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marshall_eugene 30 Mar 2014 shared via Twitter
Quick! Best build for Xerath on Aram!

egodripping 21 Oct 2013 shared via Twitter
how to play xerath in aram 1. build void staff 2.

Zabuya1 Apr 3 shared via Twitter
And that with a range higher than xerath on this spell. Xerath has 95% too for example. I've never seen an inting Kai'sa in aram for months because of this AP Build. It was strong and meta in Aram even before die 50 to 70 CDR switch when she hits some1

diogo_anache 18 Jan 2018 shared via Twitter
hahahaha sim, a não ser que sejam os pseudosups tipo Lux e Xerath btw, agora só uso sua build full mana regen pra esses champs em aram, so good

LeanneMustafa 23 Feb 2016 shared via Twitter
I added a video to a playlist xerath and velcause same build same score! [ARAM velcause]

marshall_eugene 30 Mar 2014
Quick! Best build for Xerath on Aram!

egodripping 21 Oct 2013
how to play xerath in aram 1. build void staff 2.

LoLGreeZy 11 Aug 2013
that xerath build....

FitriPriyanti 20 Oct 2011
Xerath Build Guides

justin_pirillo 30 Jul 2013
xerath ap build is nutty

xErath 14 Dec 2011
So, employees decided to build a candy house. Working for Opera is a lot of fun. Do join

gggq123 14 Aug 2013
Xerath Build | League of Legends LoL via

FrankiePeng 24 Jul 2012
Lies, you see nothing, I made my own xerath build

0HourGaming 12 Sep 2012
Tanky Xerath Build?: Tabi Abyssal Athene's RoA Rylai's Deathcap ? 600AP

DisturbingWorld 3 Nov 2011
Guida Italiana - Distribuzione Mastery Points Xerath - Build & Strategy

DisturbingWorld 3 Nov 2011
Le Rune consigliate per Xerath - Build & Strategy

dstorey 12 May 2011
doesn't it use 2D canvas if webgl is not supported? That will be slower. Its faster on the WebGL build.

lukaszsagol 14 Dec 2011
actually, they build this design on tables ;)

Pbaca09 3 Oct 2013
Xerath is super snipey. If you can get a quick AP build. You can gank from the bushes.

Dyrus 7 Mar 2013
@SkumbagKrepo tell krepo to build haunting guise and morellonomicon on xerath pls.

Igx25 10 Oct 2013
That 40% magic pen was what made Xerath really awesome. You just watch them build MR and laugh

_eddyel 2 Oct 2013
Going to run the build I have for lux on xerath. Wonder what will happen. It's all AP and he's supposed to be all AP. 😁

PatataOrbital 28 Jul 2013
@Thehades1409 haze una build de xerath porque si comparamos mi pene con su rango yo gano

dizztroygaming 11 Jul 2013
LoL info over Kassadin dominion nerfs, Olaf changes naar PBE, Xerath stuff en ZenonTheStoic over "Blucian" build

Calebwq 21 Mar 2013
what is a good counter for xerath? And what items should you build against xerath since he has so much mpen.

thebrunoluizs 19 Mar 2013

lKrayola 3 Mar 2013
@LoLDyrus tell reginald to do a build for xerath cuz i started playing xerath for him

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