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Nordstrom Rack Town Center | Clothing Store - Shoes, Jewelry, Apparel
Nordstrom Rack storefront
From Nordstrom Rack Site.
Nordstrom Rack is amazing.
Sign at Nordstrom Rack
Nordstrom Rack...I live in sandals..
Burberry sandals from Nordstrom Rack
Nordstrom Rack $200

BMoSports214 5 Apr 2014 shared via Twitter
Damn “: Wow RT : venom 10s at nordstrom rack San Leandro

itsmegracie7 18 Dec 2018 shared via Twitter
I'm at Rack San Leandro in San Leandro, CA

SFW4M 21 May 2011 shared via Twitter
NORDSTROM RACK- APRIL - w4m (san leandro): We meet in line at Nordstrom Rack in San Leandro in April at ...

RitaBoBita2 30 Dec 2010 shared via Twitter
I'm at Nordstrom Rack - San Leandro (1285 Marina Blvd, San Leandro)

11twenty 14 Dec 2010 shared via Twitter
NO INVITE??? RT : Empty store + solo shopping = trouble! (@ Nordstrom Rack - San Leandro)

SFM4W 13 Sep 2010
to the sexy girl working the register at nordstrom rack in san leandro - m4w (emeryville) 26yr: when i wasn...

prettyblvck650 27 Jun 2010
The nordstrom rack in san leandro poos all over the one in east palo alto

jasonlyman 3 Dec 2010
I'm at Nordstrom Rack in San Leandro, CA

williamwaiwong 11 Dec 2010
What are boat shoes again? (@ Nordstrom Rack - San Leandro)

schtimpy27 19 Aug 2010
Nora'd trying to make me into a girl. She must like frustration. She keeps trying. (@ Nordstrom Rack - San Leandro)

jonk 11 Jun 2010
and now the real reason I came up this way. cue choir of gay angels. (@ Nordstrom Rack - San Leandro)

arun12 3 Jul 2009
lindsey roscoe by farr west lace trim full slip nordstrom rack @ 1285 marina boulevard san leandro 50% off

This_Is_Louise_ 29 Dec 2010
Trying to find some stuff to use my groupon on. (@ Nordstrom Rack - San Leandro)

anouia 22 Dec 2010
I'm at Nordstrom Rack - San Leandro (1285 Marina Blvd, San Leandro)

onedashone 16 Dec 2010
It's like a real Nordstrom but with exactly the opposite feeling. (@ Nordstrom Rack - San Leandro)

ShelleyLaps 16 Dec 2010
Why of course I will fly across the country and then drive 2hrs in traffic to get here. Heaven. (@ Nordstrom Rack - San Leandro)

jiacastor 16 Dec 2010
I love the rack (@ Nordstrom Rack - San Leandro)

wingnut2600 11 Dec 2010
Feeling bad about my body FML, but flannel is back! (@ Nordstrom Rack - San Leandro)

ConnieMackn 26 Nov 2010
come thru nordstrom rack in san leandro...30% off premium denim,men's cold weather apparel and women's short wool coats,Burberry handbags...

sfm4m 7 May 2010
NORDSTROM RACK ........! - m4m (SAN LEANDRO) 25yr: Hope you see this. You're an African American, tall, sh...

katarations 1 May 2010
oh yeah?! How fun! :) yeah, isn't there a Nordstrom rack in san leandro? If ur just looking for some quick, I'd check payless :)

mo770 16 Apr 2010
OH! Macys, Nordstroms. Maybe Nordstrom rack in San Leandro? The outlets:)

SFRestaurants 26 Jan 2010
Vanessa R.'s Review of Nordstrom Rack - San Leandro (3/5) on Yelp: I used to shop(lift) at Nordstroms all the time...

SFM4W 6 Sep 2009
Nordstrom Rack San Leandro Sunday Afternoon - m4w (san leandro): You..tall and lovely with long dark thi..

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