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PickHelper 2 Jul 2012 shared via Twitter
Interesting Reds:Lux mana buffs, Pulsefire Ezreal's range and xerath buffs/nerfs

WePlayEsport Apr 15 shared via Twitter
. adds Dark Star Xerath and buffs a number of champions 👀 10.8 was very generous with buffs, and was a little less generous with nerfs. It also adds Dark Star Xerath to the roster. Here are the full patch notes 👉

GiantSlayerTFT Apr 16 shared via Twitter
We finally got a new champion to this set - Xerath! But that's not all, fresh buffs and nerfs that will change the meta are here once again! Peep our 10.8 review and learn everything you need to know to start out on the right foot! 📺

Undaunted_Tokso 7 Aug 2019 shared via Twitter
Buffing Jax Q so no one can escape from him...Amazing! Tanks buffs on damage...what a joke. Again you buff Ziggs but not Xerath... LB buffs on a point and click ability. Riven "nerfs" btw. You are never welcome to feedback, you just promote your own agenda like always.

CliqueANV 28 Oct 2015 shared via Twitter
tank nerfs. ap mid buffs (minus xerath, fizz, lb, and lux.) xerath nerfs. adcs are fine maybe supports buffs.

MMORTS_NEWS 22 Jan 2014
Photo: PBE: Nerfs to Gragas and Riven, Buffs for Kassadin, Changes to Xerath and Thoughts on Warwick’s...

PickHelper 2 Jul 2012
Interesting Reds:Lux mana buffs, Pulsefire Ezreal's range and xerath buffs/nerfs

makroo1991 20 Jan 2014
Open news - "PBE: Nerfs to Gragas and Riven, Buffs for Kassadin, Changes to Xerath and Thoughts on Warwick’s Rework!" with me!

PickHelper 2 Jul 2012
Interesting Reds:Lux mana buffs, Pulsefire Ezreal's range and xerath buffs/nerfs

_KlP_ 1 Jul 2012
And we got draculas number... "I was born for the "

IndianaFSL 1 Jul 2012
HUGE to - he popped the question and she said yes!

sinoricemoss 1 Jul 2012
For every blessing there is testing and for every opportunity there is adversity.

MTV 1 Jul 2012
Who's watching the and tweeting with me tonight? I wonder if 's in da building ...

agneselvin 1 Jul 2012
@JDrakenmark All the cool people live in LA, including you AND the one and only Bill Kaulitz

Roshay_Da_Boss 1 Jul 2012
I want and tigga to b the next host of BET 106&park

rowlingmalfoy 1 Jul 2012
Bonnie and Jamie are no longer together. Let me go curl in a corner and cry my eyes out.

A_Gonzalez07 1 Jul 2012
8000th tweet goes out to @LiTtle_Chink! cause she asked for it. and shes really really cute. and i miss her so much wrds cant even explain<3

sierraa_321 1 Jul 2012
I just want someone to watch movies and cuddle with me, and to tell me I'm beautiful when I look like a bum. ?

The_Anayalater 1 Jul 2012
If only I could flip a switch and read your mind.

MpSealevel 1 Jul 2012
i been tryin Dion give Cleveland a RT cause we cant wait to see u in the wine and gold

tyronewells 1 Jul 2012
Minneapolis! Excited to come over, play, and hang out at the block party!

Sarge3012 1 Jul 2012
I think Allen West would be great as Secretary of Defense and John Bolton as Secretary of State.

RichardCrossSTM 1 Jul 2012
sprinter Isiah Young will trade his trade his red and blue track suit for red, white and blue in London!

At_NiquaJDotCom 1 Jul 2012
*prays to twitter God* I have been a good tweeter and follower. Don't let them imprison me, for thou will be bored ...

SorryILoveYouu 1 Jul 2012
Difference between ASAP and Chief Keef -> Asap is lyrically talented. Chief keef just be hype as hell lol.

SaintLaurynn 1 Jul 2012
When Monique hosted the BET Awards and did Crazy In Love >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

HeikkinenSteve 1 Jul 2012
Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.-Thomas Merton

ConroeSports 1 Jul 2012
McCanna was drafted in the 22nd round of the MLB draft by the San Diego Padres and is signed to play for Rice next season.

Matt_DeLancey 1 Jul 2012
God gives you the abilities and tools to succeed. God expects you to put them to their full use.

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