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A change to in-state tuition requirements at the University of Michigan will likely help undocumented students. via @insidehighered #stewart360 #highereducation
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Countdown to College : 21 to Do Lists for High School - by Valerie Pierce & Cheryl Rilly (Paperback)
Countdown to College : 21 to Do Lists for High School - by Valerie Pierce & Cheryl Rilly (Paperback)
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JStein_WaPo 11 May 2018 shared via Twitter
Michigan GOP has a plan to protect some ppl on Medicaid from work requirements Group facing work requirements is: -- 57% white -- 23% black Group that'd be exempted is: -- 85% white -- 1.2% (!) black New state data analyzed by me and -->

ASlavitt 18 Apr 2018 shared via Twitter
BREAKING: We don’t need a safety net when we have God. (This news care of Michigan Republican state Senator Mike Shirkey telling a grandmother she can’t take care of her grandchildren so her kids can work. Because: work requirements.)

GovWalker 27 Jun 2018 shared via Twitter
Foxconn is going above & beyond state requirements by investing $30 million into zero liquid discharge technology that will substantially reduce water intake from Lake Michigan and will virtually eliminate the discharge of manufacturing process waste water.

kylegriffin1 5 Dec 2018 shared via Twitter
The Republican-led Michigan Legislature passed bills that would delay a minimum wage hike and scale back paid sick leave requirements, an unprecedented lame-duck strategy endorsed by the state's conservative AG despite criticism it's unconstitutional.

fawfulfan 3 May 2018 shared via Twitter
Republicans in the Michigan state legislature want to add work requirements to — exempt in counties where white people live. Are you FUCKING KIDDING ME.

nwarikoo 21 May 2018
Was Michigan Chamber of Commerce behind bill that some call racist? The state GOP legislator in MI who proposed exempting many areas with rural whites from Medicaid work requirements "said the Michigan Chamber of Commerce initially proposed the exemption"

ASlavitt 20 Apr 2018
BREAKING: Republican Governor in Michigan says work requirements passed by state Senate are “neither reasonable nor responsible.” Michigan Senate OKs Medicaid work requirement via

detroitnews 17 Jul 2018
Michigan is the only state in the nation that failed to meet federal special education requirements and requires intervention, according to a U.S. Department of Education evaluation.

nwarikoo 21 May 2018
Update: After facing criticism that his bill was racist, a Republican state Rep. in Michigan drops his exemption to Medicaid work requirements that would have helped many rural whites, not urban blacks. He denies it was racist.

State licensing requirements do very little to protect public health and safety, which is why in times of emergencies, government officials have brushed them aside. Licensing laws should be loosened at all times, not just during a crisis.

nearly 75% of 's police force doesn't live in the city! the State of did away with residency requirements for city employees in 1999. why would cops care about us when they don't have to deal w/the consequences of their actions?

educationweek 20 Jul 2018
Michigan is the only state that needs intervention after failing to meet federal special education requirements this year, according to federal education officials.

charles_gaba 8 May 2018
⚠️⚠️⚠️ MICHIGAN: This is nuts: GOP Senate attempts to blackmail GOP Governor *and CMS Admin* into approving Medicaid work requirements by holding state employees hostage:

namirari 26 Dec 2016
A mentor just helped get a bill passed on genocide education requirements in the state of Michigan. The state still watered it down.

detroitnews 8 May 2018
Michigan’s Republican-led Senate is pressuring to back sweeping changes to the state’s Medicaid health insurance system, including proposed work requirements and a tougher 48-month benefit limit for the Healthy Michigan plan.

l_booogieee77 9 hours ago
If you do not live in the state of Michigan and you are not sure if you can register to vote yet, here is a link with the rules of each state in regards to registering.

jeffbcdm 4 Sep 2018
Board of a Michigan charter school defends school leader for splurging on $25,000 in gift cards for an "employee retention program" despite school's $954,399 deficit last year and current fund balance under state's legal requirements.

’s says that banning abortions is “ridiculous.” We’ve submitted a request to the state of Michigan to see why Planned Parenthood is exempt from these safety requirements.

realestateutv 15 hours ago
Every state has different requirements, & we made fast and easy courses that will get you your real estate license in New York, California, Texas, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Virginia, and Georgia. View the steps for your state today »»

midatalove 21 hours ago
More than 11 weeks after the first confirmed cases, MI released the total number of nursing home residents with COVID-19. Sixty-two facilities did not report since the new fed and state requirements were rolled. via

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