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MahboobHZahid1 Jan 11 shared via Twitter
Hmmmm great 👍 Sattay khairan je 😋

MahboobHZahid1 Jan 11 shared via Twitter
Hmmm good. Lucky number kaisay ?

AkhiMakhi_tw May 24 shared via Twitter
Dn baby ❤

whoistheir1 Jan 11 shared via Twitter
it will be so helpful in "murder investigation"...

Not_ur_bhaii Jan 13 shared via Twitter
aise hogae chase dream😂

softheart_hun Jan 14
Why are you sad?

FoziaMaim Jan 3

ApkiBhabiHun Jan 9

softheart_hun Jan 14
Yep good😊

Bro shut up

BlackMazy Jan 14
Yes thats True & thats Reality ❤

Behlol__Ali Jan 11
Not available 😐

reserved_log Jan 3
Sure 😂


Well you have to take risks in life

Jab jahil log technology use krty to us ko flaws k elawa kuch nazar ni atay.. Rabi is an inspiration for many who made mistake then stay strong even If they accept the wrong.

If you are a human being, then the truth of what you are is beyond any scripture & any religious tradition

So sad 😔


BhatKhalid12 3 hours ago

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