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jirakitth_c 16 minutes ago shared via Twitter
This is my “Morning routine”

BleacherReport 15 minutes ago shared via Twitter
Peyton got the win, but still knew how much of a threat Brady was... even in golf 😂 (➡️)

jaiyieee 19 minutes ago shared via Twitter
Good morning sainyo! Have a great day and God bless you! ❤️

pjm_report 7 minutes ago shared via Twitter
Report and block these accts posting m@licious and disrespectful tweets against JM. Report for targeted h@rassment. Dont engage. 📌 📌 📌

washingtonpost 18 minutes ago shared via Twitter
Trump administration vows in new report to distribute 100 million testing swabs to states by year’s end

BleacherReport 9 minutes ago
"I find that very attractive. That kinda does it for me." Phil was talking his talk on the green today 💀 (➡️)

WestWingReport 2 minutes ago
“Where valor proudly sleeps...”

snoopywooshin 15 minutes ago
good morning! here’s smiley and giggly seungwoo to brighten up your entire day ☀️💫🌈✨

BleacherReport 25 minutes ago
Chuck came up just a bit short in his Bogey or Better Challenge for charity 😅

soft_heart_cute 19 seconds ago
Do jogging daily to Strengthens your immune system and make your lockdown morning dynamic. It will make you physically strong 💪 and it also Strengthens The Heart ❤️ as well as the lungs.

MyBlueVN 1 minute ago
Good morning everyone 😘 Let's start our Monday with some sweet words from a Vietnamese fan to Fluke on his birthday 💙 Have a good day 😊

el_budget 33 minutes ago
Education is great but some guys don’t need it. They ain’t here to be scholars. Derrick Rose was one of those kids who didn’t need school. Fuck he writing a book report for or taking the ACT? We know what he was put here on earth to do.

BMTMMY 39 minutes ago

neochampagnee 1 minute ago
woke up with some good news today, we won the votings!! i hope this will make you more motivated to stream punch. good morning!! ✨

XWReport 1 minute ago
Warmest Greek location is : 21℃ Time: 04:35:04

XWReport 1 minute ago
Coldest Greek location is : 10℃ Time: 04:35:36

TheNatsReport 3 minutes ago

PalmerReport 38 minutes ago
If you're a churchgoer and a Trump supporter, then you're not aligned with the views of Christ, you're aligned with the views of Satan. So by Biblical definition you're a devil worshipper.

jypnationaufest 44 minutes ago
Good morning ebriwan! Who's ready to join the fest?

literatura_rte 16 minutes ago
Claude Monet Vase of Peonies, 1882 Morning Landscape, Giverny, 1888 Palm Trees at Bordighera, 1884 Plums Blossom, 1879

viviethereal 22 minutes ago
Orb!ts PLEASE take a second !!! to report this tweet for targeted harrassment...vv is always used as the punching bag for antis....Report so we can get them s worded!

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