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TheBestAkaliEvr 27 Feb 2019 shared via Twitter
you're a BIG TIME HOLLYWOOD YOUTUBE STAR CELEBRITY now - where is the xerath buff?

ThePeasantDerka 29 Oct 2013 shared via Twitter
Ziggs is peaking my interest... and where is my xerath buff that goes with the sadness of ahri?

Hamuskester Mar 9 shared via Twitter
Xerath buff wooo

splashyasp2668 Feb 12 shared via Twitter
nemesis with the xerath buff

Janooky 6 Mar 2015 shared via Twitter
I agree, Xerath needs a buff.

imCalem 22 Jul 2019
Xerath buff I'm literally crying omg

Sean_Ocean_ 22 Jul 2019
Did I just see Xerath Buff?? ❤️

lagostacio Mar 9
skin do xerath buff no xerath 🧐🧐🧐

CoreCredoz 15 Oct 2019
I remember running ghost on poppy and just slamming anyone in my way to the walls, it got even more crazy with the xerath buff

TheReddin 23 Jul 2019
xerath buff

Ants1988 Mar 9
Xerath buff right in time for his skin. Do you guys even try to hide it anymore?

joelertron 12 Nov 2017
Did Xerath buff save me, or GA?: via

Chapapiii 4 Aug 2019
xerath buff is alright

Chorcai 2 Oct 2016
bug report, kill KogMaw on ascension, he can still get the Xerath buff because of his passive caspian suprise. :/

I would deepthroat anyone for a Xerath buff

crayonnpoop 30 Jul 2019

tabbygeorge4 23 Apr 2019
Xerath buff please. That 0.5-2 sec stun is trash

Kazardas Jan 19
Im pretty fine with this, dmg supports are only for ppl who got filled and they dont know how to play. If a champs has to be a midlaner like Brand, VelKoz, Xerath buff them on his role, dont send them to bot. I really dislike those kind of "supports"

tyv0P 18 Oct 2019
I loved Ascension, Shurimia Lore and all. Was playing Janna in this mode just to flash R under the Xerath Buff zone and steal it from ennemies haha !

DocodaEJ May 20
When paired with long range carries (Snipers, Xerath), he actually requires some positional thinking so he doesn't run away from them. (I'd probably be OK with the change if Cait receives a slight AD or AS buff, to make her a completely viable main carry.)

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