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Russlanyes17 5 Jun 2019 shared via Twitter
Yeah man ap mids not op, just let me play xerath/kassadin/lux/anivia/ori/vel/vlad and I’ll sit under turret with barrier, seekers, tabi and free stopwatch and wait for my jungler to camp the ad mid lane that is forced to overextend, monkaS. 2,200 build counters all ad pepehands

KeiEi9493 5 Jul 2015 shared via Twitter
Xerath Mid Build S5 Patch 5.13 || Xerath AP Build S5 KDA 15-1-16 || Xerath Undead Build KDA 15-1-16: via

Atrox1212 2 Nov 2017 shared via Twitter

DRX_Dream Mar 2 shared via Twitter
I love how players can get away with just build AP on xerath, not warding at all, when I'm keeping vision and roaming to help mid and jungle but the xerath just wins the game because my ad can't dodge anything :)

smakadopolis Feb 8 shared via Twitter
Yeah, to me this one one of those theoretical "this could work" things. Same concept as any other mid flexer. (Brand, xerath, lux as an example) - can do glacial aug and build for cc. Again, totally a paper pick though.

ZacriLOL Feb 7
This SONA MID strategy got a XERATH MAIN Challenger…with the DUMBEST build

YouTube : This SONA MID strategy got a XERATH MAIN Challenger...you won't believe this Build : Professor Akali

Spadur_LoL 12 Dec 2019
Quel plaisir ce build sur Cassio, c'était un test conseillé par @Shunpo_Lol (le flash ghost contre des trucs genre Xerath) et en fait même en mid late game c'est ultra strong, en fight t'es juste Sonic en fait. Les sensations sont incroyables !

PrizmaGuy 3 Jun 2019
Namoral eu já joguei de xerath jungle de ignite e smite, com um Braum mid Full ap, um rammus adc, um ekko sup (fazendo build de sup) e um kayn top Full ap( transformado no rhaast) e eu ganhei. Soraka ad não é um fim do mundo

AddictedChan 15 Mar 2019
Now we had a super fed sylas jungle, a 1k ap xerath and the enemies without any mr. We took the Neeko adc (on hit build) out and rushed down mid to finish this game! What have we learned? Never give up even if you have one afk!

RaimakGames 2 Aug 2018

juanbriones09 5 Feb 2018
Consejos con xerath? Es de lo que mas me gusta en mid, y que build le haces?

heynikkipoo 8 Jan 2018
Hindi ko trip si xerath. Very coordinated ka dapat with skillshots. :((( Gawan ko nga ng build si mid zyra. Gaaah

JIMBOYYT 22 Sep 2017
Me ha gustado un vídeo de ( - XERATH MID S7 | POKE, WAVE CLEAR, DAÑO| Runas Maestrias y Build |

GagoOP 16 Dec 2016
He añadido un vídeo a una lista de reproducción de ( - XERATH MID S7 Maestrias, Runas y Build

LuchianoDlr 4 Aug 2016
Me gustó un video de de XERATH MID S6 Maestrias, Runas y Build (Español) | Tu muerte te

Woody_Fruity 5 Aug 2015
【Gragas Main】Mid Gragas vs Xerath - This Ezreal build tho: via

_Yux2 6 Mar 2015
vayne fedにより終わった あとレベル14くらいまでxerathにmidおられて全然build進まなかったし。。。killは取れました gg

AnimNations 24 Jan 2015
I'm excited to see mid laners build and play the champs I love like Xerath and Cassiopeia. is a great avenue for learning

pedricklamar 11 Nov 2014
riven i do top with boxbox build. amumu hate, i main xerath ap mid so im sticking with that for now.

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