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I was surprised from some of them
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I love his skits lmao. I just have a few questions though. Is he straight? If so is he single? If so, so am I. Nah, but I love the Whitney Houston poster in the background. Reminds me I need to go on a Whitney Houston tour watching binge.
Book Review: Inferno by Dan Brown (Robert Langdon Series #4)
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Memes Marvel Vol.2 - #134
#wattpad #de-todo Ríe con los personajes de Marvel Cómics »Segundo libro de Memes« #39 en De Todo 17/08/17 #20 en De Todo 24/08/17 #17 en De Todo 29/08/17 #13 en De Todo 13/09/17
NFL logos with Disney characters
lion king - i've it and can conform this
Memes de Marvel 2.0 - [138]
#wattpad #de-todo ¿Quieren seguir riéndose sin parar con vuestros superhéroes favoritos? ¡No se diga más! Aquí está la segunda parte de "Memes de Marvel" Todos los derechos a los autores de los memes (existen marcas de agua que muestran su sello) #170 en De Todo 18/Marzo/2018
Gotta love disney
Picture memes HEeVljhL6 by LadySigyn: 0.7K comments - iFunny :)
Media Memes + Media Memes
media memes #media #memes & media memes + media memes truths + media memes funny
A continuación una recopilación de memes graciosos y divertidos en español para compartir en tu facebook. No te los pierdas! ...
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Iago, Zazu and Sebastion
Habrá memes de distintas cosas #detodo # De Todo # amreading # books # wattpad
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Kdrama Memes _ Kdrama
kdrama memes #kdrama \ kdrama _ kdrama memes _ kdrama quotes _ kdrama wallpaper _ kdrama actors _ kdrama to watch _ kdrama funny _ kdrama fashion
K-Drama Life
If you love K-Dramas this story is just for you!! Here we have Memes … #fanfiction #Fanfiction #amreading #books #wattpad
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Bouletcorp 16 Apr 2013 shared via Twitter

Dudetehcat44 23 Nov 2017 shared via Twitter

Aaronjh1019 May 22 shared via Twitter
Please don't make decisions for other people when you clearly don't possess a brain. Memes aren't facts, they aren't an argument, and they don't present an honest look at a situation. It's not lying about Trump when it's all true.

ingenslist 17 Oct 2018 shared via Twitter
Jon Favarou has gotta be ZaZu

SawtoothOnYT 15 Oct 2018 shared via Twitter
Good meme

remotefreak147 21 Jul 2017
I blame myself for spamming zazu rape memes lol

iscoppie 16 Jul 2018
why has zazu never been a meme. are u seeing the raw power of this

Laxane 15 Jan 2014
lool smh. Eh ben la meme chose I guess lol

meme_shelby 24 Mar 2019
Zazu would disagree

Zazu_dean 21 Nov 2017
Lit memes

TheDannyLes 25 Dec 2018
Sorry, the meme and it being Xmas day I couldn’t resist.! Give me an hour and I’ll be nice I promise as I’ll be well on the way to drunk.

SPenguinLuvaM2 2 Jul 2019
is Jon Oliver actually Zazu or is this a meme?

Ethanhamm 22 Sep 2014
Zazu Peter King deserves to be a meme. Let's make this a meme, friends.

sibeya_mv May 23
Se viene meme de gamba 🤣🤣🤣🤣

aidencalvin 1 Nov 2017
I'm pretty sure I've seen the Oliver as Zazu thing as a meme before, it's hilarious to see it become real

Tom_bell_Matee 15 Feb 2019
Numpty put it on the wrong post but it was about car salesman - someone put up a meme

AranzazuEchega1 13 hours ago
Esta tia es un meme,ni caso

AzaliaZazu May 26

mrlepetitnoir May 26
Je viens de doubler le personnage Prince Omi du rôle de dans le film " Story From Zazu " version " Française. " Lourd Film auquel j'ai même applaudi à la fin 👌🏾💯

ladylapisxx May 25
honestly i was referencing the lion king is this... have i just been shown.. the og meme??? timon... zazu... i thought YOu were the original jokesters... but it was a REFERENCE?? 🤯

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