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Golden Krust “Patty King” Lowell Hawthorne Has Died At The Age Of 57 - Dr Wong - Emporium of Tings. Web Magazine.
Rock Another Day -
Rock Another Day, White
Popular Young Cartoon Characters Reimagined as Adults — GeekTyrant

okayplayer 3 Dec 2017 shared via Twitter
RIP. 🙏🏾 Golden Krust “Patty King” Lowell Hawthorne has died at the age of 57.

starhopepage May 22 shared via Twitter
Patty you are too wise for your age

PettyAntoinette 4 Dec 2017 shared via Twitter
Golden Krust “Patty King” Lowell Hawthorne Has Died At The Age Of 57 I'm so sorry to hear of your loss (family and workers). My prayers go out to you all😢😢😔😔

OzzieEOfficial_ 3 Dec 2017 shared via Twitter
Founder of Golden Krust Lowell “Jamaican Patty King” Hawthorne has shot and killed himself in NYC. He was age 57.

OjiTorena 4 May 2016 shared via Twitter
// Thinking timewise between the Anime and the game, Patty Lowell would be the same age as Nero... >.>

Jayflicted 25 Oct 2015
Ordered a big mac from plain st. Lowell,MA &my top bun was burnt & the patty was bitten. 😡

DanteTvirus 29 Sep 2015
41 facts about the DMC series. - pattylowell: 1. Dante is both right-handed and left-handed, Vergil is...

annrooze 9 Jan 2016
Patty Lowell {The Cinderella Girl}

AYE_george 25 May 2015
Marked Patty LOWELL as Loved -

YoukaiFire 23 Feb 2016
Ahora me acuerdo de Patty Lowell My girl

LewdSparda 20 Feb 2016
"Seriously Dante,you're never going to get any customers if your shop's a complete mess. Oh hello there! I'm Patty Lowell"

fayexox_ 4 Feb 2016
R patty and lowell rlly watching shit on my netflix at the same time lol nigga im tryna watch

fayexox_ 25 Jan 2016
Sharing netflix with patty and lowell has never felt so good lmao

Otakugirl41 8 Jan 2016
Dante's agent Morrison, who visits frequently, and Patty Lowell, a young orphan girl he saved in the first episode,

jwandlori 3 Dec 2015
Amanda from Middleton will be in the 2nd row of the show in Lowell on St.Patty's Day

hammerchick 28 Nov 2015

LGHWELL 13 Aug 2015
Thank you for following Lowell General Hospital.

walkoffamemap 31 Jul 2015
This goes out to Lowell Sr, Kayla, Debbie (R.I.P. my beautiful sis and mentor), Johnny. Vickie, Victor and Patty...

brianmilonas 4 May 2015
Hey & @camzagami this game of patty cake you played won't help you Friday in Lowell.

MarGodAwful 4 Apr 2015
"Governor McCrory encourages people to support Lowell Oakley" *rolls eyes into the back of head* k patty mccrory

RidgePrayer 2 Apr 2015
Please be in prayer for Patty Donohoo's dad, Lowell Petry, who is having knee replacement surgery today.

Human_Dante 25 Mar 2015

TrinityEMS 17 Mar 2015
We had a great time at the Lowell, Massachusetts St. Patty's Day Dinner last night. All the "comedians" did a...

playatmvp 15 Mar 2015
Come in today and Tuesday to take advantage of our St. Patty's Day deals!

Dusekar 2 Mar 2015
@MoogleSenpai I wish I could experience the Troy Baker Yuri Lowell, but Patty is too godlike to give up

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