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MonteCristo 1 Jun 2013 shared via Twitter
I am concerned that these Xerath buffs will perpetuate the overwhelming power of poke and Tear items in the KR meta:

Christo88218679 Mar 9 shared via Twitter
Thanks for the xerath buffs!

jdyk1030 1 Jun 2013 shared via Twitter
Xerath buffs??!! Oh dear. WHY RIOT WHYYY. WHYYYYYYYYYY

Seranoklol Mar 9 shared via Twitter
Xerath buffs? Time to play again

maariapascu Mar 10 shared via Twitter
should be happy about the Veigar and Xerath buffs

KhalGuerreiro Mar 20
dem xerath buffs

Those Xerath buffs are gonna be niceeeee

The_Ryans__ Mar 16
waiting for xerath buffs

those xerath buffs are sweet, thank you!!

Undaunted_Tokso 14 Sep 2019
Zac: Insignificant change. What he needs is more healing/damage in his jungle clear Fiora: .Everything. Blitzcrank: Why would you ever increase the Q range....Are you crazy? Karma: Rip AP Karma. TK: Rip TK Still no Xerath buffs but you buff Orianna....

ZwagLoL Mar 11
live on youtube playing xerath buffs

DefNotShy Mar 10

lolriotpls 16 May 2016
Making the most out of the Xerath buffs -

lowershadow1 Mar 9

ThePizzablawk Mar 11

Davaiii Mar 19
? he and velkoz is both playable in euw d2 and higher, and the xerath buffs were pretty big ngl, you can basically roam with his r if you know how to predict movement

alejandroid80 11 Feb 2014
as you said.. RT : Xerath robando buffs en el parche 4.2

We finally got a new champion to this set - Xerath! But that's not all, fresh buffs and nerfs that will change the meta are here once again! Peep our 10.8 review and learn everything you need to know to start out on the right foot! 📺

WePlayEsport Apr 15
. adds Dark Star Xerath and buffs a number of champions 👀 10.8 was very generous with buffs, and was a little less generous with nerfs. It also adds Dark Star Xerath to the roster. Here are the full patch notes 👉

She is not. Irelia and xerath need buffs.. But irelia need more buff because she gets very ez countered as a result also if you mess up the passive u are done/dead. The 4 stacks on passive is a good idea but she need some more damage in Q and e so she can do something

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