangE May 4
So thats why Xerath got a buff after 3 seasons of being dog shit. lol

Grand0Zero Mar 18
Amo este parche del lol. Good shit Riot aunque sea pq le sacaron skins xerath ya merecía buff

Zersky4 Mar 18
On sait tous que le buff xerath c'est parcequ'il va avoir son skin :=)

pitertrii Mar 17
Maluco buff em veigar e xerath, acabou o lol

egna_light Mar 17
ptdr un buff xerath au moment ou il obtient un skin , on se revois prochain patch hein

TepesGod Mar 9
xerath and anivia ok but why tf does veigar need buff lol

Skin y buff a Xerath, una pena que ya no juegue al LoL.

mini_goom Feb 18
Hein quoi? Un autre patch sans buff ni skin à Xerath ? Xe quoi ? Qui ? 😂 Mon pauvre main :(

MikanBro Feb 11
thanks for buff xerath proposal ❤️ as a xerath main i like that alot

Kat_is_rusty 12 Dec 2019
ou tout simplement jamais car même si le champion est trop fort c'est toujours beau de voir un flash kick en pro 🙄 Voilà, un ras le bol depuis ses 155 buff sans aucune réaction de la part de l'équipe d'équilibrage 😕 PS : Lee Sin possède d'ailleurs plus de range que Xerath 🤫

Costinhadohand 25 Oct 2019
O novo buff do Dg Ancião é uma tentativa de renascer o meta de tank ou um buff pra champs com dano massivo a long range? (Khartus, Lux, Ziggs, Xerath)

Greater951 23 Jul 2019
You delusional Evelynn main omegalul. Thinks Evelynn struggles and then says Xerath does not need any buff. Just compare their winrate, banrate and pickrate you noob.

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