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JordanOnceMore 1 hour ago shared via Twitter
Fuckin Scott the Woz wiki is killing me rn

TREASUREunion 5 hours ago shared via Twitter
The numbers are slowly going down Teumes. Please continue to mention the account in all your tweets. We need to secure our place on BBS50 next week! Go visit the Wiki Page from time to time:

infonow_DMC 4 minutes ago shared via Twitter
Grace comes via different channels. One of them is deliberate hunt for knowledge. The knowledge you possess determines the level of grace you command. is for you. Sign up today! Link in bio.

patty32584 7 hours ago shared via Twitter

TheCyberdevil 1 minute ago shared via Twitter
New peak TARDIS Wiki.

RepPattyKim 6 hours ago
In this picture, one state rep was tested positive and the other is in self quarantine. I’m in the middle with my eyes “closed” or kept in the dark. The Democratic caucus should have been notified.

pkendallmurphy 5 hours ago
A new linebacker entered into the world today, Manning Lowell Murphy!

gamermakerguy 3 hours ago
Which Pretty Patty would you take?🍔❤️💙💛💜🧡💚

patty32584 1 hour ago

Zolvios 17 hours ago

WikiEveryDay 13 minutes ago

PattyTendresse 25 seconds ago

dancynrew 4 hours ago

patty32584 6 hours ago

max_tevo 12 hours ago
Never played DMC but I feel like Nero and Hibiki would be pals

patty59390333 2 hours ago
Power tweet Let's tag the girls

kurapikasdad 7 hours ago
romero now has a haikyuu wiki page.... he is so endearing it is unreal... WHAT IF HE SPECIFICALLY CAME TO V.LEAGUE BECAUSE HE LIKES JAPANESE FOOD....

pd_prender 2 hours ago

Nolo4dolo 7 hours ago
Patty melt on basic Becky white bread 😂. But I've paid for worse!

patty32584 7 hours ago

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