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dustinpari 12 Jan 2019 shared via Twitter
Good morning my friends! I figured I should use this sunrise gif to greet you on this day as my dreams last night had me cast as Simba living out a real-life Lion King. ( was Zazu)

gcouros 11 Jan 2019 shared via Twitter
It is Friday GIF Day :) Someone you know that isn't in education makes a comment about how nice it is that teachers have so much time off. In GIF form, how do you respond? Go!

DickMorrisTweet 11 Jan 2019 shared via Twitter

wanderblink 11 Jan 2019 shared via Twitter
aaaaAAAHHH good morning! happy jennie is all i need in life hdicsbkdhsja

SlimThick__DP04 11 Jan 2019 shared via Twitter

TweetsofOld 11 Jan 2019
A young woman calling herself Mamie Clark, was this morning arrested by Policeman Degall on a charge of lounging. NewYork1887

zwoodford 11 Jan 2019

EdwynCollins 11 Jan 2019
Good Night , crazy, beautiful & wonderful people !!! See you in the morning , Bye,Bye-Edwyn,

quasyraf 11 Jan 2019

BorderIrish 11 Jan 2019
So that’s why, when you wake up in the morning, you can look over that hedge there, and in that field you’ll see a scar in the grass. And if you listen carefully now, here in the dark, you might hear that line in the field telling stories about itself [End]

DeGentleman_ 11 Jan 2019
Friday morning Vs Friday night...... Shirt made by me BTW.... DM me or @SnB_coutures for yours 😎😎😎😎

Digital_Vix3n 11 Jan 2019
I have to: - do some work - unpack - clean my room - have a talk with the misbehaving felines in this household - file an expense report which I dread fucking doing oh my goddd

T_no_S 11 Jan 2019
Good morning

Swamy39 11 Jan 2019
That is unalienable natural justice under the Constitution. CVC itself said that charges were "prima facie" true. Hence Verma had a fundamental right under Article 21 to rebut the CVC bogus Report

JezCorden 11 Jan 2019
As far as I'm concerned, if it's true, the people who accused Randy Pitchford of having illegal porn are complicit for not reporting it sooner. You don't "wait" to report that shit, especially you don't wait until it's part of a lawsuit where you stand to profit.

thtgoddessgirll 11 Jan 2019
lmaooo you are so cute. you didnt even lie. "sir its 4 in the morning and im admiring your face???...." 😂😂😍the "hurry up, dann" took me out like he just had to say "go ahead and continue" in the toughest way possible lol

Ms_Maiden07 11 Jan 2019
Good morning! Have a lovely Saturday, Maine and Alden 😊

TechnicalGuruji 11 Jan 2019
"Your VIBE attracts your TRIBE"..Good morning..My 8th flight in last 10 days...Flying to India this time with ...Much more to come...

MehraAmod 11 Jan 2019
Good morning.. Read today's Mumbai Mirror page 25.. PVR exposed.. Hope at least now the industry wakes up..

Timberwolves 11 Jan 2019
Tonight's Injury Report: Derrick Rose (Right Ankle Sprain) is PROBABLE, and Robert Covington (Right Knee Bone Bruise) is OUT vs. Dallas.

NomiMatsu 11 Jan 2019
Good morning. Here's Masaki to brighten our day

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