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Annie as Xerath
[Apr 01, 2016] 도파 Dopa Lulu vs Maokai S6 Highlight - KR LOL
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myulaflaga May 26 shared via Twitter
Me in the bathroom, him on his desk playing league. Me: who's mid? Him: kassadin. Xerath support and I'm malphite. Me: no, you're Elfo. 😂😂😂😂😂 putangina I'm so done with my fucking self hahahahahahhaha I fucking used disenchantment meme reference.

putalocadmierda May 24 shared via Twitter
Why plp play xerath support ??

asfallingNix 5 hours ago shared via Twitter
Regarding Senna it would be extremely nice if they could balance her ADC side aswel, because support it's an annoying poke bitch borderline more annoying than xerath

GagoOP 5 hours ago shared via Twitter

ProudOfSamourai May 27 shared via Twitter
Xerath support?

TrexxHall May 26
Man, I know I ain't good at the game but if I go 35k in damage as xerath support and my Yas adc is 6k damage something is wrong there

Y recordad que hoy hay rotación de campeones gratuitos en Lol. Tenéis support disponibles Bardo y Braum. También Xerath que a veces se juega support. Intentaremos traer guía de Braum y Xerath en Jueves y Sábado. La de Bardo la tenéis en el canal.

bazerath May 25
Vel'Koz Gameplay !F34R Crew In this match we will be playing Vel'Koz (Bazerath) Mid, Ashe (Destination) Top, Xerath (MyBunsBeFreezing) Support, and Ekko (KyzonOG) Jungle and Ezreal (Mortis) Bottom. End Score: 29 vs 41 Final Vel'Koz Score : 12/6/8

FalseGlamour May 25
At least be good at xerath if you’re gonna pick him for support intentionally

FalseGlamour May 25
I need bitches to realize Xerath isn’t a fucking support

Supractical May 25
Bayram Eğlencesi Support Oyunları [TR] Yeniden Plat olmaya çalışıyoruz. Xerath Spamlıyoruz.

EASspain May 24
⚔️Fase de picks y bans terminada ⬆️ Top: Malphite vs Zac 🔄 Jungla: Olaf vs Lee Sin ➡️ Mid: Xerath vs Azir ↘️ ADC: Varus vs Miss Fortune ⬇️ Support: Nautilus vs Taric

Zethran00 May 23
she wasnt that great in higher elo and was used more as a support in pro play. most high burst mages that are better than her in the meta have way better range which just makes her not great in comparison. shes not bad at all. its just like why play her when xerath exists

Can't pick Olaf into Graves apparently either. But this guy wasn't even the worst player on my teams last night. I had a Xerath support contesting me in a solo lane for CS. 😂🙁

Bagaro_ May 23
nn mec tu me carry avec ton xerath support cleanse

TheSeasaki May 23
2 times xerath is good

Fabewe57204 May 22
Todos los asesinos haciendo focus al xerath support porque si no pierden la teamfight

makkzlas May 21
E ahí la verdadera importancia de un buen support. De todas formas tengo entendido q mainea xerath. Pero es de Elo alto

us to the other bot laners when we ascend into our true forms as brand/velkoz/xerath support players

jojifanboy1 May 21
are you actually going to play support in d1ish from now on? Funny stream tho! Love watching a Lulu/yuumi/xerath support gameplay in d1 :pp

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