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Hey, i know they are Christian band members somewhere in the Metal Music Industry.. thats me also
"Drops in the Ocean" - Hawk Nelson
FREE DOWNLOAD 3/4-3/10/16! "You Love Me Anyway” From the album Mark Bishop and Forget The Sea by Mark Bishop and Forget The Sea. Forget the Sea is a christian band from the Appalachian mountains of east-central Kentucky, with roots in traditional, folk and acoustic praise music. With original songs created by the group members, the debut album features crystal clear vocal harmonies, open acoustic arrangements and positive, uplifting lyrics.
The many faces off Christian Coma. Lol!
u2 - October [Remastered] - Music
October [Remastered]
Tones On Tail Vintage Record 1984 Bauhaus Band Members 12" Single Blue Colored Vinyl Christian Says Twist Daniel Ash David J Goth UK Import
Tones On Tail Vintage Record 1984 Bauhaus Band Members 12" Single Blue Colored Vinyl Christian Says
For invitations, bookings & enquiries please contact: Mr Norman +60122201148 Mr Sangli Dass +60172425305 Email:
For king and country
Awake - by Skillet | Angelionics
"Christian Wedding Songs" - " A Love Like This" - Phil and Brenda Nicholas
This was our wedding song. Sung live by Jackie Scott with piano accompaniment and a sax solo from her band members who did an amazing job. The words just keep getting stronger and having more meaning as time goes by. My husband and I love this song.
Lord I give you my heart, I give you my soul, I live for you alone. Every breath that I take , Every moment I'm awake, Lord have your way in me!!
Mountain of God by Third Day
I just LOVE this song. Mac Powell is by far my most favorite singer on this planet and this song is even more special with the unmistakable voice of our very own former Petaluma local accompanying him ~ Ashley Cleveland. Give it a listen, pay attention to the words, they're powerful and encouraging!
Darling, you'll be okay.
Legacy ❤ -Memphis May Fire
I love that for once it's Korey walking in front like nothing agaibst John but he's not the only face of the band. Also her hair looks fierce af and I just fell in love with this pic
Skillet- Sick of It: the members of he band holding sings with things they went through.<<< This is why we love them
Only CC "They're all wearing the same fishnets. It's alright just pick one and let's go!" XD
Memphis May Fire -"sleepless nights"
The Christians - Ideal World
Top of the Pops performance of Ideal World in 1987. Band Members: Garry Christian - Vocals Russell Christian - Vocals/ Sax Henry Priestman - Vocals/ Keyboard...
Hillsong UNITED Band Members, Empires Album #hillsongunited #empires
Black Veil Brides
Awww look at CC putting on his bandana in the back!!!
Trauma - Ominous Black
Trauma is a heavy metal band formed in 1981. It now currently consists of members Donny Hillier, Kris Gustafson, Steve Robello, Joe Fraulob, and Greg Christian. The interesting metal music band is known today for its association with Cliff Burton (the 2nd bassist of heavy metal band Metallica). Ominous Black - Trauma was released on March 6th, 2020. Label: Selfmadegod Records. Track Listing of Songs: 1. Inside the Devil's Heart 04:41 2. Insanity of Holiness 03:53 3. Astral Misanthropy 05:45
Of Mice and Men
♪ Be strong IN THE LORD, never give up hope , your gonna do great things I already know. GODS GOT HIS HAND ON YOU SO DONT LIVE LIFE IN FEAR...FORGIVE AND DONT FORGET WHY YOUR HERE ♪

kay_mcmillin 9 Apr 2019 shared via Twitter
If you get the chance, PLEASE look up the song This One's With Me by a Christian band called New Song. It's an older song & the band members have changed, but it's beautiful! CHILLS & TEARS!❤

TheWord09 19 Oct 2010 shared via Twitter
How Do I Get New Song MP3s to My Band Members Legally? | Worship ...: 2) To encourage Christians I am counseling t...

alex_band 14 Oct 2010 shared via Twitter
New song going up on my store tomorrow! Listen to a sample of it here:

jeremymckinnon 18 Oct 2010 shared via Twitter
Check out 's new song here: this band rules!

ChoiKanism 4 Oct 2010 shared via Twitter
Our company's brand new rock band "Yang Hwa Jin BAND" arrenged 2ne1's song Can't No Body (Rock)

bkauflin 19 Oct 2010
New post: How Do I Get New Song MP3s to My Band Members Legally?

peteyorn 18 Oct 2010
Rainn, here's free new song : Band of Horses,Arcade Fire,.You have excellent taste

alex_band 12 Oct 2010
So I've decided every other Friday a new song is going up on my store! I have too many songs I'm dying to share w/u! Starts this Friday!!:)

alex_band 15 Oct 2010
NEW song and another Black Star Bracelet up on my store at! Go check it out and spread the word!! 

CSiriano 13 Oct 2010
My friend has a new amazing song on itunes now with her band called "You're A Risk" at

bfsrocks 4 Oct 2010
BFS Kicks Off Their UK/Ireland Tour This Week! + Jam On Stage With The Band! + New Song & More!,

MattyMullins 8 Oct 2010
NEW SONG "Action/Adventure" UP NOW!!! Head over to & click the "Band Page" tab to listen!!!

maay_m 16 Oct 2010
"Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeirooo this song is called Rio, of the new album Rio and new single called Rio from the band called Green Rio" BJ

hatp 18 Oct 2010
Our session is now online! See us play a band new song "Pancakes Leviosa" and more!

TrekLife 12 Oct 2010
New blog posting, Band performs on 101 Freeway blocking Traffic - UPDATED WITH VIDEO OF SONG!!! OH LORD!

jonodiener 14 Oct 2010
Your new favorite band. Listen to this song. Love it.

CassIsBadAss 10 Oct 2010
Audio: Here’s a song called ‘A New Disguise’ by Cassadee & Mike’s previous band - ‘Blake’

ShaePadilla 9 Oct 2010
Check out my new band with , RIXY FISK, on facebook! "like" us and listen to a song clip! :D

michaelgungor 4 Oct 2010
You should check out the new single called "Breathe" by my brother's band "The Brilliance" on iTunes. (I actually wrote the song with him)

SuHolmesMcKagan 11 Oct 2010
Duff's brand new twitter Yay! His band Loaded's new song "We Win" was just played at Quest Field NFL Game

modbee 7 Oct 2010
Check out our Buzzz section. It's not often we review a Christian rock concert and a death metal band's new album.

orangepopsongs 17 Oct 2010
So here it is: I have a new "band" with the great Toby Lightman called Girl Named Toby and our song "Holding A...

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