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OU_PVMA 9 Oct 2016 shared via Twitter
Join us for the Michigan State University CVM Admissions Presentation, click link for details. via

AP 22 Apr 2014 shared via Twitter
MORE: Justices' 6-2 ruling upholds Michigan state constitution's ban on using race in college admissions:

diamond83 16 Aug 2012 shared via Twitter
Michigan State's Tom Izzo among coaches supporting use of race in college admissions policies |

IHEadmissions 7 Jul 2010 shared via Twitter
Why Michigan State couldn't make its Dubai program work - http://bit.ly/cLJ2NW

MSU_Football 4 May 2015 shared via Twitter
2015 Michigan State football student admissions are on sale now! Click here to purchase >>

MikeyTowns 14 Oct 2015
@ Michigan state university admissions

Hampton 3 Dec 2015

educationweek 22 Apr 2014
SCOTUS upholds Michigan ballot initiative that bars race-based preferences in state university admissions:

SPSSI 15 Nov 2012
US State of Michigan strikes down ban on affirmative action in college admissions

KevinPauga 10 May 2016
Student admissions are on sale for the 2016 Michigan State Football season. Information:

MSU_Football 7 Apr 2012
Reminder: Michigan State football student-season admissions are now on sale. Order your tickets online:

KPBSnews 22 Apr 2014
SCOTUS upholds Michigan measure banning use of race or gender in deciding admissions to state's public universities.

mditt 18 Mar 2014
Good read on how athletic success has helped Michigan State, including admissions application record.

SpartyFans 3 Apr 2015
Admissions officers expecting more students to choose Michigan State due to Final…

MSU_Basketball 10 Sep 2012
admissions go on sale Wednesday at . Student package includes Ohio State, Michigan, and Indiana.

wowwriting 11 May 2014
Should you avoid controversial essay topics? Admissions officers at & weigh in:

istudentaffairs 23 Apr 2014
Supreme Ct upholds Michigan constitutional amendment banning affirmative action in admissions to state’s public univ.

_JackTheRippa 4 Jan 2016
Extremely excited and humbled to be attending Michigan State University in the fall 😎😎

jhscounselor 27 Oct 2015
Our on-site Admissions representatives from Ferris State and Eastern Michigan!!

msu_admissions 17 Oct 2015
This is what we do at Michigan State, never give up until the game is over! -Con

itshohauser 14 Oct 2015
Still waiting for the Michigan state admissions office to holler at me

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