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PaulNichols2042 13 Dec 2019 shared via Twitter
This doesn't surprise me, since they even censored a scene in the animated Lion King a few years ago. Zazu's morning report I believe. I wouldn't put it past them if they decide to edit out some slave Leia scenes in RotJ eventually.

TopeFabusola 15 Dec 2019 shared via Twitter
Morning, Zazu. Do you have the morning report?

2gucci2thick4u 20 Nov 2019 shared via Twitter
y’all not slick. Next go round y’all better put the extended version of Lion King. I need to hear Zazu sing Morning Report

JasonEbbz Apr 20 shared via Twitter
grass, and the antelope eat the grass, and so we are all connected to the great circle of life. Good morning sire. Good morning Zazu. Checking in for the morning report. Fire away. Well, the buzz from the bee is that the leopard is in a bit of a spot Oh really? What are you

TaylorGangXO_ May 16 shared via Twitter
It’s Zazu Wit The Morning Report

_nataliecamacho 13 Nov 2019
because I remember Zazu giving the morning report as a song and not being asked to turn around by Mufasa 🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨

Captain_Sofia 4 Dec 2019

Just watched it yet again, but this time the special edition (it turns Zazu's morning report into a song). Still the best movie ever made.

EdwardKivela May 5
Hey zazu! My morning report: 2 bottles of red = morning poo green. Ain't that weird? Yt. Finnish simba after a night of Hakuna Matata

jayemoh62 Jan 29
Is this the tip of pride rock? Dad, I think for my first patrol we don't have to mention how you have to die for me to be king? New give rather than take moral. Simba versus Scar got it MORNING REPORT cute, yeah, dad joke. ITS THE NEWS from John's mouth to my ears via Zazu 😂😂

__dionysian 14 Dec 2019
I feel the same about The Lion King and the goddamn pouncing scene they ruined with Zazu singing morning report. Give me my OG movie goddamnit.

rsngphoenix8 Mar 9
I love the jokes during Zazu's morning report, but I'm not sure allowing your son to pounce your "major dodo" is an appropriate use of power.

drol007 Jan 27
Morning report zazu 😎🚨🚠⛷

Coach10_ Apr 22
Can we get a Morning Report like this one of these days so that you're not limited to certain number of characters? Even if it's Zazu on the kitchen table & you talking, that would be great, nice change of pace....Think about it, come on, you know you want to.....

JGreenCasting 5 Dec 2019
The Morning Report from Zazu 👇 opens tonight in Edinburgh 🧡

MiyulJoes Apr 8
Here's some interesting facts generally about music that i obtained from this MCO period 1) Rowan Atkinson absolutely can sing in The Lion King as Zazu. Go YouTube and search The Lion King - Morning Report Thread

ataulm 15 Nov 2019
I'm not sure if anyone got this reference, but Zazu sings a song called "The Morning Report"

_colorrmekay Apr 19
All My disney kids.. In Lion King Didnt Zazu have a Morning Report Song? Serious question yall

Gotta say kinda rude of Mufasa to pounce on Zazu during his morning report. Bro straight up though he was gonna die

DrewxPaz Mar 28
Why tf is Disney cutting out scenes in Lion King? Im pissed, I love Zazu’s morning report 😩

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