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KhalGuerreiro Mar 20 shared via Twitter
dem xerath buffs

LasseXYZ 30 Jul 2019 shared via Twitter
Rumble Nerfs - huh was that necessary ? Swain looks gooooooooood cant wait to play him Syndra buffs haha but its 10 per sphere okay sis thatll help Xerath ult is already fucking annoying man stopppp no kayn nerfs? also where are the blitz changes lol

ApolloWolfy 14 Apr 2017 shared via Twitter
There's a bug in the fountain where Xerath can shoot his Q and hit everything on the map, minions, buffs, and enemies

Madkip92 Mar 12 shared via Twitter
Eso que vuelves a jugar al después de 9 días de relax, y no solo te clasificas a promo y te regalan 2 wins (LUL) sino que encima volvemos a recuperar nuestra mejor versión de Xerath justo a nada de que salga el skin y de los buffs...La que se viene no es ni normal hulio😂

maariapascu Mar 10 shared via Twitter
should be happy about the Veigar and Xerath buffs

me_pase_de_keta 10 Aug 2018
Lo que digo es que personales como viktor, ivern, kled incluso xerath no reciben una mierda, ni buffs ni nerfs y mucho menos skins

ApolloWolfy 14 Apr 2017
There's a bug in the fountain where Xerath can shoot his Q and hit everything on the map, minions, buffs, and enemies

FlexpointLoL 10 Apr 2017
Help lol This dude is scripting us hard. Hitting us as xerath from anywhere

pedroflol 19 Mar 2017

ZeroHyperGaming 11 Mar 2017
I liked a video from LoL - Xerath vs Ahri Mid Lane Diamond Gameplay

rLT_lol 11 Apr 2017
Xerath exposed

SerkanA666 12 Mar 2017

LoLJPOfficial 23 Mar 2017
「花見 ON THE RIFT」イベント、スタートです! イラスト:おみそ (

Jorgesport96 13 Apr 2017
I know. Notice me Janna-sama 😍😍😍

AxlHaart 6 Apr 2017

Jorgesport96 13 Apr 2017
Owww KAWAIIII!!!! 😍😍😍 *Dies from excess of beauty* 😇

rLT_lol 12 Apr 2017
- Xerath botlane confirmed?

GBM_lol 10 Apr 2017
scripter xerath ult xD

churi_TW 2 Mar 2017

Filz70 24 Jan 2017

onestrike_lol 4 Apr 2017
CASSIOPEIA MID S7 | Contra Xerath #92 (Gameplay): via

kkkbakamega 9 Mar 2017

Jorgesport96 13 Apr 2017
😫 😊 *He dies of her beauty... again* 😇😍

AxlHaart 26 Feb 2017
"Some dude redux'd Xerath's kit, and IMO it's What are your thoughts?"

AxlHaart 6 Apr 2017
"Scorched Xerath: Missing particles on Ultimate comparison"

tyagumattya 9 Feb 2017

fro_momimomi 10 Mar 2017

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