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Does your dog suffer from ear infections? Vinegar can help! Learn how to use vinegar to treat your dog's itchy, gooey, stinky ears. Start today!
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Essential Oil Dog Ear Wash Spray for Ear Infections
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"Amazing Results!" ***** 5 stars My American Bulldog, 4 years of age, has had problematic ears most of his life. I've tried many different products with varying degrees of success. Then I tried Cameo Otic Ointment! Amazing results says it all! Easy to use, once a week and it works! Quigley gives it four paws up! ~ Renee Jones-Lewis, Pet Specialist, Jeffers
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stinky tofu...really dont understand how people can be repulsed by this. it's SO freaking GOOD *drooll
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Feeding raw chicken to dogs increases risk paralysis, study finds
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twin puppies
Get rid of dog ear infections!
Found this amazing home-made dog ear cleaner solution. Works on even the worst infections. Made by a family who rescues cocker spaniels! Read the blog. Its very worth knowing if your pup ever happens to get one.
Dermacton cream has done wonders for our 4 year old Boston Terrier! (Milo) Our dog has severe allergies both environmental and food, and requires a lot of special care and attention. The Dermacton cream has healed our dogs patchy skin, and no longer suffers from unbearable itch and hair loss.
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ColleenLindsay 18 Dec 2012 shared via Twitter
Poor Stinky's ears are awash in Neosporin. He was a good sport about doing the blood curve today, though.

gaysakuma 13 Feb 2017 shared via Twitter
Stinky's ears wiggle when he drinks milk and Yoosung can pinpoint the exact second Saeran's heart melted

colincharvis 15 Feb 2015 shared via Twitter
watched one in French the other on a tiny screen. Ears and eyes now ache like Stinky's wrist.

LindenWould Mar 17 shared via Twitter
Lenny had a lovely dad and some exciting stories to tell at the 🌈 Probably ghostplays with Stinky’s ears when she is sleeping 😹

MichelleyM 7 Oct 2017 shared via Twitter
It's for Stinky's ears only. It also has about as many lyrics as the Batman theme song.

volkqueening 20 May 2013
@audinovs his ears remind of stinky's from hey arnold

t_gerstung 20 Oct 2019
Unfortunately, it won’t go any further than “Stinky’sears, if it got into the ear canals!

Unu5uAl_Tw33teR 24 Dec 2009
Now On 2 My Fucking Day.<Lmao We R Going 2 Pierce Stinky's Ears 2day Yayyy Twittpic At 6pm Get ready she gonna have Da Ill Jewels In Ha ears

WaHlnut_T_4ever 14 Mar 2011
she's cleaning stinky's ears now!! Oh man

jamiedidit_ 11 Dec 2018
I got my stinky’s ears pierced today

Unu5uAl_Tw33teR 24 Dec 2009
Jus Got Stinky's Ears Pierced LOLOL she Let Out The Most Frightening Skream Eva =( Awww...& I Video Taped It LOL

hobokenu 9 Oct 2011
<3 Oliver cleaning Stinky's ears! So Cute! <3

Beagles love when you rub their ears like that. Stinky’s back leg be going crazy

animefiddy 2 Sep 2019
i just had to clean stinky’s ears cuz she’s a nasty baby and she is VERY unhappy with me and I ended up getting splashed multiple times with ear medication it was a bad time all around

skylaralexiiis 18 Jul 2018
I cannot wait to get stinky’s ears pierced . He’s going to look so handsome 🙈

Nope__Dealer 24 Nov 2017

Merdusa_x 1 Jan 2015
Can't wait to get my stinky's ears pierced sooooon! 😻😻💕👂💎💖👶 she's gonna be so cute & girlyyy! 😸😸😽💘

ASIAPRETTYAzz 18 Nov 2012
“@RagsWifey: Mall in a bit with my ❤'s! Getting my stinky's ears pierced” awh can't wait to see pics

im_tefffiiee 7 Nov 2012
My stinky's first snow storm . He had on the cutest fuzziest winter jacket on with ears on the top .

IamCharMonique 16 Dec 2011
Jus finished gettin my stinky's ears pierced. She did good!

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