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A Guide To: Sedona Swimming Holes
The Ultimate Guide to Sedona's Swimming Holes | The Crack at Bell Crossing
A Guide To: Sedona Swimming Holes
The Ultimate Guide to Sedona's Swimming Holes | Slide Rock State Park
A Guide To: Sedona Swimming Holes
The Ultimate Guide to Sedona's Swimming Holes | Slide Rock State Park
Red Rock Crossing
Red Rock Crossing, Coconino National Forest near Sedona, Arizona @stacielynnl is this where I stole that rock?? ;)
A Guide To: Sedona Swimming Holes
The Ultimate Guide to Sedona's Swimming Holes | Red Rock Crossing
A Guide To: Sedona Swimming Holes
Grab your bathing suit and towel, because we just spent a week scouting out the best swimming holes in and around Sedona, AZ. Even though we visited in early spring, the weather was already starting
Cathedral Rock from Red Rock Crossing - Sedona, Arizona
Sedona, Arizona - Experience Heaven on Earth
Red Rock Crossing - Sedona, Arizona
Red Rock State Park, Sedona, Arizona
red rock crossing – Nature's Best :: by Don Smith
Oak Creek at Red Rock Crossing, Sedona, Arizona
Red Rocks Crossing Swimming Hole
7. Red Rock Crossing, Sedona
A Guide To: Sedona Swimming Holes
The Crack at Bell Crossing Sedona// unlike the other swimming holes on this list, this one requires a bit of a hike to get out to. While the 3.3 mile trail out only has 500 ft of elevation gain, it is largely exposed, which could make it brutal during the heat of summer.
𝗗𝗔𝗡𝗜 ☼ Vanlife + Travel on Instagram: “🌵TIPS FOR VISITING SEDONA, AZ🌵 It’s no surprise that @scottyreichard and I LOVE Sedona, AZ. When we first moved into the van, we chose to…”
🌵TIPS FOR VISITING SEDONA, AZ🌵 🌵When to Go🌵Arizona gets HOT in the summer. I’m talking 120+ degrees (ewwww). Save yourself from melting, and head to the Southwest October to March. IF you go in the summer, Sedona does have plenty of swimming holes you can check out! Grasshopper Point and Red Rock Crossing are two of the more popular ones. Read more tips for visiting Sedona Arizona on Instagram @dani_the_explorer | Visit Sedona Arizona
Red Rock Crossing, Sedona, AZ
Red Rocks Crossing Swimming Hole
Cathedral Rock view from red Rock Crossing State Park. A great place to hang out all day. Hike the banks of Oak Creek, take a swim and marvel at the splendor of Cathedral Rock.
Viewing Listing MLS# 523074
A delightfully pleasant condo in an great location. Excellent restaurants, shopping, golf all within a stone's throw. Also close to memorable U.S. National Forest biking and trailheads. Even the ''beach'' at Red Rock Crossing on Oak Creek is a short drive - a marvelous place for swimming and picnicing. The home was beautifully remodeled in 2017 with new flooring, paint, plumbing fixtures, tub & shower. Lovely community pool, BBQ, & laundry fac...
Red Rock Crossing/Crescent Moon Picnic Site | Sedona, USA Attractions
Red Rock Crossing/Crescent Moon Picnic Site | Sedona, USA Attractions - Lonely Planet
Red Rocks Crossing Swimming Hole. One of Arizona's Best Swimming holes.
4 Must-Visit Swimming Holes Near Flagstaff
With the recent floods near Flagstaff, many favorite swimming destinations have been washed out, but these 4 lesser-known spots are perfect for cooling off.
A Guide To: Sedona Swimming Holes
The Ultimate Guide to Sedona's Swimming Holes | The Crack at Bell Crossing
Red Rocks Crossing Reflection
Red Rocks Crossing Reflection
During the hot summer months, Mormon’s Crossing and the surrounding trees provide shade and a place to cool off, along with nice views. There is a dirt parking lot that leads to the trail, and it does not take long to get to the water from there. Hunt Mercier/Larson Newspapers
Grasshopper Point Picnic Area (Sedona) - 2020 All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (with Photos) - Tripadvisor
Grasshopper Point Picnic Area (Sedona, AZ): Top Tips Before You Go - TripAdvisor;geo=31352&detail=3378359

fam_Denn 3 Jul 2017 shared via Twitter
Swimming Slipping, Diving and Sliding at Red Rock Crossing near Cathedral Rock in Sedona AZ

krh020 14 Aug 2019 shared via Twitter
I doubt there are many swimming holes in America that can boast the kind of views you get at Red Rock Crossing in - kids are having a blast and it’s not even that crowded!

MelissaJaguar 28 Apr 2018 shared via Twitter
LOVING spring time in Sedona. Irises and roses are blooming everywhere. Went for a swim 🌊 at Red Rock Crossing with 🐆 Swimming in a Vortex is a blissful, energetic experience, it's basically the Sedona beach 😍Cleansing, relaxing, and rejuvenating

TravelingWeekly 14 Apr 2016 shared via Twitter

etnow 16 Feb 2016 shared via Twitter
Vanessa Hudgens is under investigation for allegedly defacing a Sedona red rock.

son_of_isaac 23 Mar 2016

HiltonHotels 24 Mar 2016

tdy_T 5 Apr 2016
. can pay fine or appear in court for allegedly carving on red rock in Sedona

FranTownsend 11 Apr 2016

KING5Seattle 17 Feb 2016
Vanessa Hudgens, Austin Butler investigated after Sedona red rock defaced (pic Twitter)

JeremyThurber 22 Mar 2016

deborah5597 11 Mar 2016
dinger! 13-2 win over Sedona Red Rock High

mashable 18 Feb 2016
Vanessa Hudgens could go to jail for allegedly carving a heart into Sedona's red rock:

WhatTheFFacts 4 Apr 2016
1 McDonald’s in the world has turquoise arches. Officials in Sedona, Arizona, thought that yellow would clash with the natural red rock.

HiltonHotels 30 Jan 2016
Red Rock scenery in the shadow of Bell Rock. This is .

CoconinoNF 11 Apr 2016
Firewood permits will NOT be sold this weekend at Red Rock Visitor Center

ROCKTOPICS 27 Mar 2016
Jayah wants to get out and play with the cows 😂😂😂😉😉 @ Sedona . Red Rock

Kimpton 18 Mar 2016

paulnewnham 27 Mar 2016
Loved these hiding under a bush on this ledge in @ Red Rock

LindaPeters64 9 Feb 2016
A4 Love this shot of Snoopy Rock, perfect day exploring red rocks & vortexes

TeamUSnomads 18 Feb 2016
Enjoying the beautiful red rock in . Enroute to more adventure....

SedonaAZ 9 Mar 2016
Take your pick: many delicious restaurants with red rock views in

BenningtonShow 17 Feb 2016
Did Vanessa Hudgens Deface a Sedona Red Rock

kgun9 6 Apr 2016
Actress Vanessa Hudgens must pay a fine as high as $5,000 or face a court hearing over carving a Sedona red rock.

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