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Towned2D 30 Jul 2019 shared via Twitter
⚠️HILO PARCHE 9.15 de ⚠️ ¿Xerath será el nuevo mid laner que veremos por todos lados?🤔 Graves, ¿de nuevo viable para la jungla?🤥😯 👇🏻Resuelve todas tus dudas aquí abajo 👇🏻 Simbología: ✅Buff ❌Nerf ❕Atención 🤷🏻‍♂️Irrelevante

TheBestAkaliEvr 27 Feb 2019 shared via Twitter
you're a BIG TIME HOLLYWOOD YOUTUBE STAR CELEBRITY now - where is the xerath buff?

ThePeasantDerka 29 Oct 2013 shared via Twitter
Ziggs is peaking my interest... and where is my xerath buff that goes with the sadness of ahri?

Janooky 6 Mar 2015 shared via Twitter
I agree, Xerath needs a buff.

imCalem 22 Jul 2019 shared via Twitter
Xerath buff I'm literally crying omg

Sean_Ocean_ 22 Jul 2019
Did I just see Xerath Buff?? ❤️

TheReddin 23 Jul 2019
xerath buff

Greater951 23 Jul 2019
"Xerath buff". You gotta be kidding me.

joelertron 12 Nov 2017
Did Xerath buff save me, or GA?: via

Chorcai 2 Oct 2016
bug report, kill KogMaw on ascension, he can still get the Xerath buff because of his passive caspian suprise. :/

tabbygeorge4 23 Apr 2019
Xerath buff please. That 0.5-2 sec stun is trash

LtStryk3 23 Jul 2019
am I still dreaming or is there a Xerath buff o.O

nickr312 4 Jun 2019
Buff Xerath, but only for my account k thx

SwiftNightSet 9 Apr 2019
why would they buff xerath ?XD

Stormsurgez1 13 May 2016
lmao one time as Poppy, I charged my ult in a bush and knocked all 5 of them away and stole the Xerath buff XD

henschl187 22 Jun 2019
buff xerath once you implement him in tft thanks

Odines37 21 Feb 2014

Spideraxe30 23 Jul 2019
Not a big fan of the Xerath buff, I think the idea of just increasing his R to say to 3.5k to 5.6k from 3.2k would be better then flattening it out altogether

Janooky 28 Jan 2015
"Yeah I agree, Xerath needs a buff". Sometimes I just walk around the Riot halls saying this out-loud hoping it catches on.

YamatoMebdi 9 Aug 2017
Like give Xerath a passive, give Azir a useful buff.

MarienJane 14 Jan 2019
Buff Xerath pls

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