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Wyrecod May 21 shared via Twitter
Wait for the spike😡

Wyrecod May 20 shared via Twitter
Probably still recovering/ recuperating

Wyrecod May 20 shared via Twitter
Like this chap - more credible than the other guy.

Wyrecod May 20 shared via Twitter
Get well soon. Your common sense and wise counsel is sorely needed at the moment!

WillmerGA 9 Apr 2018 shared via Twitter

Wyrecod May 26
Dan is no Morgan which is why I watch the BBC for a more dignified start to the day.

gamesfreezer 14 Sep 2019

zaphodgjd 17 Mar 2018
Firebirds on Spectrum over Pheonix!

Wyrecod May 26

zaphodgjd 17 Mar 2018
I still dream of bringing back the vectrex.

iSabreman 5 Aug 2018
I think you nailed most of them ! I'd add David Reidy, Chris Hinsley, Rod Bowkett, Steve Wetherill, Pete Cooke, Kevin Toms & Stephen Crow. As they all made high quality & often ground breaking games.

Boneist 17 Mar 2018
Split Personalities: (although the person playing the game in that clip clearly doesn’t know what they’re doing!). I *loved* that game, almost obsessively. Played it until I literally blew up the computer...

FrankKlepacki 21 Mar 2019
Rocked the panel on C&C with Louis Castle, Steve Wetherill, & Erik Yeo! Along with several peeps from the rest of the original team on video and audio clips!

ximokom 25 Jun 2017
Thanks to Chris Wild you have 3 files that can help you ... asm source + nodes info in C + graphics. Do not forget to mention it😉

xleigaj 21 Mar 2018
Yes, I played it. But old version has spirit and IMHO is better.

SpectrumTinted 12 Sep 2019
Sure I had a demo of this from YS. I remember really enjoying it and also remember practically nothing about it.

isofarro 1 Jan 2018
For example, the ZXDB entry for Heartland should also contain a reference to the article written by Steve Wetherill on how it was designed and developed... ZXDB can be a living/breathing resource we can contribute to, and it contributes back.

shahidkamal 4 Dec 2019
You worked on Nodes of Yesod? I thought that was really cool.

allnodcoms 18 hours ago
You should do it! And if you ever want to do a remake and have a bit of spare time on your hands, drop me a line ;)

Wyrecod May 21

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