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Blu_Anubiz 5 Feb 2019 shared via Twitter
I've seen Panth support, Malzahar, Xerath, Heimer, Teemo... Like. Even as a Nami I squash the SHIT out of them. I have the right build and runes for this, ya fucks. Fake supports in my lane is the easiest way to see how a utility/healer can go 8/0/37. TRY ME, BITCH.

goofybrahh 12 Feb 2014 shared via Twitter
Whats your build for Xerath support? Like the core 2-3 items you would recommend, Thanks <3 :)

duongth1 1 Feb 2017 shared via Twitter
Xerath support guide season 7 | Best Xerath vs Brand gameplay EUW Challenger | Xerath support build

PoundaRice 15 Feb 2017 shared via Twitter
@ArcaneWorld I just hit 5K health build as xerath support. No health runes

xomega77 Apr 18 shared via Twitter
Yea nerf the fuckin supports? Or actually nerf brain dead players who play brand xerath pyke as support and just build dmg and shit all over the adc.

Exiled__ Mar 15
bet that was you on support xerath when you asked me for the build :^)

minniefrickers 10 Oct 2019
Xerath Support with the right build is deadly!

OfficerNaughtyy 8 Aug 2019
Hardish in low elo your handicapped to your adcs level but if you play a carry/ play making support like pyke Or thresh you can do a lot. Or even like a mage support like xerath And build ap

copperclick 26 May 2018
5 consecutive Ranked Flex defeats featured: 1) 120CS Xayah in 25 minutes 2) Xerath with Nashor's Tooth 3) Shyvana Full Lethality build 4) A Full-AD Jayce build Well I also played Lissandra support, so... 😂 Balik Gold I ulit. Good night world.

RustyLoL 22 Feb 2018
Patch 8.4 Hot-Takes AP Items: Ryze/Cassiopeia/Malz/Rumble buffed Brand/Zyra back into Support? Xerath. Curious to see what people prioritise in item build order, is it going to be say Tear --> Haunting Guise for some heroes now

runeforgegg 16 Nov 2017
Xerath support has been climbing as a successful lane abuser: ☄️-Great poke. Easy to land with W/E 💍-Mana sustain for high spell costs 🧠-Free CDR so you can build more AP 🔥-Stronger lane harass 👢-Earlier item power-spikes 💫-More poke in lane

LoLKopycat 12 Nov 2017
I found some pretty fun stuff im dying to try out. MS/CDR Lucian build, Comet support MF, somekind of hit and run Xerath build - or maybe Ziggs.

Uryftw 25 Apr 2017
I have seen in your support montage that you have been running Xerath support with success. What are your thoughts on him/build?

EthanS_96 11 Mar 2014
XERATH BUILD GUIDE: How to play xerath as a support in the lcs by CoCoCoCaptain -

SomeKindWizard 23 Jan 2012
*Grits his teeth, guided along* Damnit! I hope someone makes him build nothing but support for a week.

FitriPriyanti 20 Oct 2011
Xerath Build Guides

xErath 14 Dec 2011
So, employees decided to build a candy house. Working for Opera is a lot of fun. Do join

DisturbingWorld 3 Nov 2011
Guida Italiana - Distribuzione Mastery Points Xerath - Build & Strategy

DisturbingWorld 3 Nov 2011
Le Rune consigliate per Xerath - Build & Strategy

dstorey 12 May 2011
doesn't it use 2D canvas if webgl is not supported? That will be slower. Its faster on the WebGL build.

lukaszsagol 14 Dec 2011
actually, they build this design on tables ;)

michalbe 14 Dec 2011
Awesome! employees decided to build a candy house. /pqoUwv9T via

DisturbingWorld 18 Nov 2011
La build consigliata per Xerath

ToasterKoishi 13 Oct 2011
Building a Xerath: I find him a bit useless in between CDs, esp. on his ult, but his ult eats up a lot of MP, so build Morello's fast.

t12lve 7 Oct 2011
Need un build pour xerath

ma2uta 6 Oct 2011

Cupkeekz 5 Oct 2011
@FabianWijnand :p gewoon wat video's bekijken en wat build orders oefenen, btw nieuwe skins in de xerath patch morgen

2500kgm3 29 Sep 2011
Ya me imagino la build de xerath: Sorceror's boots, Rabbadon's deathcap y spam de Archangel staffs para UBER AP. Runas 21/0/9!

xErath 9 Nov 2010
Want to build cross browser extensions toolkit? Checkout BrowserGap project http://bit.ly/bmmMs0

xErath 18 Apr 2010
should have been fixed in a recent build

dbloom 25 Nov 2009
send me the build or it didn't happen !

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