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PrintOStatInc 12 Apr 2019 shared via Twitter
Meet Steve Wetzel, our new Account Manager. Steve joins our sales team to support clients in western PA with solutions, to include: wide format equipment & supplies, reprographics, promo items, apparel, signs and more. We're excited to have him on our team!

ming_media 3 Nov 2015 shared via Twitter
PA is 1 of 30 states that reduced prison population! Steve Inskeep talks w/John Wetzel of PA Dept. of Corrections:

markymarkzurick 12 Sep 2015 shared via Twitter
Steve wetzel is scum

UnionDocs 31 Jan 2015 shared via Twitter
“Metaphor simultaneously hides and discloses” - Steve Wetzel 1.31.15 7:30 PM

Wetzel_RE 15 Jul 2014 shared via Twitter
Steve Wetzel Brie Wetzel show this to Matt.

UnionDocs 28 Jan 2015
“Art is a discipline that has the means to redirect life worlds” - Steve Wetzel 1.31.15

LandisMarks 4 Oct 2014
a shout out to Steve Wetzel and his Trove

UnionDocs 29 Jan 2015
'About, first and foremost, looking - plain and simple.’ 1.31.15 Anthromentaries 4 with Steve Wetzel and Pacho Velez

RBMORD 23 Jun 2014
@RealSteveWetzel Hello Steve Wetzel - Thanks For----------------> ( Dallas, Texas ) !

john_rosati 1 Feb 2015
Steve Wetzel & @pachoworks in discussion at last night. see Steve's work this Tuesday

Wetzel_RE 19 Aug 2015
Here you go Steve Wetzel Tony Sylvester Bill Sylvester. This feels good

UWM_Film 4 Apr 2015
Next Friday in Paris, France: STEVE WETZEL presents his most recent work “Of the Iron Range” as part of the 2015...

vlimmiatisng 13 Aug 2014
. Steve Holliday, Ken Daly & team host ribbon cutting at grand opening of Wetzel Rd. substation

FlahertySeminar 30 Jan 2015
FLAHERTY NYC AMERICANA FEB 3,7pm, discussion w/Kevin T. Allen & Steve Wetzel-moderator Farihah Zaman

cinefile 18 Oct 2014
"Anthromentaries, Three: Recent Works and Words by Steve Wetzel" at , 7pm. Wetzel in person. More info:

jersimarmblatt 17 Oct 2014
Sateveturday? Wetzelday? Tonight! Steve Wetzel shows new works and delivers new words (or at lest new orders of old words) at ! 7!

D_Robert_Kelly 18 May 2015
The Film Department’s STEVE WETZEL and MFAlum JOSH WEISSBACH are both participating in the looks-so-good LIVE-TO-TA…

greengallerymke 9 Dec 2014
[Pause] by Steve Wetzel (2014, Green Gallery Press) book release and reading Woodland Pattern 18th Anual Open...

ineightsoftware 17 Dec 2014
And the winner is.....Steve Wetzel! Congrats on your ugliest of ugly sweaters! Thank you everyone for participating!

FootballScoop 13 Oct 2015
Some fantastic Steve Spurrier lines here. Wetzel provided a great list; but I might like Danny Weurffel’s the best

993ESPNRadio 13 Oct 2015
Some memorable Steve Spurrier quotes thanks to Dan Wetzel at Yahoo! Sports.

Laurie_Wetzel 13 Sep 2015
Happy ! Janet Jagerson John Jagerson Gary Wetzel Sharon Lenz Steve Lenz Love, Luke &Mason

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