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FirewaterDM May 17 shared via Twitter
I mean more or less is what I did, cept I hyperolled mages, and then picked one of Lux/Xerath/TF/Velkoz to carry w. 6 mage buff + poppy items. Worked till Plat 1 99LP :(

XKARNATION Mar 9 shared via Twitter
YES XERATH BUFFS Im thinking they either buff his passive to return more mana or lower his mana costs since he already does lots of dmg. If they buff his q dmg he will be able to one shot the wave with ludens and not need to use w on the back minions would make his wave clear op.

KamiEUW Mar 9 shared via Twitter
Teleport buff sure DD rework broken Funnel nerf FINALLY Nerfs: Senna Aphelios Garen Shaco Deserved Darius meh Buffs: Anivia Nasus Urgot Kindred Hecarim Xerath Morgana sure Soraka Kindred Veigar Draven why Autofill FINALLY Duo ??? Wukong meh Jungle: w/e

NikolasNiq Feb 11 shared via Twitter
Movement speed on her W and she is fine. Right now she is just a worse xerath or vel'koz. More dmg would be kinda lame, but maybe a passive buff would be nice, too.

pandiwann 30 Aug 2019 shared via Twitter
For me base ms is fine with w and q and the right build , they just need to buff damage on R , Asol ult is dealing same damage as xerath Q level 6

xiellexe 28 Jun 2019
Nasus: Ulu/Dövüşcü tier 2/ E skili Renekton: Ulu/Dövüşcü tier 1/ Q skili Xerath: Ulu/Büyücü tier 3/4 / W skili Azir: Ulu/İmparator tier 5 / W Skili İmparator: Tek kişiyle çalışan buff(yasu, bc gibi) Çevresindeki kişi, Asker sayısı kadar Saldırı hızı ve mana yenileme artışı.

JulioRank 27 Feb 2019
Xerath, quando o W deixava ele parado no chão e dava um buff pra outras skills. Itens de armor davam ap

Command_Attack 28 Jul 2018
Ability to play mid + bot and always staple when other things needed. Got a QOL W buff (but also E “nerfed”), champ still doesn’t feel any different from before really. If she is allowed to play mid bc of lack of champs so is the likes of xerath/Vel so she’ll get shit on.

faeriefountain 27 Nov 2015
in my head: windmill @ top would be tomb where renekt and xerath emerged and cass got cursed. central platform w/buff would = oasis of dawn

tengoku_zigoku 11 Feb 2014
 Xerath、ult lv2でmap中央からblue red buff、drag baron横取りできる射程なんだが

leka_bm 20 Oct 2011

xWuLFiE 5 Oct 2011
Xerath - broLOLplay w/ WuLFiE!

btauk 12 Sep 2011
tickets are now on sale for DESTRUCTION OF WREXHAM FT XERATH W/GUESTS! The line-up is fucking brutal and why...

DESTRUCTION OF WREXHAM FT XERATH W/GUESTS is 4 days away fuckers with 9 bands now confirmed and with possible one...


ukmetal 7 Oct 2009
Forum: Re: Xerath confirms first UK TOUR w/ Abigail Williams, Viatrophy, Traces*: nice, this tour looks c.. http://bit.ly/2R0qqk

slvsama 14 Oct 2011

D3Reap3R 6 Oct 2011
Xerath is strong. He feels however like a cross of Ryze' Late burst and Caitlyn's Range at times; low (W) CD underline that

kokken48 6 Oct 2011
今更だけどxerathwマナ使わんのかw セコすぎるw

vrokreddit 6 Oct 2011
Xerath Patch: Leona's W http://j.mp/nlTf7t

mackerelpg 6 Oct 2011

xWuLFiE 5 Oct 2011
Xerath - broLOLplay w/ WuLFiE!http://www.justin.tv/wulfie40

y3n_ 5 Oct 2011
xerath yabakune w

cirno9ball 5 Oct 2011
Massive ownage on draft normal SR queues w/ Skrye and Nyd. Got our hat trick of wins, and I got closer to Xerath :3

SakuyaFM 5 Oct 2011
Why is watching champ spotlights the one making decide whether or not to buy a champ? Seriously, Xerath's ulti range with W on HHHHNNNGGGGGG

ZoeyViolette 5 Oct 2011
With max CDR, Xerath's Q is on 3 seconds. His W and E on 4.8 seconds, and his Ultimate is on 36 seconds. Fixxed typos

aamenta 29 Sep 2011
Talking Dominion. Talking Upcoming Champ Xerath. LIVE - Institute of War w/ & @vVv_Asylum Join us!

Arceyeband 25 Sep 2011
Will be tearing it up with our good friends Xerath today, at DESTRUCTION OF WREXHAM FT XERATH W/GUESTS, were on stage 8:15pm, be there!

btauk 21 Sep 2011
Huge gig this Sunday at Wrexham! DESTRUCTION OF WREXHAM FT XERATH W/GUESTS with some of sickest local bands...

Arceyeband 17 Sep 2011
Not Long now people! only a week until we are rocking DOA UK - Dean Guitars Party and DESTRUCTION OF WREXHAM FT XERATH W/GUESTS Near you!!!

kolonyrecords 15 Sep 2011
DE PROFUNDIS: new live show w/ Winterfylleth, Xerath announced!

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