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CatholicPhilly May 21 shared via Twitter
⁩ chaplain Fr. Steve Wetzel blessed ⁦⁩ healthcare workers in Northeast Philadelphia today, invoking healing for “hands raw from scrubbing” and “shoulders heavy with the weight of life and death.” ⁦⁩ ⁦⁦

FOPLodge5 Feb 26 shared via Twitter
Father Steve Wetzel will be available for ashes today at the scheduled times below for all members.

robynehrlich 13 May 2019 shared via Twitter
Steve Wetzel just told me he's never seen work like mine from a student before and that he was really excited by my latest piece..... time to cry

kengrantde 10 Nov 2018 shared via Twitter
Learning how blockchains work with Steve Wetzel at

robynehrlich 11 Dec 2019 shared via Twitter
Me and one other student desperately trying to explain build-a-bear workshop to steve wetzel over a fancy italian dinner is a memory I hope I keep forever lol

senorjessroot 16 Sep 2018
Steve Wilks confident in John Wetzel at RT

blakemurphy7 5 Dec 2018
Confirmed now that all 5 of Arizona's starting 5 offensive linemen this year are now on IR or, in the case of Smith, released. Plus a swingman in John Wetzel. Brutal. Is this a "fireable" offense for Steve Keim? In my opinion...Yes. Should be when you add in Bradford/Glennon.

PatWaer16 Apr 3
C. Ryan overland 1B. Alan Ahmady 2B. Eric Wetzel SS. Danny Muno 3B. Tom Mendonca LF. Steve Susdorf CF. Gavin Hedstrom RF. Steve Detwiler

CPLodge2085 23 Jan 2019
Congratulations to ⁦⁩ members Nicholas Diamond, Patrick Haselbarth, Martin Klepac & Brian Wolf who were given Commendations from the Philly PD! President Cerruti, VP Joe Bologna & Fr. Steve Wetzel were on hand as well. Thank you for your service!

uwmlibraries 22 Oct 2018
TODAY 2 pm in DH Lab in GML--Collecting Sound II: Ambient Sound and Active Tape with Steve Wetzel (PSOA Film) This workshop continues our series on creating audio stories, podcasts, oral histories and other sound-based content

TaylorPoteet22 4 Oct 2018
Not hating but if you think koe wetzel and Parker McMollum have better love songs than earl Thomas Conley or Steve wariner you were raised wrong as fuck. I still rock out like a koe boy tho so I’m not hating

Incredibly heartfelt blessing for healthcare workers from chaplain Fr. Steve Wetzel this morning. One nurse I spoke with was actually moved to tears.

blakemurphy7 3 Nov 2018
Wetzel to IR means Arizona now has no more room to have guys get hurt on the OL. And Steve can’t make anymore trades. You might get to the point where OL is so bad Rosen playing will hurt rather help develop him if the bad protection gets WORSE.

robynehrlich 10 Jan 2018
I emailed Steve Wetzel with a question about something for the cinema, and now we're just emailing back and forth about his new cat. Her name is Colonel and he loves her.

BobbyDaRascal 3 Oct 2019
WTF . How can you fire Scott Wetzel? Best talent you have and hes gone? Shame on Steve Torre and his thin skin. Please fire Jim Memolo. If I have to listen to his stupid takes anymore I'm gonna crash the car. Fuck Memolo

Chris_Reichert 22 Sep 2017
The Wisconsin Herd announced Steve Payne, Jamaal Benjamin & Justin Wetzel as assistant coaches for the 2017-18 season

WisconsinHerd 22 Sep 2017
Coaching staff = ✅ Welcome to the Herd, Steve Payne, Justin Wetzel, Jamaal Benjamin, Brian Butch & Jordan Martz.

Mark Wetzel and Steve Durante skating spots from New Jersey to Barcelona in 's never beaten 2007 video Static III >>>

A cloudy Thursday for all, but a chance for rain for some. Meteorologist shares which areas will see rain in your web edition of : (📸: Steve Wetzel, Jefferson Co.)

smileclick 26 Jun 2018
Come on out an join us at Rocker B Ranch this July 5-6 for camping, food, fun, music! We will be taping Texas Music TV episodes and enjoying music from Steve Helms, Casey Donahew, Mike Ryan, Koe Wetzel, Wade Bowen,...

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