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MiniJodaTV Mar 18 shared via Twitter
Patch 10.6 Nerfs to Aphelios, Darius, Garen, Senna, Shaco. Buffs to Anivia, Draven, Hecarim, Kayn, Kindred, Morgana, Ryze, Soraka, Twisted Fate, Urgot, Veigar, Xerath.

hellneeko Mar 10 shared via Twitter
10.6 Patch Nerfs: Senna, Apelhios, Garen, Darius e Shaco Buffs: Soraka (sup), Anivia, Nasus, Urgot,Kayn, Kindred, Hecarim, Xerath, Veigar, Draven e Morgana Jg pool: Brand, Zyra, Morgana, Teemo, Shen, Yorick Mini rework do Wukong

insanitylol Mar 9 shared via Twitter
10.6 veigar and xerath buffs...please keep buffing mids i want to have some more champs to play

MonteCristo 1 Jun 2013 shared via Twitter
I am concerned that these Xerath buffs will perpetuate the overwhelming power of poke and Tear items in the KR meta:

Christo88218679 Mar 9 shared via Twitter
Thanks for the xerath buffs!

jdyk1030 1 Jun 2013
Xerath buffs??!! Oh dear. WHY RIOT WHYYY. WHYYYYYYYYYY

Seranoklol Mar 9
Xerath buffs? Time to play again

Undaunted_Tokso 14 Sep 2019
Zac: Insignificant change. What he needs is more healing/damage in his jungle clear Fiora: .Everything. Blitzcrank: Why would you ever increase the Q range....Are you crazy? Karma: Rip AP Karma. TK: Rip TK Still no Xerath buffs but you buff Orianna....

lolriotpls 16 May 2016
Making the most out of the Xerath buffs -

alejandroid80 11 Feb 2014
as you said.. RT : Xerath robando buffs en el parche 4.2

henschl187 Jan 27
xerath buffs xerath buffs xerath buffs xerath buffs xerath buffs xerath buffs xerath buffs xerath buffs xerath buffs xerath buffs xerath buffs xerath buffs xerath buffs xerath buffs xerath buffs xerath buffs xerath buffs xerath buffs xerath buffs xerath buffs xerath buffs xerath

LasseXYZ 30 Jul 2019
Rumble Nerfs - huh was that necessary ? Swain looks gooooooooood cant wait to play him Syndra buffs haha but its 10 per sphere okay sis thatll help Xerath ult is already fucking annoying man stopppp no kayn nerfs? also where are the blitz changes lol

0HourGaming 29 Jun 2012
Xerath buffs coming next patch, vision of 'constant siege instead of instant burst'

imcluelesslol 2 Dec 2019
Waiting for Xerath Buffs as xerath OTP with all these champs being able to just run him down is kinda depressing

xerath doesnt need buffs, hes okay rn, ziggs got buffs twice this season, maybe in 9.24, anivia is fine, orriana too, malzahar is a piece of nonskilled shit(pressing random buttons, tons of damage and 4-3 sec stun on ult, veigar has stucks=> pretty op, maybe velkoz needs a buff

fuuzuke 10 Jul 2012
What are the Xerath buffs going to be next patch?: ^ I was wondering, because if Riot is d...

PickHelper 2 Jul 2012
Interesting Reds:Lux mana buffs, Pulsefire Ezreal's range and xerath buffs/nerfs

RazLPL 9 Mar 2015
@InfluenzaFish xerath and anivia. Should ban/pick xerath but with anivia you just focus down blue buffs.

JacobRLinthurst 23 Jan 2018
Do you think nunu with xerath could be viavle? Late game xerath already does a lot of damage to carries and as seen in the tsm game can 100 to 0 with just r. So nunu buffs xerath and goes on carries from a distance. Seems decent in theory.

VixiVulpixel 19 Apr 2016

JoshTeagle 11 Feb 2014
@Konzle Xerath snipping buffs and baron from fountain since 2/11/14

So xerath gets a skin and buffs? Might reinstall tbh

Para_eyl 25 Oct 2019
I still stand by the idea that Hexakill Dominion should be a thing. Replace the middle buffs with Ascended Xerath and call it Ascended Hexakill Dominion.

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