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Having a beautiful knife is marvelous, but it is worse than worthless if the blade has gotten dull. Keep them razor sharp with the best knife sharpeners.
Sharpening Knives, Scissors and Tools
Knife, Wood tools, Sharpening tools, Diy tools, Knife sharpening, Tools - Sharpening Knives, Scissors and Tools - #Knife
How to Stock a Camping Pantry
How to stock a Camping Pantry + tons of easy camp meal ideas! via @freshoffthegrid
40 Uncommon Bird Bath Examples
How about exploring some Uncommon Bird Bath Examples that you can put to use and get your birds to come to giving your garden a safe haven to them?
d i y d e s i g n: How to Re-Upholster a Sofa. This is the BEST how-to I've EVER seen online. I've read books, websites, even reupholstered *small* things...this is the first how-to that's made me think I could do a large piece like a chair or a couch. I might even print this out..
How to Sharpen an Axe - Picture Heavy
Click this image to show the full-size version.
How to Sharpen a Knife
How to Sharpen Knives
How to Sharpen a Knife The Right Way | Wilderness Today
Learn how to use a whetstone to sharpen just about any knife. #HowToDo #KnifeSharpening #Knives #Knife #Sharpen #Whetstone
How to Sharpen Tools
How to Sharpen Tools - A bench grinder, file and cone-shaped blade balancer are the key tools for creating a sharp edge and well-balanced blade. There's no technical mystery to sharpening garden tools like your lawn mower blades, ax and shovel. In this article, we'll show you step-by-step methods to file and hone an axe using a sharpening stone, how to sharpen a shovel and the best way to sharpen your mower blades.
Knife Sharpening Tip From a Master Bladesmith: Apply Adequate Pressure
Knife Sharpening Tip From a Master Bladesmith: Apply Adequate Pressure
This Tool Does Not Actually Sharpen Your Knife. Here’s What a Steel Really Does
If you watch food competition shows, you'll probably see a competitor or chef expertly running their knives over that steel tool pictured above
Nom Nom Nom
I SO wish I could make this for the kids school papers. Maybe dad could help?
Survival Meerkat
Eager Survival Kits Posts #survivallife #SurvivalKitsBacheloretteParty
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Infographic: Know Your Knives
Nisbets Next Day Catering Equipment: Infographic: Know Your Knives
Tom's Knife Making Experience | WoodWorkers Guild of America
George’s friend, Tom, dropped in at the shop and spent some time talking about his knife making experiences. Tom isn’t forging blades, he’s adding handles to knife blanks that he buys. This is a great way to make a wonderful custom gift for someone, or to make high quality knives for yourself, without spending a bunch of dough on them.
Sharpen your chisels so they cut like razors
Sharpen your chisels so they cut like razors |
Flammkuchen Toast mit Speck und Zwiebeln - MeineStube - #flammkuchen #meinestube #speck #toast #zwiebeln - #Mürbeteig
How to Easily Remove Old Pee Stain and Smell from a Mattress
How to Remove Pee Stains from your mattress, and remove the smell! Fantastic easy tutorial on how to get urine stains out of a mattress.
You're in Luck with Dr. Seuss! - Classroom Freebies
Classroom Freebies: You're in Luck with Dr. Seuss!
Trey Gowdy for President. AMEN AMEN AMEN!!!!! The United States of America DESPERATELY needs THIS MAN!!!!!
Experte verrät: So wirksam ist Radfahren beim Fettabbau - FIT FOR FUN
Du trittst auch gerne in die Pedale? Gut so! #Abnehmen #Fatburning #Biken #Radfahren

ChelseyKatie 7 Apr 2012 shared via Twitter
jake r won lates and Steve Wetzstein won mods. :)

USMTS 22 Sep 2012 shared via Twitter
Redraw is done for tonight's 50-lap "A" Main: Steve Wetzstein, Bryan Rowland, Shane Hebert, Jon Tesch, Joey...

DeerCreekSpeed 13 Jun 2012 shared via Twitter
Ride along with Steve Wetzstein in his #90 USRA Modified during his feature event at Deer Creek Speedway in...

BuckMonsonPhoto 17 Aug 2009 shared via Twitter
...local drivers Steve Wetzstein, Mike Sorensen, and Jason Cummins could all be battling for the USRA title this year...should be fun finish

DustinJarrett 7 Jul 2018 shared via Twitter
Deer Creek Mod H5 - Brandon Hare, Steve Wetzstein, Jerry King, Jake Timm, Stormy Scott, Lucas Schott, Jacob Bleess...helluva race

USMTS 18 Sep 2014
"B" Main #5 (top 3 advance): Steve Wetzstein, Nate Wasmund, Brandon Davis, Brad Waits, Dereck Ramirez ...

DeerCreekSpeed 11 Jul 2015
Congratulations to Steve Wetzstein #90 on picking up the win in tonight's USRA Modified division at…

DIRTN_Asphalt 26 May 2019
21. 476x Troy Hovey (2) 22. 21 Jacob Bleess (24) 23. 14e Chase Ellingson (22) 24. 90 Steve Wetzstein (20)

USMTS 19 Sep 2013
JRi Shocks Heat 2 Joe Duvall Steve Wetzstein Tim Setzer Travis Peery Jason Cummins Dwaine Hanson Austin Siebert Brandon Jensen Bobby Swanson

Josh14s 1 Sep 2011
B-main #2: Rodney Sanders, Todd Hansen, Lucas Schott, Steve Wetzstein, Jason Grimes, Rick Beebe, Dan Fetters,DNF... "

USMTS 19 Sep 2013
Heat 6: Rodney Sanders Jeremy Payne Matt Dotson Jon Tesch Don Gerritsen Jr. Eric Pember Rickie Roche Steve Wetzstein Daniel Hilsabeck

JohnWestgard 11 Jul 2009
90-Steve Wetzstein for the win, 24-Waits, 71-Cummins, 21-Meyer, 42-Paulson. Great races all night!!!

USMTS 26 Sep 2015
Real Racing Wheels "B" Main #2 (top 3 advance): Lucas Schott, Dan Ebert, Brock Bauman, Steve Wetzstein, Dave Cain...

USMTS 21 Sep 2014
.@_CRRacing Heat Race #1: Steve Wetzstein, Corey Dripps, Jason Miller, Jeremy Payne, Brad Dierks

dirt4racn 18 Aug 2011
: B-main #1: Steve Wetzstein, Keith Foss, Doug Hillson, Jason Gross, Rodney Sanders, Craig Thatcher, Brandon Aggen

BuckMonsonPhoto 15 Jun 2019
Friday night at Chateau Speedway we had back to back father/son feature winners. First time for Ryan Wetzstein and Steve. Have we had this happen with other father/sons racing? Maybe Todd Narveson would have some insight?

SOTAwatch 26 Jul 2017
10:46 DL/G1INK/P (Steve ) on DM/TH-027 (Wetzstein, 793m, 8pt) 28.535 ssb: Strong in SWUK distorted possible Aurora Es [M0BKV]

USMTS 24 Sep 2016
Husqvarna Heat #5: Shaun Peterson, Dave Cain, Cory Crapser, Steve Wetzstein, Ryan Mikkelson, Rick Canada, Brock Bauman, Mike Jergens...

Tracktalkwjb 31 Mar 2016
Round 1 Heat 3: 1) Mike Mullen 2) Steve Wetzstein 3) Darron Fuqua

USMTS 26 Sep 2015
NON-QUALIFIERS RACE: Steve Wetzstein ($2,000), Dustin Sorensen, Grant Junghans, Chris Oertel, Josh Angst...

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