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Hilda Carr on Instagram: “Isn't it strange, all the tiny decisions that lead us to the jobs we have now. All those choices we make, usually when we're too young to…”
Isn't it strange all the tiny decisions that lead us to the jobs we have now. All those choices we make usually when we're too young to have a clue what we want to do with our lives. I have had an awful lot of jobs. Some of them great fun and some of them truly dreadful. When I think back these ones jump to the front of my mind as the most fun/dreadful/bizarre! - Double glazing phone sales person when I was 16. Where most staff smoked in the sales room. I popped out on my lunch break one day to get my belly button pierced. My dad didn't talk to me for a week. - Delivering the Yellow Pages in uni summer holidays - driving around Basingstoke with my sister - one of us behind the wheel and the other sitting in the open boot legs hanging out lobbing the books onto driveways. - Lots of art department freelancing including prop maker on a Mis-Teeq (remember them?!) music video. Three 20 hour days back to back powered almost entirely by Red Bull. - TV extra of which one job was playing a PCSO in a TV advert for the Metropolitan Police. It turns out I'm a terrible actress. - And previous to my current job eight years of floral design for ridiculously extravagant parties in amazing London venues such as the National Gallery and Kensington Palace. What's the strangest job you've ever done?!
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Chrysanthemum Citronella Candle
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soudasouda:Tina Vlassopulos – One Off Hand Built...
rich — soudasouda:Tina Vlassopulos – One Off Hand Built...
SHAPE/FORM organic shapes/form are curvy flowing reminding us of nature
idea for molds? ... (Reversed volumes is a series of ceramic bowls made ​​by mischer'traxler . They are available in DesignMarketo)
Pièces uniques 2008/2009 - Atelier Clémentine Dupré
♥Pièces uniques 2008/2009 - Atelier Clémentine Dupré♥
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Image result for slab pottery templates;H2N3OmpHX2RceM:;nh7nP8mDuBIJsM:&imgrc=H2N3OmpHX2RceM:
GALLERY - HARRIET — Turning Earth
Beautiful tea cup for food styling
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Gestempelte Gipsanhänger …
TODO - glaze ceramic projects

Kick_Up 30 Jun 2013 shared via Twitter
Quick! get Red Bull TV on for Pikes Peak. Loeb is in the car and about to start:

TVReplayTV 11 Dec 2012 shared via Twitter

SpeedweekMag 24 Oct 2017 shared via Twitter

specseducation 30 Jun 2013 shared via Twitter
RE with the news before Red Bull TV: LOEB SMASHES RECORD!!! 8m13!!!!”

NewspressTweets 24 Oct 2017 shared via Twitter

ShaneBurke_17 17 Jun 2010
Added a new video to petrol head TV! "Sebastien Loeb - Red Bull Racing F1 car Onboard Cameras"

PlayStationUK May 21
🏎️Strap yourself in for some hot laps on GT Sport with Red Bull Homestretch. Race drivers including Sébastien Loeb & Travis Pastrana go up against sports stars to see who's fastest. Watch via Red Bull TV on PS4. New shows every Thursday at 5pm.

actionsportsco 24 Oct 2017
Sebastien Loeb and Nicky Grist are your Red Bull TV guides to the muddy action on Wales…

nickygrist 24 Oct 2017
Seb Loeb & Nicky Grist pair up for Red Bull TV coverage for

roganthomson 24 Jun 2013
... and best of all Red Bull's involvement in Loeb and Millen teams means we can watch Pikes Peak live on Red Bull TV

LuckyReporter 30 Jun 2013
Pikes Peak International Hill Climb 2013 sur Red Bull TV Go Seb Go !!!!

autoPWS 30 Jun 2013
Pikes Peak 2013!! Live sur Red Bull TV pour suivre S. Loeb!!!

LoliNoLimit 26 Feb 2013
Baumgartner and Loeb together on French TV. Red Bull family, invited by Canal +. When is your turn?

DemaMarcE Apr 1
Red bull is wrc promoter, since they have the rights of the WRC and to be fair even before that, they basically got rid of wrc in worldwide public TV, as it used to happen. Back in the 2000s wrc was way more popular because it reached more ppol, now is more cliche.. Also loeb

somnambulist Jan 5

alconor 30 Jun 2013
TV American commentators are so inward looking when it comes to Motorsport -they had no idea how good Loeb is Know now

HelderVentura Apr 30
Why it was not tweeted on ?? playing like always. Even Sainz and Luis Moya said on Red Bull Tv that Ogier was a huge "WRC GOAT", think that Sainz is giving it to Loeb easy. Anyway, there is a lesson to learn here.. Rally fans are blind..

dirtgame 30 Jun 2013
Sébastien Loeb is getting ready to take on Pikes Peak. Watch live now over on Red Bull TV Do NOT miss this!

zakopiecTV 5 Feb 2018

pk500 Jan 27
Good luck to . Will miss this cat's work on Red Bull TV, but's he's back where he belongs -- behind the wheel of a car! | Breen replaces Loeb in Hyundai's WRC line-up for Sweden

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