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Patty_Coffey Jan 31 shared via Twitter
Is still a thing? If so I vote you follow You won’t you want to miss what’s coming up! Amplify and strengthen the voices of underrepresented communities.

PatrickCutrer Jan 5 shared via Twitter

finersun 16 Jun 2019 shared via Twitter
sorey's and patty's voice actors are SO CUTE. pics of tales of festival 2019

aflashbak 3 Jun 2019 shared via Twitter
Original voice actors of the Peanuts, ca. 1968. Sally Dryer (voice of Lucy), Gail DeFaria (voice of Peppermint Patty), Peter Robbins (voice of Charlie Brown), Christopher Shea (voice of Linus).- Via Peter Johansson

ChrissaTodd1 1 Jul 2018 shared via Twitter
patty mayonaisse's voice actor is the actor of yoga jones from orange is the new black this is her in the gif. lol she does sound a bit like sam.

Mochiicecreamgi 7 Mar 2014
yay I am not alone! I love him. Sexy voice and great actor. Apparently i like voices a lot.

NylonMag 5 Aug 2013
Wait. The actor who does the voice of Patty Mayonnaise is on Orange is the New Black?! Mind = Blown.

Patty_Templeton 16 Jun 2016
I think they did get married but retired the character after the voice actor that did her voice died

chazzsutton 23 Jan 2013
Charlie Brown voice actor arrested for stalking, guess all those years of torment from Peppermint Patty changes u haha

patty_b_miranda 18 Apr 2015
Episode 42 of Casual Chats will be coming this week with special guest animator/voice actor Chris Niosi!

talionkty 29 Aug 2019
Sylvanas is cool but with Patty Mattson's voice she's perfect. Im watching blizzcon voice actors like my favorite tv show ^^

FFanatic222 20 Sep 2018
There is gameplay on YouTube Sandy definitely used her Chibiusa voice for Patty. However it sounds like they got a new voice actor for Yuri for the PS3 exclusive stuff. It's definitely not Troy Baker but oddly enough I don't think it's Matt Mercer either.

BloodReverie 17 Dec 2019
"Did somebody say stepping stones?" For real though, happy to hear it Patty Cake. Wish you all good things to come, for you being such a amazing voice actor.

995KISSROCKS 11 Apr 2013
: GOOD GRIEF: Charlie Brown voice actor pleads GUILTY to stalking ” <--bet it wasn't peppermint patty

Patty__Rei 20 Nov 2017
Do you know that next year comes season 3 ?😁😁❤️ It’s really funny the voice actor from Damian is the same as the voice from Bruce in Gotham xD

NiaPolitaan 21 Sep 2015

Celebrities I’ve met in real life: Joseph Gordon-Levitt Zack Snyder Jim Lee Patty Jenkins Dino Andrade (Voice actor for Scarecrow from Batman: Arkham Asylum)

BarnCatRadio 10 Nov 2017
I liked a video Sylvanas Voice actor Patty Mattson, Blizzcon 2017

StarrySeraph 7 Jul 2016
You guys killed it tonight! <3 Also Patty, your impressions are top notch, voice actor highfive!

ChaKatKimber 23 May 2019
Shatner's an ass and usually a terrible actor, but the way his voice catches when he says that... 😭

chemmi20 10 Jun 2018
Ooooh gosh I wonder who Patty's voice actor is going to be!!! 😮

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