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pattyRR59 4 hours ago shared via Twitter
Hello po from this beautiful ladies ABANTE BABAE FOUR WINGS

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IamMEwalrus 2 hours ago shared via Twitter
Too much for one twit.

dansalvato 2 hours ago shared via Twitter
If Animal Crossing lets me buy a faux leather jacket why can’t I buy a faux human skin jacket? If I’m already going around wearing Patty’s skin I should be able to offer her the courtesy of wearing mine too

Omg_itss_patty 6 hours ago shared via Twitter
Happy birthday to me my family throwing me a bday party

Patty_Esports 2 minutes ago
You can now watch the first episode of FOCUS POINT on Weibo with Chinese subtitles. Head there to watch the full version and learn about and the names of different call-out places on the map in Chinese. (Translated by me) Link:

PattyArquette 1 hour ago
No white kids being an Ally doesn't mean breaking into places and stealing shit . It means giving a fuck about INNOCENT BLACK MEN AND WOMEN KILLED BY POLICE . It is not an excuse for you to go wilding because you are bored and want things. Fuckers.

PattyMashikyu 6 hours ago
whats your code?? drop it👇👇 crdts. (@/mashiology_)

VividDope 6 hours ago

patty32584 8 hours ago

patty32584 7 hours ago
It really is beautiful ~she’s got stories to tell🌲🌳🍀🌵🌹💐💚💚

SoftBoiBino 4 hours ago
Mukhang sad burger but really good. Bison burger: Brioche bun, lettuce, garlic aioli, onion rings, Swiss cheese, BBQ sauce, Bison patty.

Ticapatty74 8 hours ago
I am sick of Twitter. I'm going to watch a fucking silly comedy and laugh till I pee my pants. Then I am going to give Pussy Galore the orgasm she has been wanting. Good night Lovers.

noxiousdeejay 14 hours ago
Last load! Thank u for the visit 🙌🏿 Taking Orders for RANDBURG, MIDRAND,JOZI , FOURWAYS, BRYANSTON, GREENSTONE, PTA, CENTURION We only deliver 2 types of Noxious Kota, Double patty: R55 Tripple: R65 Delivery R100 (R30 inside Tembisa) DM/WhatsApp 0615853381

Johnny_Joey 9 hours ago
When confronting a hostile riot you need a shield line, a snatch line and patty wagons. When a rioter approaches with a weapon the shield line opens, snatchers grab pull behind shield line and disarm, shield line holds. We’ve known this for 1000 years.

Comfyhrs 12 hours ago
Like I said, It’s just a trend to some of you.

pattypumps 5 hours ago
Ya know maybe they had to go save someone from getting raped or a burglary or murder. Get out of the street idiots. The world is looking at you like you are caged animals. Arrest them all so they will have a criminal record till they kill themselves cause they can’t get a job

MarkHToo 11 hours ago
Not sure what’s scheduled, but speaking only for me, I don’t want an Abbott week without at least one Terry Lester episode ... ideally from around the time Patty shot him, or he had sex with Jill at the cabin.

PattyMurray 10 hours ago
We can protect voters’ health and safety while also protecting our democracy and elections, in part, by expanding in every state. It’s safe, secure, and absolutely needed ahead of the November election.

shegold3n 4 hours ago

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